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Wedding dresses for the tall bride

Tall bride and groom

While tall brides do have the added advantage of being able to wear practically whatever they want without risking the much-dreaded meringue-like look on their wedding day, the unfortunate truth is that there are a few limitations for these ladies as well. Indeed, while you can wear anything you want to, it doesn’t mean that the outfit of your choice is going to suit you, which can yield a less-than-perfect look on the most special day of your life.

Tall bride

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that being a tall bride is much more something of an advantage than a con, even if there are certain adjustments that you have to do within your outfit. For example, while straight and clingy or mermaid dresses look absolutely spectacular on just about anyone, keep in mind that they tend to emphasize your silhouette and can make you look much taller than what you really are. If you are tall and curvy, a mermaid frock might just work for you. Tall and skinny brides, on the other hand, should preferably refrain from adopting this style.

Princess cut dress

On the other hand, be eager to look into the type of dresses that most averagely-sized ladies yean to slip into, but can’t. Poufy princess-cut wedding dresses, for instance, feature the sort of cut that made us dream of our wedding day since a very young age. The good news is that, if you’re just as tall as Lady Di, why not take a leaf out of her highly-fashionable book and don a full-skirted fairytale princess-like dress for your wedding day? In fact, since you’re at it, feel free to explore different options and play around with various styles. A corset-like, gathered bodice with a full, billowy skirt will look positively spectacular on just about any tall bride. Of course, there’s no reason why you should stick to just one color either: while petite brides can’t mix colors for fear of appearing wider in the middle, taller ladies can easily indulge in several shades without dreading that dilemma. White and red, white and silver, white and blue or even white and ivory are fabulous shades that will bring a deeply sophisticated look to your overall attire.

Gathered bodice and billowy skirt

And then of course, there’s the train: one of the most prized wedding accessories, the train has the added advantage of trailing behind you to create a mesmerizing optical illusion by balancing your height with the shape of your body. Don’t forget the shoes as well- you certainly don’t need any extra height so ditch the heels and start looking into beautiful bridal flats.

Long train


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The best shoes and accessories to wear with your Cheongsam

Elegant, refined and exquisitely sophisticated, it’s no wonder that the Cheongsam is always growing in popularity. While this used to be the traditional Chinese wedding outfit, this figure-hugging gown is quickly soaring in Western countries as well. Indeed, who wouldn’t want to slip into a fabulously flattering and eye-catching dress on the most special day of their lives?


Pearl or diamante jewelry to wear with cheongsam

Most importantly, Cheongsams- unlike traditional wedding dress- are very easy to pair with a plethora of jewellery and accessories. Of course, the accessories, shoes and jewellery that you decide to go for will ultimately depend on the type of Cheongsam which you will wear. For example, classic long Cheongsams with a high neck rarely require much jewellery. In fact, these are so beautifully detailed and elegant by themselves that they rarely need to be accessorized, unless you really want to go all the way and lay on the accents for your wedding day. Brides who want to keep a toned down look and minimal accessories can only wear a long pair of teardrop earrings and select a gold or bright red Cheongsam with intricate patterns. The traditional Cheongsam colour is red so if you decide to go for this hue, don’t hesitate to go for accessories in contrasting shades such as orange, gold, silver or brown.

Bride in long cheongsam  with minimal accesories

Contemporary Cheongsams are normally on the short side and lack the traditional high neckline. Longer versions may even include a lit up the thigh. Since these tend to look a tad less elegant than longer ones, it’s important to take the proper time and care to accessorize your Cheongsam. This is your wedding, after all, and you do want to look more dressed-up than on any regular day! Brides should remember that diamonds go extremely well with modern Cheongsams so don’t hesitate to invest in a diamond chocker, bracelet and matching tiara. Of course, not everyone can afford a full set of diamond jewellery. In that case, you can very easily substitute real diamonds for diamante accessories. Semi-precious white or clear stones are other great options to beautify your wedding Cheongsam.

Bride in contemporary Cheongsam

And then of course, there’s the shoes. Cheongsams look doubly sophisticated when paired with strappy heels, preferably in sparkly gold or red. However, brides should try to avoid wedges with this type of garment because they won’t balance out the figure-hugging aspects of the Cheongsam and make you look bulky instead. If you’re tall enough, you can even slip into some sequined flats.

Strappy heels to wear with cheongsam


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The best fabrics for a bridal veil

The most iconic and flattering accessory that any bride can wear, the wedding veil is one of the most- if not the most- popular item on your wedding attire. Indeed, even the most contemporary brides chooses to go for a veil on her special day, just to complete that ultra-glamorous and sophisticated look that only a veil can bring.

Veiled bride

The best things about veils is that not only do they flatter your face and bring a mysterious demeanour to your look, but they also come in a plethora of fabrics. So, there’s no doubt about the fact that your bridal veil will very easily match with whichever wedding dress you decide to go for. Of course, while you can go for just about any fabric, provided that it’s see-through, there are some materials that are more flattering when paired with wedding gowns.

Gauze veil

Gauze veils, for example, are the most popular choices and for a good reason. Indeed, these are so exquisitely light and airy that brides rarely feel that they’re actually wearing a veil. Most importantly, gauze veils are flattering to every complexion and usually show off your perfectly rouged cheeks and lips. Gauze veils look best in pure white or ivory but if you’re the sort of bride who loves to be trendy and push the boundaries, then, by all means, go for a brightly coloured one which will beautifully contrast with your dress.

Net Veil for shorter designs

Another popular fabric option for the wedding veil is net. Very often favoured for short or birdcage veils, nets will instantly bring an aristocratic look to you face. This fabric is also fantastic for 20’s or Victorian themed weddings because these were the most popular choices at the time. Net fabrics also go well with short or tea-length dresses made of silk, satin or taffeta. Of course, it goes without saying that lace is another extremely easy fabric to pair with whichever outfit you’ve chosen to get married in. Don’t hesitate to add some beads or sequins to your lace veil to embellish it.

Beaded lace veil

Some cultures require brides to be decked in a rather thick veils on their wedding day. In such cases, the veil is kept on the short side so that the bride can lower her head and look down to see where she’s walking because very often, these thick veils are not transparent. Orthodox Jewish brides, for example, usually don a short taffeta veil which they can decorate with a lace or silk trimming.

Thick taffeta veil for jewish brides


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Successfully wear a jacket over a wedding dress

Pulling off a winter wedding dress is never an easy task, particularly considering the thin, flimsy fabrics that are normally used for wedding gowns. This is when a dressy jacket comes in really handy. Indeed, a formal jacket will keep you warm on colder days, without distracting from the design of your wedding dress. Cold weather aside, jackets are universally flattering as they create a gorgeous, streamlined look while enhancing the nips and curves of your body. Most importantly, jackets are extremely handy in camouflaging any unruly bulge or lumps that tend to be visible with lighter fabrics.

Long white jacket

Contrary to what most people believe, it’s not that hard to wear a jacket over a wedding dress. If you’re wearing a standard Princess-cut or Ball gown, for example, any long white jacket would do. However, don’t hesitate to embellish it by going for flattering fabrics in the likes of satin, silk, gauze or even linen. A shimmery or pearled jacket would look absolutely wonderful when paired with your wedding dress. Just be sure to take the jacket in at the waist to enhance your silhouette. If it’s really cold, brides may even go for a faux fur coat to sheath their arms and shoulders. But, leave it unbutton to avoid distracting attention from your dress.

Thick faux fur coat over wedding dress

If you want to show off as much as you can of your gown, don’t hesitate to go for a bolero jacket instead. Wool is a fabulous material for fall or winter and it actually goes pretty well with wedding dress fabrics like gauze and taffeta. For spring or summer, you may even pair your wedding dress with a short satin bolero with trumpet sleeves and lace edging. Brides who don’t stand on tradition might even select a contrasting shade for their jacket or coats. In fact, this is a very easy way to add your ‘something blue’ touch to your overall attire.

Shawls and shrugs over wedding dress

Woollen bolero for fall

Also, don’t hesitate to take a leaf out of Kiera Knightley’s book and slip into a waist-length jacket over a shorter wedding dress. Throw in an oversized bridal bouquet, white glittery heels, a flower crown and you’ve got yourself the perfect wedding jacket attire! As a last resort, brides who aren’t too fond of jackets might even wrap a shrug or shawl around their shoulders to keep warm. Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t add some long sleeves to your wedding dress or go for a thicker material to keep warm.

Keira knightley jacket over short wedding dress


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The best dress options for a petite bride

Sweet, dainty and ladylike, brides with a petite figure can certainly carry off their bridal gowns to perfection. Indeed, throughout films and literature, the most beautiful brides were quite on the petite side with a tiny nipped in waist, slender figure and short frame. While this sort of figure is quite easy to dress in everyday clothes, there are a few concern when it comes to the wedding gown. The bad news is that petite brides can’t slip into any gown. Fortunately, though, there is no lack of options for them to try on.

Petite bride

In fact, a common mistake is to think that since you’re petite, you will be able to pull off just about any outfit. However, while you should of course dress in any attire of your choice, there’s no reason why you can’t follow a few fashion rules that will help you look your very best on the most special day of your life. The most important thing that petite brides should remember is to steer clear from thick ballgowns, taffetas and other such fabrics.

Petite bride drowned in ballgown

Indeed, a short lady would be completely drowned in Princess-cut or Ball gowns, resulting in a rather mediocre-like look. After all, you do want to look your best on your wedding day, don’t you? So, stick to figure-hugging and flattering fabrics in the likes of cotton, lace, gauze, silk and satin. For more informal weddings, don’t hesitate to slip into a linen dress that will show off your petite frame to perfection.

Mermaid dress to create illusion of curves

Another important thing to consider is the cut of your chosen gown. Far too many brides spend their time focusing on the details and fabrics rather than the actual cut. But what most brides ignore is how easily the cuts can affect how the dress flows on you. Asymmetrical cuts, for example, will very easily lengthen your figure while making you appear much less thinner. The same goes for a V-shaped waist lined with pearls or sequins to draw attention to the contour between your waist and hips.

Tea length wedding dress

Don’t ignore the height of your dress as well: Long dresses, for example, do a great job as masquerading curves as they flow down, but, since petite brides are normally on the skinny side, it’s might not be a good idea to go for a floor-length frock. Tea-length and short wedding dresses are you best assets in this case. Ultra-traditional brides who must absolutely have their long dresses can alternatively go for mermaid wedding frocks which will instantly make them appear taller and much more curvaceous.

Short wedding dress


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Wedding veils do’s and don’ts

There’s nothing like a properly fitted wedding veil to embellish the bride and bring a classy and sophisticated look to her overall attire. Whilst this is certainly an ancient tradition, more and more brides are embracing this ultimate wedding accessory. However, if not properly worn, veils can be detrimental to your outfit and look quite out of place. It is important that you take the necessary precautions to adjust your veil to not only your dress but also your shoes, face and hairstyle. A veil should always compliment your face and outfit.

Veil compliments face and outfit

Indeed, the veil affects the contours and structure of your face more than you can imagine. For example, a bride with a round face should probably steer clear from birdcages or small veils that hide the forehead because these will make her face appear even rounder and rather puffy-like. This is due to the fact that birdcages tend to draw attention to the lower, hence rounder, area of your face. On the other hand, however, birdcage veils look absolutely fantastic on women with thin and long faces because they will draw attention to the cheekbones and define the contours.

Birdcage veil

A bride with a veil always has an appealingly mysterious aura around her. To emphasize this mysterious-like appeal, it’s important to take proper care of your makeup and make sure that it’s visible from underneath your veil. Do not, under any circumstances, tone down your makeup just because your face will be partially hidden. On the contrary, an absolute must-do for wedding veils is to apply more makeup than usual with particular focus on the eyes and lips. Jet back mascara and eye liner paired with glossy lips are going to look absolutely stunning under your veil. If you’re planning on throwing the veil up, be sure to pay attention to your cheekbones as well. Some luminous bronzer and blush will counterbalance any shadow that the veil will throw upon your face.

Bride with veil

Bride with veil 2

Another thing that brides always have to do but very rarely think about is removing the veil after the wedding, especially if it’s long and heavy. Yes, most of us are reluctant to take it off and we won’t feel as special as we do with the veil on. But, truth be told, thirty minutes into the reception will have you hot, sweaty and bothered which means that you’ll have to fumble with the veil and remove it in front of everyone. While this certainly doesn’t apply for shorter veils, long veils can be quite a hassle for the reception and you won’t feel as light and relaxed as you’ll feel without it.

Veil removed for reception


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Trendy ideas for your bridesmaids

Bridesmaid dresses can get a little bit boring after a while. After all, there’s nothing new in dressing all the ladies in identical dresses with the exact same cut and colour. Admittedly, this homogenous look will bring a rather neat and organized visual aspect to your wedding and while there’s certainly nothing wrong with this trend, some couples might want to spruce it up a bit. So, don’t hesitate to look into some trendy ideas for your bridesmaids’ dresses and overall attires. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to be different and use as much creativity as you can to add some extra panache to your special day.

Bridesmaids in pants

Couples who are having a super casual wedding might even consider having all their bridesmaids wear jeans or pants to the wedding. It may sound quite unconventional but then again, it is your wedding day and no one else, so, it’s ultimately up to you to decide what the dress code should be. In fact, bridesmaids in pants or jeans might even add a cutting-edge flair to the grand day so be sure to explore new, unchartered horizons to add a unique twist to your big day.

Bridesmaids in skirt and top

Another not so conventional option would be to get your bridesmaids dresses and tops instead of the traditional dress. Long skirts might be more appropriate for evening weddings while shorter ones are more suited for outdoors and day weddings. However, couples who are more traditional might go for the customary bridesmaid dresses but try to avoid the whole identical look. Instead, allow the girls to select their own individual outfit to create a non-matching bridesmaid dress scheme. In fact, this little bit of versatility might even take the visual aspect of your wedding to the next level.

Non matching bridesmaid dresses

A more daring and fun look would be to go for costumes instead of bridesmaid dresses. If you’re selecting this option, make the most out of it and go absolutely wild: poufy Victorian frocks, 50’s style flared polka dots outfits or even 20’s style flapper dresses are going to add some extra sizzle to your wedding. Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t go into a full-blown costume party mode and add masks, trains, gloves and spiky heels to their ensembles?

Bridesmaids in costumes

To keep things much more toned down, but different, you could ask your bridesmaids to wear white or ivory gowns. It is an unspoken rule that no one but the bride should wear white to a wedding, but, more and more couples are embracing the idea of having the entire bridal party wear white. From the bridesmaids to the page boys, ring bearers and even flower girls, an all-white bridal party will undoubtedly leave a striking effect on your guests.

Bridesmaids and bride


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Shopping for the perfect dress: some helpful money saving tips

Shopping for the perfect wedding dress is always an exhilarating experience. The thrill of trying on dress after dress and of discovering new, unfamiliar designs will never fail to render just about any bride hyper. Indeed, there’s a reason why brides tend to try around thirty or more gowns before finding the one of their dreams.

Trying on wedding dresses

On the flip side, however, most brides also happen to be on a restricted budget, something which can seriously dampen the entire wedding dress shopping experience. In most cases, the unfortunate scenario is that most brides to be end up going way above their budget just to get their hands on the dress of their dreams- no matter how outrageously expensive it is. The lure of the wedding dress in display windows can be quite irresistible to most. But, contrary to what most brides believe, there’s really no reason to stretch the purse strings just to get the perfect wedding dress. In fact, there are quite a few helpful money saving tips that will help you shop for the gown of your dreams.

Wedding dresses in display window

For starters, you should be ready to make just a few concessions that will help you cut back on any necessary expenses. For example, consider buying your wedding dress online since these gowns tend to be a lot cheaper than those hanging in display windows. Be sure to take your proper measurements and ask the seller about his returns and exchange policies before ordering. Most importantly, you should also order your online wedding dress at least four to five months before the big day. This way, you’ll have ample time to try it on, exchange, return or modify it to your liking.

Tailored wedding dress

Another fabulous option would be to give up the idea of slipping into a ready-made dress in favor of a bespoke one. If one of your friends is into sewing or if you know a reliable tailor or designer, don’t hesitate to give him or her an exact idea of what you want and watch as your wedding dress comes to life. Tailored dresses are fabulous options, not just because they are cheaper, but because it also gives you more control over the exact design of your frock. In fact, if you’re having your wedding dress made from scratch, you might even go for a simple, inexpensive white dress and ask your tailor to vamp it up with some lace, ribbons, sparkles and sequins. Adding some rhinestones to a simple frock, for example, is an extremely easy and cheap way to bring some extra flair to any wedding dress.

Adding rhinestones to simple white gown


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Get married like a celebrity

We all love to stare at their wedding pictures in magazines. And whether we admit it or not, our hearts always give this little flutter of envy as we watch celebs twirl around in their designer wedding frocks. One of the reasons why celebrity weddings are so mediatized is because of the glamor and sophistication that usually surround these ceremonies. Extravagant wedding dress

So, if you’d always dreamt of having your very own celebrity wedding and if you can afford to splurge, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for it. After all, this is one of the most- if not the most- special day of your life so it’s quite important to make the absolute most out of it. Couples who are on a restricted budget can also have a celebrity-like wedding without having to spend more than their budget. Be sure to use a lot of imagination and try to indulge in some DYI in order to save up on money.

string quarter band

If you want to get married like a celebrity, the one thing that you should absolutely knock off is the overly funky band, DJ or, worse, stereo. Try to invest in a well-known string quartet band that will automatically bring a glamorous feel to your wedding. While you should of course have some upbeat songs that will lead your guests into some beautifully choreographed dance moves, it’s important for the first song to be something sophisticated and classical. Music from Swan Lake, Beethoven or even Mozart are all ultra-glamorous options for your first dance.

Extravagant wedding cake

Don’t be afraid to go for an extravagant wedding cake as well. As far as celebs go, the motto is “the taller, the better”, so, be sure to put as many tiers as you can afford on your wedding cake. And of course, it wouldn’t be a celeb-like wedding if not for a perfectly luxurious setting. Think white beaches, turquoise seas, stupendous villas, vineyards, forests and the likes. Celebrities never do things half-way so it’s important for you to indulge in some fabulous decors and aisle that’s bound to wow your guests.

Luxurious setting for wedding

Since the day’s focus will ultimately be on the bride, it’s crucial that she looks as radiant as possible. Do not hesitate to go for some dramatic makeup: Cleopatra eyes, glossy lips, bronzer, shimmer and blusher are your friends. Don’t neglect your nails as well. Most people will ask to look at your wedding ring so you should get a celeb-worthy manicure. Forget about boring painted nails and go for some nail art that includes rhinestones, glitter and swirly patterns.

Dramatic wedding makeup


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Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Women with short hair always tend to look quite exotic and unique. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that most bridal and fashion magazines are simply brimming with various ideas for long hair, and very, very few short hair ideas. However, if you have cropped, bobbed or shoulder-hair length hair, fret not: it is actually extremely easy to find some great wedding hairstyles for short hair. In fact, the short hair trendsetter herself, Lady Diana Spencer, did walk down the aisle sporting a gleaming crown of golden hair that went perfectly with her ultra-feminine, frilly dress and epic train. If Lady Di could do it- so can you!

Short wedidng hair collage

To begin with, never hesitate to search for some inspiration online. Think Halle Berry, Madonna or even Rihanna and Pamela Anderson during their short hair phrases. These celebrities often attend red carpet and gala events, which means that you’ll definitely be able to copy off their glamorous short hairstyles. And of course, don’t forget that accessories are you friends. In fact, it’s never a bad idea to decorate your short hair because the back of your head is what’s going to be visible to your guests.

Short wedding hairstyle from the back

An elaborate diamante headpiece, for example, is one of the most alluring headpieces on shorter hair. In fact, you may either go for white or clear diamantes to match your dress, or, if you’re the sort of traditional girl who wants her “something blue”, you may even ask a jeweler to paste some blue precious or semi-precious stones on your headband. Feathers are other fabulous options to add to your wedding headpiece, especially if you’d like to go for the 20’s look. Brides who don’t go by tradition might even go for a set of colorful feathers to match their bob cut.

Headpiece to enhance short hair

Flowers are the ultimate short hair accessory by excellence. A flower crown or even a single flower strung at the back of your head is more than enough to bring a pretty and refreshing look to your entire outfit. Of course, if you want to be more retro and trendy-edge, never hesitate to add some spikes to your cropped hair, not unlike the famous hairstyle that Halle Berry wore for years. That being said, some brides prefer a more simple approach, and if you’re one of them, there’s no reason why you can’t walk down the aisle with just a quick brushing for some extra gloss. Bear in mind that birdcage veils are among the most wonderful short hair accessories for just about any bride.

Flower in short wedding hairstyleSimple short hairstyle


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