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Wedding Vehicles: Take Your Pick

Because it’s your wedding, you and your better half deserve all the attention in the room or even around your city. Tell the whole world, or at least your city that you just got married by riding unique, attention-grabbing vehicles. Be adventurous with your wedding cars, or bicycles even. Just as long as it fits your wedding theme and the both of you can ride in it comfortably and safely, it would be a great choice! Here are some illustrious examples.

Embellished Wedding Cars
Tight on the budget? No worries. You can still use your own cars as your wedding getaway car. All it needs is a little tweaking here and there. Add some ribbons on the trunk or tie some empty soda bottles on the bumper. Have helium-filled balloons ride with you and add the classic sign, “Just Married” on the back. Or better yet, for a night wedding, light up some fountains on both sides of the street and drive into the sparkling path of marriage.

Embellished Wedding Cars

Retro Wedding Car
If you’re having a vintage wedding, the play up with cars is endless. You can go with Volkswagen, Ford and other closed-bodied cars. That old-world feel is simply romantic and rocking at the same time. Feel as if you two are inside Cinderella’s classic pumpkin ride, better and a little less orange. There are lots of wedding car rental companies which you and your beau can check out.

Retro Wedding Car

Source image

Wedding Car Pair
These car pairs with faces are getting more and more popular to newlyweds. Your groom could arrive at the church earlier using the boy car and you get to arrive a little later riding the girl car. Then, you could re-enact the drive outside the reception just to put up a show. Also, these cute cars make great photo opp accessories.

Wedding Car Pair

Wedding Motorcycles
If your man is a rider, then why waste money in renting cars when you can ride on his beloved motorbike. It would also be a cool move. Think of it. You, in a pristine white wedding dress, riding on the back of your suited-up man. Seems almost like a scene from a romcom, eh?

Wedding Motorcycle

Wedding Bicycle
If you’re feeling young and free and giddy, you and your groom could ride a bicycle to the reception. Especially if bicycles played an important role in your relationship. Maybe you have met him while biking to your city square? But of course, only opt for bicycles if it can only be done. Small-town weddings and countryside weddings would be the practical examples. If you’re living in a jam-packed city, then no, wedding bicycles aren’t for you.

Wedding Bicycle


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Wedding Backdrop Ideas

Your wedding day is one of the most life-changing events that would happen to you. It would just be right to freeze each moment through the camera lenses so you can look back at physical proofs which can tell you that those magical moments are indeed real. Take snapshots of the people who have been there to witness your special day. Create a lasting moment of their smile, laugh and goofiness.
To do just that, you would need an amusing wedding backdrop that would enhance your wedding theme. To start you in your own brainstorming, browse for some inspiration.

LED Lights
One of the simplest things that you could do to achieve an elegant look for the backdrop is to integrate dangling lights on the background. No need for exaggerated add-ons. The lights will do. If you’re feeling fancy though, you could drape down some white linens along with the lights. This is best when your wedding reception falls after evening. LED lights would be best choices as they only consume little power as compared to the other bulbs.

LED lights

Paper Hearts
If you’re having an outdoor wedding, find a nice location, an organic one. Find the loveliest branch that you could. It may be full of moss, but as long as it is lovely, you can make it your spot. If you’re contented with the spot, you can hang a string glued with paper hearts. This is a less costly way of having a charming backdrop.

Paper Hearts

Open Books
Do you and your partner share a common love for books? Then this book backdrop would certainly send flutter to your literature-engulfed hearts. Feel as if you’re Romeo and Juliet or Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy when posing for the camera. Have a whimsical book wedding party with this backdrop.


You can do a dozen of things to balloons when you plan to utilize them for your backdrop. You can allow them to float the back on different levels. You can pin them on the walls. You can use two balloon colors or one color in different shades. You can even make use of alphabet balloons and form words like LOVE. Be creative.


Vintage Gate
A vintage gate adorned with bundles of fresh flowers would be perfect for outdoor weddings and even beach weddings. You can entwine the gate with green vines to add a flair of whimsy into it. If you’re planning to put it up on the beach, you can place it such that the sea would be its background for a more enhanced look.

Vintage Gate


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Wedding Chair Covers

A great way to vamp up wedding receptions is to cover the chairs with something beautiful, something that is in connected with the overall theme of the wedding. Covering the chairs would instantly make the atmosphere classy and fun. It’ll also help keep the party mood of the area. To keep your creativity flowing, here are some stylish wedding chair covers which you can copy or buy from wedding shops.
Silk Covers
Perfect for glamorous wedding, silk covers add an instant oomph to the wedding hall. They are practically used in hotels and other covered wedding spaces. Add some orchids to the back and that makes the look perfect. If you want to add some chair labels, you can do so by wiring out letters and covering them in beaded pearls.

Silk Covers

Simple Back-Tied Covers
If you want to tone it down, you can just tie a cloth on the back of the chair. You can use two different cloth to break the monotony. Also, you can add a flower on the tied portion to make it look classier. Use simple medium-sized flowers like daisies so that it could cover the tied knot.

Simple Tie Around

Ombre Ribbons
For a fun and modern effect, you could tie colors of different hues at the back of the chair. Arrange the strings from darkest to lightest. Allot 5 strings for each hue so that it can cover the entire length of the back of the chair. The number of strings can depend on you. You can bring all the tied part at the back to make a ruffled effect.

Ombre Ribbons

Worded Cloth Covers
Book lovers and literature enthusiast would surely go gaga over these worded cloths. Have the proposal of Mr. Darcy printed on a cloth and make it as a cover for your wedding chair. It’s simply romantic and amorous. And because it’s plain, you need to have bold and colorful accents on your table such as a dark-colored table cloth and bright centerpiece flowers.

Worded Cloth

Ruffled Covers
It’s not only your bridesmaids’ dresses that can be ruffled. Your chair covers can be ruffled on the bottom too. Have a sheer cloth cover the top of the back of the chair and let a second filmy cloth tied on the back. The cloth should have ruffled ends to achieve a sweet look when it’s already tied up.

Ruffled Covers


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Unique Ideas on Flower Girl Baskets

A wedding isn’t complete without those cute little cherubs throwing flowers along the bride’s way. The ooohs and aaahs from the overseers of the bridal entourage is usually cresting when those little angels walk towards the altar in tiny little steps. It is believed that they symbolize the innocence that the bride once possess when she was also a child. The flowers they scatter were said to beckon fertility to the couple to be wed.

Flower-adorned basket

Flower girls always have their little baskets full of flowers with them. It would be nice to adorn the little ones with baskets that actually match their outfit, the wedding them and venue. Here are flower girl basket ideas that you can adapt on your own wedding.

Ivory Satin Flower Girl Basket with Red Rosettes

This simple woven basket is best for rustic, country kind of weddings. Often, simplicity translates to effortless sophistication. Let your girls wear floral headdress that match the basket’s decorations. These baskets are also easy to carry, just perfect for girls at tender ages.

Ivory Satin Flower Basket with Ruffled Lace Hem and Bow

If you’re having a Medieval wedding, then these golden buckets with oversized ribbons on each side would make a lovely touch. The flowers that would look enchanting on these pails are a multitude of tiny flowers like baby’s breath, stephanotis or Queen Anne’s Lace. Those miniscule myriads which can easily be thought of just being bouquet fillers can actually make dainty stand-alone posies.

Ivory Satin Square Flower Basket with Pearled Handle

Garden weddings or even Halloween-themed weddings (yes, there are these types) can make use of crafty Pumpkin flower girl baskets. The bucolic feel is just simply intriguing and poignant along with the circled wreath of dried stems. Add flowers on the rim for a jovial knack. Also, it doesn’t matter if the DIY basket came out a little bleak – that’s the whole point of the basket.

Ivory Satin Flower Basket with Bowknot and Pearls

If you want to take the flower girl’s basket a little literal, nobody is stopping you to do so. Actually, it will look very modish as long as you use the right type of plastic flowers to fill the basket. Tiny, dark flowers would be the perfect choice for this. But, why don’t you try fresh flowers instead? Just do the necessary preps to keep them looking fresh. Preserve the flower by placing it in aspirin water. You could also try refrigerating the flowers the night before the wedding.

Black and Red Satin Flower Girl Basket with Rhinestone

Another carefree but chic way of preparing your wedding baskets is by finding a nicely naturally designed shell and adding a lace strap into it. Just make sure the shell’s color is not dull and that its body is still intact and not yet brittle. This flower girl basket is oh-so-perfect for beach weddings.


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Wedding Drink Ideas for Your Big Day

It’s your wedding day, so keep those celebratory wedding drinks flowing for you and your guests. The drinks can tone down nervousness and can serve as conversation starts for your guests who don’t really know each other. It can also give way to a night of partying and dancing, so never underestimate the power of wedding drinks.

Dark Cocktails
To keep your wedding fun and alive, here are a few tips on how you can put up that impeccable wedding bar.

Individual Wedding Drinks

The Season and Venue Matters
Before buying out your favorite wine to serve for the party, think of the totality of your wedding first. Will it be on the hotel on a winter night? Will it be held on the beach front on a summer day? These factors would surely affect your drink choice and preparation.
For summer weddings, it’s best to go with light and sparkly champagnes. You can throw in some fruit slices into the drinks too or maybe put a local flower on top of the drink. Keep the white wines light red wines for summer weddings too. Now, if your wedding will take place on snowy nights, then you might go for the sophisticated burgundy types.

Wedding Drink Dispensers

Show Off the Local Best with Your Drinks
Now, if you’re having a destination wedding, you could make use of the local treats in your wedding drinks. For a Caribbean wedding, you might want to go with cocktails involving dark rum, pineapple juice and guava nectar. You can add mango slices in the drinks too. On the other hand, watermelon juice with Bourbon-soaked sugar cubes and alcohol are great for the Southern US weddings. Add mint leaves and peach slices and you’re good to go.

Glitter and Glam Wedding Details

Take Your Pick: Carafes, Jugs or Glasses

After you have decided with what type of cocktails you’re going to serve, you are now confronted with what wedding drink dispenser to go with. Glass jugs and carafes are cute vessels for serving wedding cocktails. It is a fun way of showing off the drinks’ colors and fruit components. You can also have laced glasses ready on the sides. You could provide stirrers with stars on it or striped straws. Mason jars are amusing choices too. Just make sure that the design is cohesive and not too overdone.

Wines with Appetizers

Make Way for Mocktails
Children are ever present on weddings and they might demand their parents for some “cocktails” too. Make a Mocktail (Cocktail without alcohols) Station for the non-alcoholic savvy guests like kids and some young ladies. Let them feel that they can party with drinks on their hands too.


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Wedding Chair Signage: Fun and Handy

Months before the wedding, you had already planned out your wedding guest list and the wedding seat plan. You would want all your guests to enjoy the day so you, together with your groom, delicately psychoanalyzed if your guests would enjoy their table companies. Of course, you have memorized the seat plan by heart. But, how would you direct each of your guests to their respective seats?

Mrs. Always Right and Mr. Right

Don’t burden your wedding planner by flashing her pictures of your relatives’ and friends’ faces with corresponding names. Besides, their faces might be different on the pictures of them that you have. You know, make up, change of hairstyle, weight difference? Yeah, so to guide your guests in finding their seats in a non-awkward manner, make the reception seat search fun with wedding chair labels!

Silver Alloy Bell Place Card Holder with Dangled Heart

For guests, have their names written, painted, embossed on a piece of chalkboard, wooden plank, picture frame or dangling papers. The choice is yours. Place these labels on the back of the chairs. Tie them with a ribbon or a thin rope. Add flowers or whatever trinket that would match your theme. You could even leave it hanging it on the sides for a casual effect.


You could also do the same for the entire bridal entourage. Have their roles and/or names displayed on the back of their assigned chairs. You could use “Maid of Honor”, “Father of the Groom” or “Mother of the Bride” as alternate labels. Be creative. Have fun.

Guest Name Label

During the eating part of your ceremony, have two empty chairs placed in front of you and your husband. Place the signs, “Stop By” and “Say Hi!”. Tip a friend or two to be the first ones to sit on them and have a little chat with you. Your other guests will know what to do. This is a bright idea that you can do on your wedding day so you could have chance of chit-chatting with all of your guests on your wedding day. Actually, this is already a tradition on some countries, but it is a great one to adapt on your own wedding day too.


Of course, everyone can have their own signs including the both of you! Everybody knows where the guests of honor(that’s the both of you) will sit, but placing labels on your own chairs can also add some wedding fun. You can opt to go with the usual “Mr.” and “Mrs.”, but there are always other cute ways on how to do it. Trigger a little laugh with “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Always Right”. You could even use the ampersand sign – sweet and simple. If words don’t appeal to you, you can use silhouettes on frames instead – sassy and chic.


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Renewing the Vows: Saying I Do Again and Again

Who said that you cannot get married over and over again? With the same person whom you promised love and forever, every year is worth it because it is a tangible truth that love has no bounds and forever is every day.

Renewing your vows for each other and reaffirming the love that binds two people to stay strong despite crisis and chaos is a good consolation for the effort you both have exerted through the years. So it is only right to celebrate it and honor each other for faithfulness and togetherness.

Well, we can say that kids could bring about both hard core screw ups and pure joy but wearing the white dress once again can give us pride and esteem for ourselves.

They say that “love is expressed more in deeds than words” that it would be more solid if it is written down on paper and sealed. It really does not matter how many times you get married. Some would do it every 25 years, other on their golden anniversary while those who are filled with love it even goes out of their noses, celebrate the renewal of the vows like every 5 years.

Marriage is a union where both parties say their “I do” and give out a promise on that ceremony to love their spouse for as long as they live. The realization of that promises will create a strong bond between these people and the renewal of the vows will be a lovely occasion.


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Happily Ever After Wedding

There are only four things that should be considered when you dream of a happily ever after fairy tale wedding: a majestic setup, a carriage, a huge cake and a full blown wedding gown.

Not everyone can afford a castle that it is only right for couples who opt for the royal wedding to make the setting however small or big the venue is, be filled with frills that represent the theme. Be creative.

It is important that every detail like the floral setup and the lighting that include candles, candelabras that are frequently met in fairy tales are present and do not forget the chandelier on the dance floor.

The wedding cake should be by all means striking like this one. Your guests will be looking for this so it better be best like your dress.

Having a carriage, complete with a horseman and a footman is easy nowadays because they can be rented.

However, no fairy tale wedding can be materialized without the presence of a tiara or a crown on the bride’s do. This detail is one of the most important that it would not matter if it came from a royal relative or bought at a wedding website. Having one is a must.

Frills, fun and forever must be spelled by your wedding shoes because even this will have a close up photograph on your wedding day.

The oh, so fabled fairy tale wedding gown must live up to its status having intricate embellishments and sophisticated details. You can add up baroque and royalty to that so your happily ever after wedding will finally come true.


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Something Blue: For Love, For Luck, For You

Something blue as the saying goes is for luck that will be carried throughout your life. It is for love to just bend when there are setbacks but never break. It is for you the bride to carry the color of deep water for purity and serenity. The sapphire eye is your good fortune that you will wear on the blessed day of your life.

It could be the wedding gown itself to be in blue all throughout but for some refreshing renditions it can be an accent as this detachable tiered cerulean skirt that presents femininity and virginal aura.

As for some bride that loves the vintage, they tend to have their bridal shoes be painted with blue floral details. The peep-toe open side pumps will be a great addition to a classy 20’s pinup look.

Brides are girls once in their lives and the engrossment for the “awww” moment is always there. This aquamarine lotus with pearls necklace paired to the strapless shirred top makes an instant attraction.

So does this braided bracelet with blue-green charms hanging on it.  For the young brides this is a good choice for something blue.

On the olden days, they prefer their something blue to be kept inside the white dress. The blue underwear has been so popular that time and even so today with a touch of customization.

The blue bouquet has also been a repeated favorite because of its calmness and naïve loveliness.

Something blue can be a hair comb for the brides adorned with flowers and feathers but it can always be your blue eyes that trapped the heart of the groom.


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