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How to have a romantic wedding on a budget

Every couple has a specific dream of how they would like their wedding day to be. Still, the sad truth is that in this economy, not everyone can afford the lavish weddings of their dreams. There will always be quite a few sacrifices to be made, especially if you’re trying to save money.
On the flip side, however, there are quite a few handy tips and tricks that you can adopt in order to save up on both time and money. So, scroll down to learn how you can easily hold an incredibly romantic wedding on a budget.

Bride and groom

Homemade wedding cake and favors
If you make your own wedding cake and favors, you’re most definitely going to save up on quite a lot of money. Don’t fret if you’re not much of a baker though: you can always pay a friend or family to bake your wedding cake for you. Alternatively, the couple can sign up for a crash pastry course prior to the special and then bake their very own wedding cake. Indeed, baking your own cake together is extremely romantic and definitely does symbolizes the togetherness of your relationship.
The same applies for your wedding favors: brownies, homemade candles or even homemade soap make for inexpensive albeit high-quality favors. A particularly nice touch would be to bake a batch of cookies for your guests and pack them up in glittery bags along with the original cookie recipe.

Homemade wedding cakehomemade wedding favors

Keep the guest list to the strict minimum
While it is understandable that you may want to invite as many people as you want to your wedding day, it can be quite a bad idea, especially if you’re trying to stick to your budget. This will simply increase your buffet, seating and decoration expenses. So, keep the guest list to the very strict minimum and only invite the people whom you’re genuinely close to in real life.

Wedding with just a few guests

Online wedding dress and shoes
Online dresses often run much cheaper than store-bought ones, without skimming on the quality. In fact, the internet provides quite an array of options which will help you save up on time and money. Best of all, you won’t have to go through the hassle of pushing through crowds or dealing with haughty sales assistants since you’ll be purchasing your wedding frock from the comfort of your very own home.

wedding dress

Of course, there might be some alterations to be done to your online wedding dress but then again, a few nips and tucks of fabric are certainly going to be cheaper than if you had to buy a dress from a fancy designer store. Be sure to always purchase a size or two larger than your regular size: after all, it’s much easier to take in than out.
The same applies to your wedding shoes and other accessories: buy purchasing them online, you’ll be able to save quite a lot of money. Always be sure to check the website’s return or exchange policy before you make your purchase.


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The biggest wedding planning blunders that you’ll ever make

While planning your wedding, it’s much too easy to give in to the temptation of going over the top, a step which unfortunately causes too many brides to give in to some of the biggest wedding planning blunders.
So, read on to learn about the worst mistakes you can make when planning your wedding– and how to very easily avoid them!

couple with too many bridesmaids

Keep your Bridesmaids to the strict minimum
A bridal magazine once did an exclusive feature on a couple who went for over a hundred bridesmaids for their special day. This is definitely one of the worst blunders that you can make on your special day. Not only will an avalanche of bridesmaids and groomsmen look completely out of place in your wedding pictures, they’ll certainly crowd up the aisle, making it hard for the test of the guests to see the ceremony. Besides, if most of your guests are up on the wedding altar with you, you’ll barely have anyone sitting down to watch your ceremony!

Uncomfortable heels

Wear comfortable shoes
Not wearing the proper pair of shoes will certainly dampen your day and result in blisters. As tempting as it is to go for skyscraping heels, try not to give in to this temptation. Of course, there’s no reason why you should go for flats: heels are okay as long as they’re comfortable and not overly tall. Platform and wedges are also ultra-comfortable choices because they provide support on both the balls and front of the feet.

Filming the wedding

Don’t rely on pictures only
Another crucial blunder that most couples seem to make is to only rely on pictures and photographers. However, a few years down the road, you’re going to look back at those pictures and bitterly regret the fact that you opt for a high-quality video of your special day. While your photographer can very easily film your special day as well, it does pay off to hire both a photographer and a videographer, provided that you can afford it, of course.

Designer wedding dresses

Wedding dress
Every little girl has an exact idea of how her wedding dress is going to look like one day. Unfortunately, when the same little girl grows up and steps foot into the bridal shop, there are rows and rows of dramatic dresses that can very easily shove your perfect gown out of the picture. Indeed, shopping for your wedding dress can be quite an overwhelming experience and many brides to be tend to get carried away. However, spending half of your wedding budget on a dress is not exactly the best idea. Bear in mind that you’ll never wear this dress again so if possible, try to stay far from overpriced designer dresses that sell their labels more than the actual frock.

Wedding dance

Go for more than slow, sentimental songs
While the first wedding dance is traditionally danced to a slow tune, several couples tend to make the huge blunder of going for nothing more than slow and sentimental songs for the reception. This will simply result in lulling all your guests to sleep. So, be sure to liven things up by alternating between slower songs and trendy, upbeat ones.


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A Romeo and Juliet theme for your wedding

One of the most romantic screenplays ever penned, Romeo and Juliet will definitely serve as the perfect backdrop to your own romantic day. This play is so incredibly poignant that even if it’s been crafted several decades ago, it’s still one of the most talked-about scenarios. So, it certainly makes sense that you might want to infuse a deeply moving Romeo and Juliet theme to your wedding day. Best of all, this particular theme is quite affordable, which means that you can definitely indulge even if you’re on a restricted budget.

Romeo and Juliet wedding collage

The one thing that will definitely bring a pronounced Romeo and Juliet feel to your wedding day is the balcony. Indeed, the most poignant symbol of the play, the balcony certainly marks the beginning of Romeo and Juliet’s clandestine meetings and epic love. Of course, it would be quite unrealistic to imagine getting married on a balcony, and much too comical to imagine the groom standing underneath the balcony as he shouts his vows to the bride. You can, however, hold a photo-shoot on the balcony after the ceremony. If you don’t mind being on display, you can also hold the wedding toast section of the ceremony right on the balcony.

Bride and groom posing for pictures on balcony

It also goes without saying that both the bride and the groom will have to don Victorian or Periodic-like wedding attires. The bride, for example, can wear a long, straight satin dress with a small fishtail and train. It also pays off to go for a deeply romantic setting that includes a flowery arch. If you can afford it, never hesitate to hold your entire wedding in a forest clearing to enhance the Romeo and Juliet theme.

Old fashioned wedding dress and romantic setting

It’s also quite important to make sure that your wedding invitation is in perfect harmony with the overall theme. A modern, trendy invitation or stationary will certainly distract from the Romeo and Juliet theme, so, it’s much safer to go for old-fashioned styles that include cream or beige parchment with intricate patterns. Don’t neglect other aspects such as food, transportation and seating as well: a horse-drawn carriage, for instance, will most undoubtedly fly your guests back to the bygone days of Romeo and Juliet. Food-wise, consider going go for banquet tables and chairs, along with chalices or goblets for the wedding toast.

Old fashioned wedding invitationWedding scene from Romeo and Juliet movie


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The Perfect At Home Wedding

If you’re on a limited budget or if you simply want to save your funds for your actual marriage instead of the ceremony, it’s always a good idea to get married at home. Of course, you can’t just wake up and decide to throw your wedding at home: there are quite a few things to take into consideration with space and location being the primary concerns.

At home wedding collage

For obvious reasons, you can’t have a home wedding if both your house and yard are on the small side. But, if you do have a large backyard, don’t hesitate to hold the ceremony outside to contain the mess while making the most out of a breezy spring or summer wedding.

Informal wedding reception in backyard

For starters, if you’re holding your home ceremony indoors, it’s crucial to decide where you will get married and clear the space while providing enough seating areas for your guests. Popular options include the living room or the front hall. If you’re lucky enough to have a large, sweeping staircase in your home, you may even get married on the staircase for a more romantic, rustic touch. In fact, the staircase is quite a fabulous place to pose for wedding pictures, because the angle will allow the bride’s dress to be displayed in all its majestic glory.

Bride in living roomBride coming downstairs for wedding

To enhance the festive feel, don’t hesitate to decorate your house with scented candles, dried rose petals, fresh bouquets and even fairy lights. If your home is on the large side or if you’re throwing a small, laidback wedding, don’t hesitate to hold your wedding reception right in your dining room, front porch or even kitchen. However, if space is a constraint, couples can even rent a tent or gazebo for a lavish reception in the backyard. Alternatively, you may even skip the gazebo and have an informal reception in the garden and in this case, you’re going to need a few garden furniture to accommodate your guests. A couple of long banquet tables and benches coupled with a few garden umbrellas for some extra shade will certainly do the trick.

Wedding reception in garden

As far as the decorations go, don’t hesitate to scatter around a few informal mementos such as pictures of the newly married couple pegged on the washing line or even some picture frames scattered around the buffet table. Most importantly, bear in mind that a home wedding is the perfect occasion to break the ice and create a more friendly, cozy and informal atmosphere where everybody will be able to relax while celebrating the start of a new life together.

Wedding in living room


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Some of the most touching Father-Daughter dance songs

One of the most touching moments after the wedding ceremony is undeniably the traditional Father-Daughter Dance. This is the moment where the father dances with his little girl for the first time after she’s officially married. In fact, the Father-Daughter dance is such a classic and emotional moment that even ultra-contemporary brides choose to incorporate this tradition into their wedding ceremonies, even if they skip all the other rituals and customs.

Touching moment between father and daughter

This special dance is also a way for the dad and daughter to relax and unwind after all the stress and tension following the wedding ceremony. A typically bittersweet moment, this dance is also where the two of them will be able to laugh and cry about all various memories leading up to the wedding and as the music slowly glides to a close, the father realizes that he finally has to let go of the woman who was once his little girl.

Collage of bride dancing with groom then with father

This is why it’s crucial to properly select the adequate song for your Father-Daughter dance. The first thing that you should bear in mind, however, is that you should try to avoid falling into clichés. You don’t have to select a certain song only because it’s a popular choice for Father-Daughter dances. The most important thing is that the song of your choice reflects the emotions between your father and you, even if it’s not a popular track.

Father Daughter dance

While some brides tend to go for the typical slow dancing songs, others choose to opt for upbeat and more contemporary tunes. Psy’s epic “Gangnam Style” song, for example, is the new track of the moment that various brides are selecting for their Father-Daughter dances. This certainly is the perfect tune if you’re looking for something preppy, fun and trendy. Other such songs include Guns and Roses’ “Sweet Child of Mine”, Zepplin’s “Thank You”, Rolling Stones’ “She’s a Rainbow” or even Queen’s “You’re my Best Friend.”

Father daughter dance 2

Alternatively, if you’re the sort of bride who wishes to adhere to tradition and go for a slow-dancing song, bear in mind that Bob Dylan’s Butterfly Kisses is one of the most popular choices. Indeed, with lyrics such as, “She’ll change her name today. She’ll make a promise and I’ll give her away”, this song is definitely one that will tug at your heartstrings while allowing you to share an extremely special moment with your father. Another popular touching song is the classic “My Girl” by The Temptations, Jimmy Buffet’s “Little Miss Magic” and Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely?”

Father walking daughter down the aisle


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Unique edible treats for your wedding guests

We all want to thank our wedding guests for their presence, but sadly, too many couples have fallen into the cliched trap of offering the same usual edible treats of macaroons, tea sachets, chocolate-covered pretzels and the likes.However, if you want to be different, never hesitate to think way outside the box in order to provide your guests with some of the most unique edible treats they’ll ever get. Think mini pizzas, ice cream cups and other such treats that they won’t usually expect in a wedding. So, read on to familiarize yourself with some of the most unique edible wedding favors that will certainly bring a smile to your guests’ faces.

Edible wedding favours

The most-sought after pastry of the moment, Cronuts even got celebrities to queue up in front of the bakery at the crack of dawn just to lay their hands on one of these unique delicacies. Created by the award-winning New York bakery, the Dominque Ansel, this mouth-watering delicacy is a cross between a doughnut and a croissant. What makes it ultra-special is that the cronut is exceptionally hard to procure. Indeed, your guests are certainly going to appreciate the time and effort that you’ve invested in getting some of these incredibly delicious pastries for your guests. Just be careful to order the cronuts at least two months in advance though.
In fact, for an ultra-special touch, the couple can even hand out two mini cronut in a box, with each pastry bearing the name or initial of the bride and groom.

Cronuts in a wedding favor box

Individual mini wedding cakes
Forget about boring slices: a rare and unique edible treat, the mini wedding cake allows each guest to go home with his or her own treat. If you can afford it, as your baker to mold the individual cake after your real wedding cake.

Mini wedding cake

Try to go beyond the traditional fruit cake as well. These tend to be quite heavy and dry and you certainly don’t want that in your mini wedding cake. Instead, don’t hesitate to explore new, different flavors such as chocolate mousse, peach, raspberry or even a layered vanilla and almond cake.

Mini pizzas

Thank you chocolate bars
Who doesn’t love chocolates? Even the most body-conscious dieter can weaken in front of a dark, shiny, caramel and nut-stuffed bar of chocolate. These incredibly delicious pieces of candies are guaranteed to melt just about any guest’s heart. To take things up to the next level, you may even ask for special messages to be printed on the chocolate bar. “Thank you”, or “Best Wishes” are definitely the sort of messages that will bring a personal touch to your edible wedding favor.
If you’re getting married during the summer, it’s a good idea to wrap the chocolate in foil and keep them on ice until it’s time to serve them up. Try not to stick to just plain old milk chocolate either: cherry, coffee or tiramisu-flavored bars will certainly impress your guests while making them feel ultra-welcome.

Thank you chocolates


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The most popular types of wedding cakes

Fruitcake, Framboise-flavoured cake, Genoise, chocolate mousse cakes…the list of wedding cake is endless. It can therefore be quite tough for the couple to decide which cake they want to settle for. In fact, since Prince William was unable to make his mind up, he ended up requesting two cakes for his own wedding. But then again, not all of us belong to the British Monarchy with millions to spend on our special day.

Married couple and Wedding Cake
Therefore, since most of us will only have one wedding cake, it’s quite important invest the proper time and effort in selecting the perfect masterpiece. After all, your wedding cake isn’t just any other cake: it’s the one edible objet that will most certainly set off the whole mood and theme of the reception. Besides, selecting a wedding cake is so much more than going to cake tastings. There are quite a lot of important decisions to be made, from the number of tiers to the cake stand, toppers, table, setting and decorations among others. However, all these decisions will ultimately rest on the type of wedding cake that you’re going to go for.

Thankfully, the market is oozing with a wide variety of wedding cakes for you to choose from, the most popular type being the British fruitcake. Present in just about any English wedding, the wedding fruitcake has a rich, thick batter with delicious pieces of dried or fresh fruit that invade the palate with every bite. This wedding cake very often features a thick white royal icing but modern couples often go for red and white, pink, yellow, brown or even white and black icing.

Wedding cake decoration
Since the fruitcake is on the heavier side, more and more couples are embracing lighter and more delicate, albeit, complex flavours. Light Genoise is quite a common choice these days and such cakes are usually separated into various tiers with each tier bearing a different flavour. This way, the couple can, for instance, select chocolate for the first tier, vanilla for the second, peach mousse for the third and so forth. The traditional Royal Icing is also gradually being replaced by fondant or ganache frosting. However, Royal Icing is still being used to create those beautiful flowers, birds and other such intricate decorations that are commonly used to embellish wedding cakes.

Couples who want to step out of the crowd and go for something more original may even go for an arrangement of dainty cupcakes stacked on top of each other. In fact, most French weddings completely omit the wedding cake and instead go for the traditional Croquembouche which basically consists of choux pastry balls bound together with woven caramel and burnt sugar. Highly classy and elegant, this typically French dessert can be enhanced by adding some sugared violets here and there or by wrapping a thick, gleaming ribbon of semi-soft caramel around the entire arrangement.

Sugared flowers on wedding cake
Of course, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t defy tradition and go for the type of wedding cake which will reflect your personality. For example, if the couple is into Goth culture, they can always go for a Gothic wedding cake crafted in white, red and black or simply red and black.


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Unique Wedding Aisle Ideas

Weddings are one of the special events that happen in one’s life. Ever wonder why weddings sometimes take almost a year to prepare? This is because the couple wants every detail to be straightened out before the big day. They simply want it to be picture-perfect as it will be the most memorable time that they will reminisce when they grow old. No matter how many times they renew their vows, their wedding day still remains the most momentous occasion of all.

Unique Wedding Aisle Hanging Garden Wheels
Wedding planning does not start and end with the outfit, the color motif, the ceremony or the food. The wedding aisle has the biggest part of the event and it should be prepared dramatically as well. Whether the event is happening indoors or outdoors, there are unique styles of making the center aisle special like no other.

Unique Wedding Aisle Patterned Petals Adorn the aisle with do-it-yourself baby’s breath or lavender flowers in tin cans if the event is outdoors. This is a unique style of freshening up the venue especially if it’s a garden or backyard wedding. Just one tin can the size of a pail in each row of seats can make the venue lively and full of zest. Single-colored flowers give a touch of elegance in this laid-back theme while colorful blooms add up joy and giggles to the event.

Unique Wedding Aisle Statement Ramp
Outdoor weddings are best admired if there is something unique in it. Not the typical seats and bouquets or banquet and officiating table. For style and funkiness, the couple can hang up colored rim of bicycle wheels on the side lines. They can use it as decoration or flower holder. Hanging them in different lengths add up some style. Also use flower variations for a hanging garden effect.

Unique Wedding Aisle Blooms on Pails
Some wedding aisle details are admirable when used indoors or outdoors. The trend of couples today is wearing statement shirts why not use it on the wedding runway? Instead of rolling down the heavy red carpet, roll down personalized tarpaulin with a statement. They can have their names with “Mr. and Mrs.” and the wedding date printed on it. Or they can adorn the walkway with patterned petals that will be totally swept apart once the bride and the entourage come to march. The wedding train will be leaving trails of petals behind creating a mellow touch to the aisle.

Unique Wedding Aisle Vintage Lanterns
The use of wedding lanterns is also upbeat. What can make it unique? Use it in a night wedding and literally use it as a lantern. Put these lighted lanterns along the aisle to light the bride. And what can be more heavenly than seeing the bride, all dress in white and with a bouquet in hand, walking down the dark aisle lit only by lanterns. Let some soft lighting effect put spotlight on her and there you go, the bride going towards her groom.


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Bright Lights for Wedding Nights

Glasses clinking.Warm smiles from family and friends. Good cheers and great company. What could be more perfect than your wedding night? Make your wedding night even more romantic with bright lights tangling down the trees and translucent sheerness of the lights dancing beneath the white hanging curtains.

Curtain of Light

If you’re planning to have a night wedding, then here are surefire ways on how to creatively use lights for breathtaking effects.
Planning to use a ceiling of some sort? Try the almost transparent kind so you’ll have a clear view of the stars on the skies. Have your own version of stars on the sky by attaching light balls on your ceiling. The reflection on the roof would be superb. Hire a violinist to set the right mood.

Lights on Ceiling

If you prefer classic lighting without the help from electricity, then go for white candles in different shapes and sizes. You can place them inside crystal balls and hang them. Scatter the others on the tables, inside glass candleholders. Just make sure that no combustible materials are within reach. Avoid ribbons and laces as combo decorations for candles as these accessories might catch fire.


If you have been doing a lot of Pinterest-ing, then you probably have seen a lot of mason jar DIYs. Collect mason jars, style them and place candles or lights inside them. You can hang them or just place them on top of the tables. You can paint them or even add some glow-in-the-dark solution to give an illusion of galaxy inside the jars.

Mason Jars and Lights

On your wedding day, you’ll definitely feel like it’s Christmas with all those wedding gifts, presence of family and friends, the food and of course, the love of your life swearing to spend the rest of his lifetime with you. So, it’s just okay if you use or even re-use your Christmas lights! Place them inside a weaved string ball, wrap them around tress, hang them everywhere. It’s your wedding day. You call the shots even though you have a party planner.

Christmas Lights
Lastly, you could do a light curtain backdrop for photoshoots. Fashion an illusion of light curtains. Take several Christmas lights and pin one end on a certain spot. Spread the other ends one by one and viola, you have a light curtain already. Make sure though that you hire a professional photographer to have your pictures come out great and not too bright or exposed.


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Wedding Cake Trend: Go Ombre

It seems that the fuss over ombre has just gotten even more viral – it has come across the bridal knots. Now, not only the hair, shorts, pants and dresses can be styled ombre. Even wedding cakes can go ombre too! Not only do these cakes make pretty and dainty table toppers, they could instigate a chorus of ooohs and aahs from the wedding crowd, especially amongst your girlfriends.

Terracotta Ombre Cake
In going ombre, this Terracotta Ombre cake has made different directional textures integral part of its style. It almost mimic a bark of a tree, giving an atmosphere of a rustic wedding. The white daisy on top made the final touch so chic too.

Pink Ombre Cake and Bridesmaid Dress
Flowers make great finishing touches on ombre cakes, but why don’t you try decorating the entire cake in ombre petals? Of course, they aren’t real petals, they’re icing petals, carefully designed from dark pink to pale pink. The ruffled look screams elegance and thus, no more additional detail should be added into the cake. However, you can add other non-cake ombre touches like the bridesmaids’ dresses perhaps? It’ll be fun having the ombre theme extend all the way to your bridal entourage. Ombre gowns spell mystical modishness.

Grey Ombre Cake
For smooth-textured fondant cakes, a great way to style them is by having patterned icings dyed on different levels of one shade. This white and grey cake ombre cake for instance made use of little circle icings in different shades of grey. Then from the darkest, they were carefully arranged from bottom to top. You can try different colors or a combination of colors on heart-shaped icing cut outs too.

Midnight Blue to White Ombre Cake
The next ombre cake makes use of a classy combination of decors and plain, white fondant smoothness. Midnight blue flowers were lining the bottom edges of the cake while similar flowers pile up all the way to the top, decreasing in the blue hue as the height increases. The ombre cake showcases how it can be both classy simple and regal at the same time.

Ombre Cakes
If you’re now planning to go ombre with your wedding cake, there are gazillion ways on how to do it. You can even have the inside layers of the cake go ombre too for an added panache. Find wedding paraphernalia that would complement your ombre cake like striped straws on milk. You can have a smooth or textured ombre cake, just tell the baker not to overdo it. Your wedding ombre cake can showcase your wedding theme palette so make it splendid.


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