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Unique Wedding Aisle Ideas

Weddings are one of the special events that happen in one’s life. Ever wonder why weddings sometimes take almost a year to prepare? This is because the couple wants every detail to be straightened out before the big day. They simply want it to be picture-perfect as it will be the most memorable time that they will reminisce when they grow old. No matter how many times they renew their vows, their wedding day still remains the most momentous occasion of all.

Unique Wedding Aisle Hanging Garden Wheels
Wedding planning does not start and end with the outfit, the color motif, the ceremony or the food. The wedding aisle has the biggest part of the event and it should be prepared dramatically as well. Whether the event is happening indoors or outdoors, there are unique styles of making the center aisle special like no other.

Unique Wedding Aisle Patterned Petals Adorn the aisle with do-it-yourself baby’s breath or lavender flowers in tin cans if the event is outdoors. This is a unique style of freshening up the venue especially if it’s a garden or backyard wedding. Just one tin can the size of a pail in each row of seats can make the venue lively and full of zest. Single-colored flowers give a touch of elegance in this laid-back theme while colorful blooms add up joy and giggles to the event.

Unique Wedding Aisle Statement Ramp
Outdoor weddings are best admired if there is something unique in it. Not the typical seats and bouquets or banquet and officiating table. For style and funkiness, the couple can hang up colored rim of bicycle wheels on the side lines. They can use it as decoration or flower holder. Hanging them in different lengths add up some style. Also use flower variations for a hanging garden effect.

Unique Wedding Aisle Blooms on Pails
Some wedding aisle details are admirable when used indoors or outdoors. The trend of couples today is wearing statement shirts why not use it on the wedding runway? Instead of rolling down the heavy red carpet, roll down personalized tarpaulin with a statement. They can have their names with “Mr. and Mrs.” and the wedding date printed on it. Or they can adorn the walkway with patterned petals that will be totally swept apart once the bride and the entourage come to march. The wedding train will be leaving trails of petals behind creating a mellow touch to the aisle.

Unique Wedding Aisle Vintage Lanterns
The use of wedding lanterns is also upbeat. What can make it unique? Use it in a night wedding and literally use it as a lantern. Put these lighted lanterns along the aisle to light the bride. And what can be more heavenly than seeing the bride, all dress in white and with a bouquet in hand, walking down the dark aisle lit only by lanterns. Let some soft lighting effect put spotlight on her and there you go, the bride going towards her groom.


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Top 5 Tactful Do’s on Wedding Invitations

Yes it’s already the electronic and digital world of the internet and everything just goes around it in a blink of an eye. Everyone can get in touch with people and they will not even feel like they are half way around the world apart. Spare the electronic wedding invitations this time.

Tactful Do's on Wedding Invitations with Person Title
It is part of the etiquette to send wedding invitations in a very tactful way. Given that the internet has hosts of online wedding invitations, it is still important to know if these paperless invites can contain the proper information necessary for the wedding guests. And by the way, there is nothing more memorable than receiving a wedding invitation by hand – the one that carries the wedding theme, the matching lace or ribbon and the silk-like embossed lettering of the name of the guest.

Rule no. 1, Spell out the professional titles of the guests. It should be Attorney instead of Atty. It should be General instead of Gen. And never use their nicknames! A wedding is a formal event so it is right to address the guests appropriately as well.

Tactful Do's on Wedding Invitations Exclusion of Gift Suggestion
Rule no. 2, Use “Ret.” at the end of the name of a retired high-ranking official. Use “Mr. and Mrs.” for married couples who are still living together. If they are no longer living together or if there are couples who are not married but living together, list their names separately in alphabetical order and provide separate invitations.

Tactful Do's on Wedding Invitations No Handwritten Note
Rule no. 3, Children’s names are not supposed to be included in the outer envelope. But if the kids are invited, make sure to include their name in the inner envelope. Say, “Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bright and Grace.” If there is no child’s name, it is commonly assumed that the kids are also invited. In this case, emphasize if the wedding is black-tie and that adults only are expected. It is kind of uncomfortable but it will still be proper if the guests know how you expect the formality of the occasion.

Tactful Do's on Wedding Invitations Traditional Wedding Invite
Rule no. 4, Include the complete ceremony and reception address in the inner envelope. Formal weddings should only use number words for time, street number and date. Street names should all be unabbreviated and no handwritten notes should be included. Semi-formal weddings can use numbers but still do away hand writing some details.

Tactful Do's on Wedding Invitations Separate Map

Rule no. 5, It is never proper to include gift suggestions in the wedding invitations. Any information about gifts should be sent out separately through the wedding website. Lastly, never include a map in the fine paper along with the list of guests. Have a separate print-out to be included in the envelope instead.


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Etiquette for the Wedding Guest List

As the wedding day comes near, the bride and groom are faced with dilemmas not typical about wedding attires and venue. The task of completing the wedding guest list is relatively simple but with other factors like budget, sending out RSVP invitations and even children guests can make most of the time and would really require knowing the wedding etiquette.

Etiquette for the Wedding Guest List Introductory Photo
Why is it very important to know the etiquette in inviting wedding guests? Simple. Wedding is a very intimate occasion. Close friends and relatives are supposed to be present to give blessing and support. The occasion involves emotions. Without being tact and careful in picking out guests, a conflict may later arise and this will not be a good start in creating a harmonious relationship between the uniting families.

With budget alone, people should already be sympathetic and understanding in case the number of guests from their side is not what they expect to see on the reserved seat portion of the invitation. So here is how the listing should go.

Etiquette for the Wedding Guest List RSVP
Identify the budget and stick to it. Thought the wedding gown and the cake take the most money during the wedding? Well, it’s not really just about how the bride will look. It is how the couple gets resourceful in accommodating as much guests as their list can do. Know the budget and from there decide on the number of guests and then on the menu.

Etiquette for the Wedding Guest List Budget
Both families should be listing their guests. Ask a list from the groom’s and bride’s parents and then the list from the marrying couple. Compile the list and decide how much of it can be accommodated from the budget. Be honest and show courtesy when discussing this with the parents and parents-to-be. They will understand. And who knows? They might even give out a pot of cash to share the expenses!

Etiquette for the Wedding Guest List
Make a list for the “must” invites. These people should come from families and close friends. They are the people who will be the long term witnesses of the married life of the couple. The “should” invites are the next on the list. And in case the budget still allows, add the “could” invites too. As they say, the more guests, the merrier.

Add extra number of seats for every invitation should the guest will invite a close friend or a fiancée or a partner. If the budget will not be able to accommodate all, be specific and send RSVP invitations so there is approximate number of guests coming.

Etiquette for the Wedding Guest List Friends and Family Invites
Have a wedding theme so there is a basis of inviting children. These little darlings can really get tired easily so if the wedding is in the late afternoon until evening and if it’s a black-tie one, consider that kids can be very tired by that time. That is with the exception of the flower girls and ring bearer, of course.

Remember that co-workers are not required to be at the wedding. It is top one on the etiquette to invite family and close friends first. The office mates may no longer be there after six months after the wedding and they may not be the best witnesses when exchanging wedding vows.


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Summer Wedding MakeUp Tips

What makes a summer beach wedding whimsically romantic? It’s the gentle gush of the wind on your hair, the salty smell of the oceans, the pinkish to purplish hues painted on the sky when the sun sets and of course, the burning love of the newlyweds for each other.

However, the downside of beach weddings include the warmth of the surrounding air, making it a little difficult for the bride’s makeup to last long and look fresh all throughout the event. To look your best during your beach wedding, here are a few tips on how to apply your summer wedding make up.

Orange Lippie

Not Too much moisturizer
It’s a big yes to moisturize our skin, but on your wedding day, apply a little of it on your face. Applying too much would make your skin look oily later on, especially when you start to sweat. You can just apply moisturizer on dry areas like the laugh lines. Better yet, use tinted moisturizers and BB creams with SPF instead. You need SPFs as exposure to the sun’s rays can harm your skin.

Airbrush Foundation

Blend, blend, blend
Hide those blemishes and dark under eye circles by using a sweat-proof concealer. Stay away from powder foundation and stick with airbrush foundation to have a flawless finish.


Summery glow
Going matte is a mistake for summer weddings. Hey, it’s summer and you can go glow and it’s totally alright. Don’t overdo it though. Use highlighting powder your inner eye tear duct, center eye socket and bow of the lip. Don’t apply on your cheekbones and nose bridge. Also, you might want to pick a powder with restrained luster so that you’ll not look like a shining crystal from afar.

Bronze Bride

Bronze it up
Sweep bronzer on spots where the sun would naturally brush your face like the cheeks, tip of the nose, chin and forehead.

Candy Colors for Summer

Emphasize either eyes or lips
Remember, choose only to emphasize either the eyes or the lips. You cannot do both if you want to go for a sweet bride with a subtle aura. You can go with the classic combo – lush black lashes + pale pink lips. Pop out color. Line an aqua blue or pale green shimmer on your waterline and lash line if you want to spice up your look. If you’re bold enough, wear colored eye shadow and natural lips. Now, if you want to pop out colors on your lips, then don an orange lippie while having simple, natural eye makeup.


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Mason Jar Wedding Recipes

Mason jars are fastly becoming hot wedding favors. There is an overflowing number of mason jar wedding pictures on Pinterest and they’re so cute that you just can’t decide only one idea on how to use them. These jar types give a homey, artsy feel when used on your wedding. You can fill them with lights, goodies, drinks and even crispies. Here are some of the edible mason jar wedding ideas that you can adopt on your big day.

Lemon Meringue

Cherry Crisps
Cherries are like food for the gods and they ought to be present on your big day to spread the love through its vivid red color and heavenly taste and smell. To add some twist into the cherries, mix butter, sugar, oats and flour to serve as the crisp. Complement the taste with some pie filling too. Print out a cute “Cherry Crisp” sign on a stick and plant it in the middle of your cobbler.

Cherry Crisp

Cakes and Cupcakes
No wedding is complete without a cake. A wedding with cakes or cupcakes in mason jars is more fun and artsy. If you have a cake with multiple layers of different colors each, then putting it inside a mason jar would make it even lovelier. Also, topping the cakes and cupcakes with icing above the rim of the mason jar is a nice touch. You could tie up a spoon on each mason jar for your guests.


If you are a health-conscious couple (if you met at the gym) and you know that some of your guests are, then you could provide a healthy mason jar section. In this area, mason jars filled with layers of fruits and vegies would be present. Use your creativity in arranging the salad by layer – greens, oranges and reds. It would be fantastic. Include some eggs for a white accent.


Who says smores can only be made over campfires? And that they’re just for kids? Give in to your sweet tooth and serve some smores in a jar on your wedding. Crushed Graham on the bottom, followed by a layer or marshmallows and flooded by melted chocolates until near the neck of the jar. Now, spoon in the meringue over the top and make a playful twist towards the top. Brown the surface with a kitchen torch.

Take advantage of the transparent feature of these mason jars. In choosing a recipe, put in mind your own theme so that you can make every wedding favor coherent with the wedding reception design and color scheme.


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Bright Lights for Wedding Nights

Glasses clinking.Warm smiles from family and friends. Good cheers and great company. What could be more perfect than your wedding night? Make your wedding night even more romantic with bright lights tangling down the trees and translucent sheerness of the lights dancing beneath the white hanging curtains.

Curtain of Light

If you’re planning to have a night wedding, then here are surefire ways on how to creatively use lights for breathtaking effects.
Planning to use a ceiling of some sort? Try the almost transparent kind so you’ll have a clear view of the stars on the skies. Have your own version of stars on the sky by attaching light balls on your ceiling. The reflection on the roof would be superb. Hire a violinist to set the right mood.

Lights on Ceiling

If you prefer classic lighting without the help from electricity, then go for white candles in different shapes and sizes. You can place them inside crystal balls and hang them. Scatter the others on the tables, inside glass candleholders. Just make sure that no combustible materials are within reach. Avoid ribbons and laces as combo decorations for candles as these accessories might catch fire.


If you have been doing a lot of Pinterest-ing, then you probably have seen a lot of mason jar DIYs. Collect mason jars, style them and place candles or lights inside them. You can hang them or just place them on top of the tables. You can paint them or even add some glow-in-the-dark solution to give an illusion of galaxy inside the jars.

Mason Jars and Lights

On your wedding day, you’ll definitely feel like it’s Christmas with all those wedding gifts, presence of family and friends, the food and of course, the love of your life swearing to spend the rest of his lifetime with you. So, it’s just okay if you use or even re-use your Christmas lights! Place them inside a weaved string ball, wrap them around tress, hang them everywhere. It’s your wedding day. You call the shots even though you have a party planner.

Christmas Lights
Lastly, you could do a light curtain backdrop for photoshoots. Fashion an illusion of light curtains. Take several Christmas lights and pin one end on a certain spot. Spread the other ends one by one and viola, you have a light curtain already. Make sure though that you hire a professional photographer to have your pictures come out great and not too bright or exposed.


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Wedding Cake Trend: Go Ombre

It seems that the fuss over ombre has just gotten even more viral – it has come across the bridal knots. Now, not only the hair, shorts, pants and dresses can be styled ombre. Even wedding cakes can go ombre too! Not only do these cakes make pretty and dainty table toppers, they could instigate a chorus of ooohs and aahs from the wedding crowd, especially amongst your girlfriends.

Terracotta Ombre Cake
In going ombre, this Terracotta Ombre cake has made different directional textures integral part of its style. It almost mimic a bark of a tree, giving an atmosphere of a rustic wedding. The white daisy on top made the final touch so chic too.

Pink Ombre Cake and Bridesmaid Dress
Flowers make great finishing touches on ombre cakes, but why don’t you try decorating the entire cake in ombre petals? Of course, they aren’t real petals, they’re icing petals, carefully designed from dark pink to pale pink. The ruffled look screams elegance and thus, no more additional detail should be added into the cake. However, you can add other non-cake ombre touches like the bridesmaids’ dresses perhaps? It’ll be fun having the ombre theme extend all the way to your bridal entourage. Ombre gowns spell mystical modishness.

Grey Ombre Cake
For smooth-textured fondant cakes, a great way to style them is by having patterned icings dyed on different levels of one shade. This white and grey cake ombre cake for instance made use of little circle icings in different shades of grey. Then from the darkest, they were carefully arranged from bottom to top. You can try different colors or a combination of colors on heart-shaped icing cut outs too.

Midnight Blue to White Ombre Cake
The next ombre cake makes use of a classy combination of decors and plain, white fondant smoothness. Midnight blue flowers were lining the bottom edges of the cake while similar flowers pile up all the way to the top, decreasing in the blue hue as the height increases. The ombre cake showcases how it can be both classy simple and regal at the same time.

Ombre Cakes
If you’re now planning to go ombre with your wedding cake, there are gazillion ways on how to do it. You can even have the inside layers of the cake go ombre too for an added panache. Find wedding paraphernalia that would complement your ombre cake like striped straws on milk. You can have a smooth or textured ombre cake, just tell the baker not to overdo it. Your wedding ombre cake can showcase your wedding theme palette so make it splendid.


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Unique Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Friends and families are the best people to celebrate your special day with. Cherish these people and treasure them for the rest of your lives because they are the very ones who you and your special someone can really count on. Don’t ever forget them. Let them make their presence on your wedding day be marked. Have wedding guest books. However, if you are bored with the traditional style, here are some fresh ideas which you can embrace.

Photo Hanger
Photo booths are typical wedding must-haves for today. Do more with your photo booth by just allowing your guests to take a picture of themselves. Create a photo hanger where the guests can hang in their photos along with their messages for the both of you. That way, you can share your special messages with everyone else in the room.

Photo Hanger

Puzzle Pieces
Place wooden puzzle pieces inside a bowl and let your guests pick one. Provide pens for them to write with. Make sure that most of the puzzle pieces are large enough to be written on. During the morning after your wedding, you and your hubby can put the pieces together and read the messages together. Also, you could frame the puzzle and preserve it. Hang it on your living room to remind you how awesome your wedding day was because of those people.

Puzzle pieces

Surfboard, shells and stones
Beach weddings open a lot of options for alternative guest books. There are cute sea thingamajigs that you can write on – smooth pebbles, sea shells and wooden planks.The great thing with these alternative is that you can actually use them as home decors. Of course, you just have to coat them with a finish to preserve the written messages. If you are fond of surfing, you can even use your surfboard as a wedding guest book.

Beach Guest Books

Paint Canvass
Let your guests be Picasso on your wedding day. Let them paint their messages on a single canvass. Make sure that you have already penciled in the squares or areas that one guest can write or even draw on to help control the space and to make sure that everyone gets their chance. Provide paint brushes, glitters and even craft supplies which your guests can use in writing their messages.

Paint Canvass

Are you and your partner globe trotters? Then use a globe as your wedding book. Let your guests write on the globe. It’ll be a great art piece for your living room.



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Wedding Vehicles: Take Your Pick

Because it’s your wedding, you and your better half deserve all the attention in the room or even around your city. Tell the whole world, or at least your city that you just got married by riding unique, attention-grabbing vehicles. Be adventurous with your wedding cars, or bicycles even. Just as long as it fits your wedding theme and the both of you can ride in it comfortably and safely, it would be a great choice! Here are some illustrious examples.

Embellished Wedding Cars
Tight on the budget? No worries. You can still use your own cars as your wedding getaway car. All it needs is a little tweaking here and there. Add some ribbons on the trunk or tie some empty soda bottles on the bumper. Have helium-filled balloons ride with you and add the classic sign, “Just Married” on the back. Or better yet, for a night wedding, light up some fountains on both sides of the street and drive into the sparkling path of marriage.

Embellished Wedding Cars

Retro Wedding Car
If you’re having a vintage wedding, the play up with cars is endless. You can go with Volkswagen, Ford and other closed-bodied cars. That old-world feel is simply romantic and rocking at the same time. Feel as if you two are inside Cinderella’s classic pumpkin ride, better and a little less orange. There are lots of wedding car rental companies which you and your beau can check out.

Retro Wedding Car

Source image

Wedding Car Pair
These car pairs with faces are getting more and more popular to newlyweds. Your groom could arrive at the church earlier using the boy car and you get to arrive a little later riding the girl car. Then, you could re-enact the drive outside the reception just to put up a show. Also, these cute cars make great photo opp accessories.

Wedding Car Pair

Wedding Motorcycles
If your man is a rider, then why waste money in renting cars when you can ride on his beloved motorbike. It would also be a cool move. Think of it. You, in a pristine white wedding dress, riding on the back of your suited-up man. Seems almost like a scene from a romcom, eh?

Wedding Motorcycle

Wedding Bicycle
If you’re feeling young and free and giddy, you and your groom could ride a bicycle to the reception. Especially if bicycles played an important role in your relationship. Maybe you have met him while biking to your city square? But of course, only opt for bicycles if it can only be done. Small-town weddings and countryside weddings would be the practical examples. If you’re living in a jam-packed city, then no, wedding bicycles aren’t for you.

Wedding Bicycle


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Wedding Backdrop Ideas

Your wedding day is one of the most life-changing events that would happen to you. It would just be right to freeze each moment through the camera lenses so you can look back at physical proofs which can tell you that those magical moments are indeed real. Take snapshots of the people who have been there to witness your special day. Create a lasting moment of their smile, laugh and goofiness.
To do just that, you would need an amusing wedding backdrop that would enhance your wedding theme. To start you in your own brainstorming, browse for some inspiration.

LED Lights
One of the simplest things that you could do to achieve an elegant look for the backdrop is to integrate dangling lights on the background. No need for exaggerated add-ons. The lights will do. If you’re feeling fancy though, you could drape down some white linens along with the lights. This is best when your wedding reception falls after evening. LED lights would be best choices as they only consume little power as compared to the other bulbs.

LED lights

Paper Hearts
If you’re having an outdoor wedding, find a nice location, an organic one. Find the loveliest branch that you could. It may be full of moss, but as long as it is lovely, you can make it your spot. If you’re contented with the spot, you can hang a string glued with paper hearts. This is a less costly way of having a charming backdrop.

Paper Hearts

Open Books
Do you and your partner share a common love for books? Then this book backdrop would certainly send flutter to your literature-engulfed hearts. Feel as if you’re Romeo and Juliet or Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy when posing for the camera. Have a whimsical book wedding party with this backdrop.


You can do a dozen of things to balloons when you plan to utilize them for your backdrop. You can allow them to float the back on different levels. You can pin them on the walls. You can use two balloon colors or one color in different shades. You can even make use of alphabet balloons and form words like LOVE. Be creative.


Vintage Gate
A vintage gate adorned with bundles of fresh flowers would be perfect for outdoor weddings and even beach weddings. You can entwine the gate with green vines to add a flair of whimsy into it. If you’re planning to put it up on the beach, you can place it such that the sea would be its background for a more enhanced look.

Vintage Gate


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