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Top Guide in Choosing Wedding Foods

In planning a wedding, one of the most focused topics of conversations next to the gown the bride will wear is the food that will be served to the guests at the reception. In planning for the food for the wedding, the age of the guests that will attend the ceremony is the first thing to be considered. You have to choose the kind of food both young and old attendees will surely enjoy. You don’t want to choose something that is wild and spicy, but don’t also want to make the set menu tasteless either.

Top Guide in Choosing Wedding Food Ready-to-Go Plates
Of course, it’s your wedding day and you’ll spend a great amount of money, but you have to make sure that everyone will be enjoying their food, and the simplest way is by offering them selections. These selections will then become the best foods for your wedding day.

Top Guide in Choosing Wedding Food Desserts
The most used way of serving food at weddings is providing buffet for the guests; it’s ideal for outdoor weddings. By this, you’re providing many selections to the guests. Usually, finger foods are well-accepted and are not difficult to consume when the guest are standing around. You have to remember that wedding isn’t the best time trying out a new extravagant menu. Always keep in mind that they have to be easy to eat and simple!

Top Guide in Choosing Wedding Foods Buffet Style
If you’re going to have a wedding with a specific theme like a beach wedding for example, then you have to keep the foods well-suited with the theme. Serving seas food such as crab or lobster will be suitable. For a traditional wedding, roast beef and potatoes for the dinner can be really good. Some foods are also themed according to the family heritage or tradition. Japanese foods are often used in Asian motifs while spicy foods are for Indian motifs.

Top Guide in Choosing Wedding Foods Japanese Finger Foods
You need to make sure that you have every ingredient needed in advance if you or your family are the ones who are going to prepare the foods and make sure that you have the preparation is carefully considered and planned. You have to remember that you’ll be there at the wedding too and do not want to be getting on. Another good choice to have the best selections of foods for your wedding is by contacting a local catering service and they will be in charge of everything. This will make the wedding preparation to be less complicated for everyone.

Top Guide in Choosing Wedding Food for Kids


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Top 10 Wedding Desserts

1 Macarons 

These colorful French confections are so tasty and has all the melt-in-your-mouth goodness. You can choose whatever color you want – from pastel hues like baby pink to bold colors like hot pink. You can arrange them in order of the colors of the rainbow. You can put them in tiers or layers of dessert holders or in glass jars. The possibilities are fun and endless. That’s why macarons are one of the most popular wedding desserts these days.

Top 10 Wedding Desserts Macarons
2 Chocolate Fountains 

Nothing beats the sight and scent of a rich, warm, melting chocolate tumbling down over chocolate rounds and surrounded by a variety of uber yummy dipping goodies – cookies, mallows, fresh fruit cubes and confections. You can make it your centerpiece and even choose white chocolate or any other color to match your wedding color scheme.

3 Cupcake Towers 

Cupcake towers sometimes replace the traditional wedding cakes. They’re beautiful to look at especially when decorated with fondant and gum-paste flowers of all shapes and sizes—daisies, cherry blossoms and roses. They can even come in an assortment of colors and flavors – chocolate, raspberry or blueberry, cream cheese, vanilla, orange!

Top 10 Wedding Desserts Cupcakes

4 Cheesecake 

Small bite-sized cheesecakes in different flavors and colors make a beautiful and delectable wedding dessert. You can design and build your own tiered cheesecake.
5 Cookies and Brownies and Fudge Bars 

A dessert bar filled with cookies and brownies and all your childhood favorites is a sure winner for wedding desserts. Match these goodies up with a glass of warm milk.

Top 10 Wedding Desserts Monogram Cookies
6 Candies 

The wonderful sight of a table filled with candy glass jars and all sorts of candies can easily bring anyone to candy heaven. There’s no sweeter way to treat your guests than a candy bar.
7 Milkshakes 

Yummy milk shakes served in mini milkshake glasses are refreshing to the eyes and to the mouth. Rows of mini-milkshakes of different colors and flavors with fancy straws definitely look just as good as they taste.

Top 10 Wedding Desserts Milkshakes
8 Frozen Pops and Yogurts

Yogurt in cute cups come in different flavors and colors and fancy toppings too. Ice pops are a cool treat after dancing the night away. They’re pretty to look at and yummy to bite.
9 Pies 

From apple pies to chocolate cream pies to pumpkin pies –an array of pies is a delicious treat to your wedding guests.

Top 10 Wedding Desserts Pies
10 Fruits

Fruits can be cut up and arranged decoratively. They can be arranged in fruit tiers and fancy bowls and lovely plates. And of course, they’re delicious and healthy.


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Ideas about Liquor Etiquette at Weddings

So the day that you are looking forward to most of your life has already arrived. The preparation for the ceremony is complete, and you’re looking forward to walking on the aisle to exchange vows with the love of your life. This may be one of the happiest days of your life. But how are you going to handle a guest that has become loud and aggressive after drinking excessively?

Ideas About Liquor Etiquette at Weddings Drinking for the New Couple
Prior to the event the guests should be reminded of keeping control of their alcohol intake. You cannot just say, “Drink all you want! This is you day!” This is actually YOUR day and spilled liquors by drunken guests are definitely a no-no. Being in control, you may opt to serve some food first and then distribute a glass of wine to match. Later, they might be full enough to even think of consuming more shots of liquors.

Ideas About Liquor Etiquette at Weddings Food Appreciation
Still, you have to manage how much liquors your guests consume. As a lot of couples think that an open bar is essential for the guests to enjoy, taking control of the amount of alcohol the guests consume at the weddings can be done by allowing them a few shots instead. Hard rinks should be limited to 2 or 3 shots only. Ladies should be taking lesser amount too.

Ideas About Liquor Etiquette at Weddings No Spilled Liquors
Unluckily, regardless of your hard work of planning, you can never guess how much liquor the guests will have throughout the event. You also have to be prepared as kids may be present in the event unless you are implying a “no kids” reception.

Ideas About Liquor Etiquette at Weddings Kids Presence
It is important to set a “watcher” during the occasion. This person will observe the guests that are drinking too much – alone or with their buddies. It is also the watcher’s responsibility to tell the guests that there are rides and places for them to stay when they need one.

Ideas About Liquor Etiquette at Weddings Controlled Drinks with the Guys
Last of all, it’s always important to have back up plans if you are planning to serve liquor to your guests. When you prepare equitable plans prepared to deal with these kinds of situations, then you will be more confident that your wedding celebration will be a blast.


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7 Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding cakes take center stage during wedding receptions. That’s why many brides take great pains in choosing their wedding cake. Your wedding cake should describe who you are – choosing one is similar to choosing a wedding dress or a wedding theme. Find a cake design that best embodies who you are and what you love. Here are some sweet, simple and creative new designs for a wedding cake.
1 Fondant Flowers
Fondant flowers with an embroidered effect give a lacy touch turning a simple cake into a stylish showstopper on the dessert table. This wedding cake design goes perfectly well with the sweet, bubbly bride.

7 Wedding Cake Ideas Fondant Flowers

2 Homemade Cookies or Cream Puffs
Love cookies? Try using homemade cookies iced in chocolate cream grouped together to look like a multi-tiered cake. Spread some white butter cream icing and splash some pretty little and multi-hued sprinkles or edible beads. Or use cream puffs in lieu of the traditional wedding cake – arrange them in cupcake liners on a multi-layer cake stand.

7 Wedding Cake Ideas Cupcakes

3 Geometric Cakes, Stripes and Signature Stamps
Create colorful eye-catching lines that give dimension and art to an all-white wedding cake. Or put your names on colorful embossed icing fondant. Tote it up with stripes to create the neat traditional vibe. Depart from the traditional round and square cakes – try hexagon. Add dainty patterns of shimmering beads of crystal or gold or white pearls to make it more pleasing to the eyes.

7 Wedding Cake Ideas Geometrical Shape
4 Single-tier Cakes with Stylish Topper
Simple single-tier cakes are the latest craze these days. Adding a fanciful topper gives life and drama to an otherwise simple cake. Perhaps an arch of small flowers or a whimsical figure of the groom and the bride – dancing or laughing.

7 Wedding Cake Ideas Single Tier with Stylish Topper

5 Beautiful Nature
Get ideas from nature if you both love the nature. Use blooms and wild flowers as embellishments on your cake. Try green cake with pink and yellow sugar flowers. Or white leaves flowing down a round-shaped chocolate wedding cake.

7 Wedding Cake Ideas Wild Flowers

6 Lacy Doilies
Create a cake inspired from doily shapes in romantic lace patterns Make the lace look like it’s embossed on the cake. Choose dreamy and sweet pastel colors. Cakes with lacy doilies are just the right thing for the young and sweet couple.
7 Black and White Lace
This cake is perfect if you’re having a classy color palette like black and white. This bold lacy cake will look more chic when delicate but thickset lacy features are added on the cake. A black and white lace cake is perfect for the sophisticated and matured couple.


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Wedding Napkin Ideas

A wedding is never complete without an after-vow celebration. It’s in the celebration where the couple could interact with their families and friends who have witnessed their undying love for each other. It’s the time of heartfelt conversations over a delicious meal, the non-stop dancing and the clinking of wine glasses. While you’re at it, don’t let your guests overlook your wedding details, even if it’s just simple as wedding napkins. Hey, you could actually do a lot with them. Here are some.

with Flowers
Plain and Simple
If you’re not convinced by fancy things, then you could always remain sophisticated and elegant. Same with the table napkins. Textured details and inventive presentations can do the trick. If you’re having a white cloth for your napkin, then you could at least choose the hemstitched ones. Slip the napkin into silver braided rings and viola, it’s gracefully styled.

Plain and Simple
Fun and Playful
Having a retro wedding party? Then match your table napkins by picking out textiles with polka dots. Choose a color such that it would complement your entire wedding motif. While you’re at it, you could think of additional ways on how to style it. Transform it into a cute little bow, perhaps? Or tuck in some fresh flowers in its pockets?

Fun and Playful
Napkins with Notes
Everyone would be certainly present at the reception and would be partaking the food that you and your groom has prepared. Take the opportunity to thank everyone for their efforts in making it to your wedding party. Attach a genuine thank you note on your napkins to commend everyone of their presence. It would surely be seen by everybody before they place those napkins on their laps.

With Thank You Note
Personalized Wedding Napkins
Paper napkins are convenient for parties. At your own wedding why not provide paper napkins with a twist? Personalize them. Choose an unconventional color for a napkin – black, pink, green, etc. A color which matches your motif would be a plus. Then, have the napkins printed with your names, dates and some notes or sayings. To start you, you could have “Eat, drink and be married”. Another smart move is to put trivia into the napkins. You could have fun facts about you and your groom printed on them. It’ll surely tickle their senses and it should entertain them while they are waiting for food to be served.

Personalized Napkins


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Wedding Entertainment Ideas

You and your groom are all giddy, excited, emotional, extra cheesy and all good vibes on your wedding day. Every moment seem to be more memorable than the previous one – but not for all. Let’s face it. Not every guest is into that gooey stuff. Yes, they love you as a couple, but others just can’t stand the long ceremonies and dragging reception program. So, to keep everyone on their toes, you need to exert extra effort to keep everyone pleased even when you two are the most important people on your wedding day. Keeping everybody happy will make the event even more memorable.

Put effort on wedding games and activities
The lack of activities for the guests will keep them uninterested. Make your guests part of the celebration by giving them something to do. Have a photobooth on the side with hilarious props. Have a placard on which they can write a message for you. They could held this up during one of their shots. Make them think. For example, make them write one word which describe you as a couple.

Have a mini-concert
Hire a professional band (which majority of your audience can relate to) and have your guests suggest and even sing a song which they think describes the couple. It maybe, “When (groom’s name) is trying to make peace with the angry wife (groom’s name), this song is probably I’m-sorry-I-screwed-up-song.” Then, the band will play the song. Your guests could have tons of fun with this one. You could do this during dinner.

Celebratory Drinks
Keep the celebratory drinks flowing
Of course, a celebration is not a celebration without a bottle of great wine and bottles of beer. Load up on the alcohol and cocktails. Guests always love free beer. Hire a bartender who could put up a show. Oh, be easy on the minors though. They can have a sip as long as their mommy’s approve.

Hire artists
Artists make the world a better place and they could also do the same for your wedding. If you’re having a beach wedding, hire a professional fire dancer which would cap the night. Fireworks are already a cliché. Have Mr. Chef do his thing out on the open while your guests are lining up for buffet.

Don’t go all romantic on the playlist
Sure, wedding is all for love. It is a must to include mushy lovesongs in your wedding playlist, but please don’t make it an all-acoustic one. Remember the dancing part and throw in some latest club music. You, your family and friends would surely want to dance the night away. Okay, you and your husband can escape to the hotel room after a couple of songs.


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Bottle Stoppers: Memorable Wedding Favors

Whenever there are bottles of wines and champagnes in the vicinity, there is surely something to be grateful for. The sight of these party elements only represent happiness, gratitude, celebration and good company. Let your wedding be remembered by your guests every time they have their own celebrations by giving away bottle stoppers as memorabilia to your valued guests.Basing on the theme of your wedding, you can choose from many existing bottle stopper designs or you could create yours. Here are some inspiration to get your brain thinking.

Seaside bottle stoppers
Seaside Bottle Stoppers
Are you having a summer wedding by the beach or by the bay? Is your groom a seaman? Then seaside bottle stoppers are perfect for you. You can have a sand along with tiny shells enclosed within a circular crystal on top of the stoppers. You can also opt to place starfish-, seahorse- or shell- shaped ornaments on top.

Winter Bottle Stoppers
Winter Bottle Stoppers
Get all warmed up with light alcohol during winter weddings. Give away bottle stoppers with winter trinkets placed on top. The top designs may vary from icicles, snowflakes or even a snowflake caught up in a crystal droplet. You can either request for a crystal material for it or you could just add some studs in it to add a wintrier feel.

Vineyard Bottle Stoppers
Vineyard Wedding Bottle Stoppers
Got married in a vineyard? Then it’s just fitting that you give away bottle stoppers as favors. You could even let guests bring home a bottle of wine along with it. For the bottle stoppers, you could have grape figures on top. You could also give cork-like stoppers with your names and date engraved on them.

Bottle Stoppers with Pictures
Personalized Bottle Stoppers
Personalized bottle stoppers can double as thank you tokens when you place your and your partner’s picture on one side and thank you note on the other side of the top décor. If you’re feeling a little extra craftier, then you could post different quotes and sayings or interesting facts about the two of you.

Mr and Mrs Bottle Stoppers
Mr. and Mrs. Bottle Stoppers
A totally adorable pair of bottle stoppers features a mister and a misis. The figures could even be in wedding suits. You could also make use of words – “Mr.” on one stopper and “Mrs.” on the other.


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Tips on Creating a Wedding Menu

A large portion of your wedding budget will most likely be spent on reception food. The food plays a large portion of bias on your guests when they’re asked if they enjoyed your wedding. Everybody loves to eat, right? To make it a meal affair to remember, carefully select delectable menus which match your wedding theme and the general preferences of your guests.

Wedding Menu
Know your guests
You probably know each person that will be attending your wedding. You have at least dined with them once or twice and have picked up their general preference. Perhaps, you’re inventing people from the same organization, office or hobby group. If your guests are health buffs you go play Frisbee with, then you might want to load up some veggies. Keep in mind the children who will come to your wedding. Give them their food stations too.

Couple with food
Don’t let your guests go hungry
Usually, wedding rites take a generally long period of time, just enough for the guests to digest their last meal. On the reception, welcome your guests with yummy appetizers which can break their hunger. You could also have a little snack and drink bar where the guests could get something to munch on while waiting for the reception program to start.

Wedding Main Course
Vary courses and drinks
To be safe, always vary your food choices. Have some chicken, beef and pork. Have a salad bowl for the vegetarians. That way, your guests have the option to eat which food they like. Of course, you might want to serve alcohol wedding day. For non-drinkers though who would still want to socialize with the crowd, give them mocktails (alcohol-free cocktails).

Choose food that complements your wedding season
You should also consider the season of your wedding. Your preferred dish might not have the ingredients that you need by that time. Also, give them comfort food appropriate for the season. Winter weddings can have hot cocoa with floating marshmallows served. For summer weddings, fruits and salads are best.

Wedding Drinks
Think about quantity
When you are preparing your wedding menu, it should be wise to allot extra food. Having unfed guests on the party is sort of embarrassing. A little extra food and drinks wouldn’t hurt your budget. Besides, you can always have it packed out for some midnight snacks.


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Rehearsal Dinner Checklist

To ease those jittery nerves, a rehearsal dinner is held. It is also a great avenue for your friends and families to bond and socialize before the main event. The planning and event flow would be greatly improved with the rehearsal dinner. It should be attended by the people who play the important roles. To make your wedding dinner a breeze, here is a checklist to guide you.


Available Venue
The most important thing to book is the venue. Make sure your reservation of the place have been confirmed months before.
Budget check
You might want to have an extravagant rehearsal dinner, but there are other things that you need to worry about – the actual wedding. Opt for a pizza party on your favorite pizza parlor or some brunch on the garden. The chief thing is you have gathered your family and closest friends for an intimate socialization.

Fruits and wine

Toast list
Keep people informed weeks before if they are going to be assigned to give the toast. You wouldn’t want to put somebody on the limelight without ample preparation.
Aside from toasts, you can have other entertainment such as a band or some games which would increase interaction between everybody. A little music and some dancing would already do. You need to rest early though for the wedding the next day.
Audiovisual equipment
Since there are entertainment and toasts, make sure that the venue can provide the audiovisual equipment that you need.


Invitations should be sent out weeks before so you could at least have weeks of preparation for some modifications. It is up to you if you would want to invite your out-of-town guests to your rehearsal dinner.

dining table

Seating plan
To ensure maximum interaction and social harmony, you may want to arrange a seating plan for your guests. You’ll know who among your friends can connect with your groom’s friends. Make your family get to know their soon-to-be family.

Bridesmaid Gifts

Thank you gifts
Of course, you would want to thank your bridesmaids and grooms’ men for their support all throughout the planning stage. Make your thank you known by giving them little thank you gifts.
Flowers light up a room so it is just lovely to have some flowers sit in a vase on your dinner table. It would make everything more romantic.
Transportation & Parking
Would you be the one providing the transportation for your guests? If not, can they bring their cars with them? Is there enough parking space for all of your cars? These are the things that you need to consider too.


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Unique Wedding Ceremony Seat Ideas

Gone are the days of typical and monotone wedding arrangements. New and extraordinary ways are now on hand to make your wedding unique. Creative seating decors and arrangements are one of the details that make a wedding event one of a kind. Fantastic and beautiful seating decors and arrangements on the wedding ceremony venue add pleasure to the eyes.

Personalize the most endearing event with various range of seating arrangements to leave an overwhelming impression on the guests. The following are few of the exceptional wedding seat ideas to help you pick the best setting that will fit your wedding theme.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Hay Bales

Hay bales – a unique wedding seat idea perfect for farm theme, ranch style or outdoor weddings. Turn out those bales of hay into an outlandish bench for wedding guests. Just tie a table cloth or lace cloth on its edges and a small bunch of flowers or ribbon on its side to put a little accent on it. Groups of arranged hay bales create a conventional wedding ambiance.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Pastel Seats

Wedding pastel seats – a comfy yet bizarre type of seat for weddings especially on exclusive weddings where guests are few like very important persons only. The visitors may feel special treatment on this kind of wedding seats because of the comfortable sense.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Wooden Seats

Wooden seats – bringing back the old fashion at this generation creates a new and fresh type of wedding seats. To diversify and make it more unique put some trappings or backdrop to coin a little adornment such as tied curtains on its back. Uniform wooden seats with perfect sitting arrangement on the wedding place build an overwhelming mood to the visitors. Wooden seats are ideal for almost any type of wedding setting like garden wedding, beach weddings, church weddings and more.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Flower Seat Drapery

Flower drapery seat – carries out an elegant and grandeur looking type of wedding seat. This type is ideal on very special weddings like weddings held on five star hotels. The flower drapery style designed at the back of the chair bears a stylish outlook. The flowery decor gives out an enchanting and welcoming overall elegance.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Comfy Seat Cushions

Cushion seats – are extraordinary type of seat for weddings. Cushion seats are best for summer beach weddings or garden weddings where guests can sit back and relax while witnessing the exchange of vows. The relaxing and soothing setting removes the tense and nervy feeling of the couples and the family of both parties.


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