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Planning a ski lodge wedding

Winter weddings are reputed for being exceedingly romantic. Indeed, how can you not feel the magic of love as you walk down the aisle with a backdrop of snow-capped mountains from the window of your ski lodge. In fact, ski lodge weddings have recently soared in popularity and are now among the most sought-after venues. Best of all, winter has a pronounced fairytale air to it which will undoubtedly enhance the romantic atmosphere.

Here are some tips that will help you plan a wonderful ski lodge wedding.

Outdoors ceremony

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Outdoors or indoors?

The first thing to ask yourself is whether you want to have an outdoors or indoors ceremony. Of course, this logically depends on the type of weather that you’re having. For example, winter’s just starting or ending, you can easily have the ceremony outside the lodge and the reception in the ski lodge. Lodges are normally found at higher altitudes which means that your guests will be able to benefit from a stunning and wholly natural scenery. The natural scenery will also enable you to cut back on any cost associated with decorating since you will already be in a stunning setting. When planning your outdoors ski lodge wedding, remember to keep warm: brides, for example, should preferably wear a shrug or cardigan on their wedding dresses.

Indoor ski lodge wedding

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For an indoors lodge wedding, however, you will certainly be warm enough, hence enabling you to focus exclusively on the decoration and accents. Most lodges are equipped with chimneys so don’t hesitate to ask them to turn on the fire while you walk down the aisle. This will undoubtedly add some extra flair and charm to your wedding as a whole. When planning your ski lodge wedding, don’t hesitate to add some extra lanterns for a more vintage-like look.

Ski lodge wedding

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If you’re having a ski lodge wedding, it is important that the food remains in harmony with the rest of the setting and decoration. Therefore, try to give modern wedding fares like sushi and delicate cucumber sandwiches a miss. On the contrary, do focus on hearty stews, roasts and the likes. In fact, you can even go for a Viking or Medieval-like menu just to keep in touch with the overall decoration.


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Wedding attire

While you can certainly tie the knot in just about any wedding dress of your choice, it’s not a bad idea to favor a dress that comes with frills and laces, once again ensuring that everything is homogenous and remains aligned with the ski lodge location. Think Spanish-style gowns with several tiers of billowy lace and gauze. Similarly, you can also go for Victorian-style wedding dresses with lace-u p corsets designed to nip in your waist and show off the curve of your hips. Remember that ski lodges are often located on higher altitude so you might get cold, even if you’re holding the weddings indoor. So, dress adequately and use scarves or capes if you need to.


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Unique ideas for a beach wedding

Beach weddings are highly coveted because of the romantic setting. Indeed, very few venues can beat the crash of the waves against the shoreline as you take your vows. For this reason, more and more couples are choosing to embrace this type of wedding. However, because it has grown so popular, the allure of a beach wedding has somewhat lessened over the years. Indeed, with everyone adopting the same beach wedding trends, it would be too easy for this type of ceremony to lose its charm. You should therefore strive to think outside the box and surprise those wary guests who think they’ve seen it all before.  So, read on for some unique ideas that will undoubtedly add a special touch to your beach wedding.

Beach wedding

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Slash the guest list

If you want to enjoy an intimate gathering on the beach after the ceremony, don’t hesitate to slash the guest list and only invite your closest friends and families. This will enable you to interact with everyone after the ceremony and hence intensify the celebratory atmosphere. Consequently, an intimate gathering will also bring a deep sense of coziness to the ceremony, once again enhancing the special touch that a beach wedding brings to the day. The rule of the thumb here is that less is always more.


Rocks in the background

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Have the ceremony at night

The majority of beach weddings happen during the day under the bright sunshine. For an extra-special touch, however, don’t hesitate to have a sunset or even a nighttime ceremony. The moonlight-leeched sand will undoubtedly bring a unique twist to the ceremony as a whole. In this case, don’t hesitate to go for some LED candles or lanterns as well as strings of fairy lights to create a perfectly romantic atmosphere. Bear in mind that a nocturnal wedding by the sea can result in a dip in temperature so be sure to dress adequately.

Formal dinner on the beach1

Source image

Formal dinner on the beach

In the majority of cases, couples hold the actual ceremony on the beach and then move on to a different venue for the reception. However, if you want to add a unique twist to the festivities, why not hold the reception on the beach? In fact, instead of a picnic dinner around the bonfire, you can even hold a formal dinner on the beach. If you can afford it, don’t hesitate to hire a professional catering service who can even set up a gazebo for you right on the beach.

Choose your setting

With its versatile weathers and backdrops, the beach does offer different types of settings which you can use for your wedding, with the most popular being the sparkling turquoise lagoon. For a unique twist, however, you can have your wedding against a backdrop of rocks in the sea. These will add a rather rustic look to your ceremony. More importantly, this type of background drastically differs from the typical settings, which will bring a unique look to your wedding pictures.


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A British Wedding for the Posh Couple

British weddings are renowned for being exceptionally elegant and refined. A destination wedding in Great Britain will undoubtedly enable you to benefit from the majestic settings and age-old romanticism. After all, let’s not forget that Great Britain is the land of Shakespeare and several other writers who evoked passion and romance in the heart of various people from all over the globe. Couples will be glad to learn that the wedding venues in England are available in different price ranges, hence enabling you to find something that fits both your budget and personal preferences.


Source image

A British buffet

If you’re planning a British wedding, the one thing to keep in mind is your buffet should be a reflection of the country. Indeed, it would be a shame to carefully plan a destination wedding in Britain and then distract your guests from the theme with food from all over the world. If you’re having an afternoon wedding ceremony, why don’t you go for a typical English tea-time spread with crumpets and cream, tea, cucumber sandwiches and an assortment of tea cakes and cookies? Don’t hesitate to go for the traditional cake stand that can be found in just about any English tea shop. If you’re planning on serving a lunch or dinner buffet, focus on the traditional English roast, Yorkshire pudding and other such delicacies.


Source image


Great Britain is dotted with a plethora of venues that you can rent for your wedding. Chatworth House, for example, is one of the most luxurious wedding venues. With a majestic building and lush, green gardens, this is also the ancestral home to the Duke of Devonshire. While it is undoubtedly on the more expensive side, this particular venue will certainly provide a variety of memories to last for a lifetime.


Source image

If you want to enjoy a fairytale-like atmosphere, you really can’t go wrong with Chiddingstone Castle. Located in Kent, this particular castle was built in the Tudor era and oozes charm and elegance. Couples who want to get married in a chapel will be glad to learn that England does provide a variety of venues with on-site chapels. A few notable examples include Stanbrook Abbey, St Audries Park, Latimer Place and Kent Life.

Colors and Attires

Don’t hesitate to dress up the reception table in the typical colors of the union flag. Alternatively, you can also get your bridesmaids to don classical English dress from the Victorian era. If the weather is too hot for full, multi-layered dresses, you can opt for long, flowery gowns that will bring a pronounced British charm to the day. For an extra-special twist, you can also add some traditionally British ornaments all over the place, like a miniature replica of the Big Ben. In fact, if you’re having an indoors reception, why not hang up portraits of popular places in England to add some extra charm to the reception? Don’t neglect your choice of music as well: hire a British band or ensure that your playlist comes with some of the best British hit songs.


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Romantic Bali Wedding

Pulling off a destination wedding can provide you with memories to last a lifetime. Indeed, there’s nothing more romantic than starting off your nuptials in an exotic and tranquil location which can also serve as the perfect destination for your honeymoon. If you’re looking for a place that provides magnificent scenery couple with a pronounced air of romanticism, you really can’t go wrong with Bali. One of the most popular destinations for weddings, Bali also has the advantage of being quite affordable.

Resort wedding

Source image

Romantic setting

Think lush greenery or the crash of the sea against the beach as you take your vows. The best thing about tying the knot in Bali is that you really are spoiled when it comes to your choice of scenery. Indeed, whether you want to go for a beach wedding or a traditional Bali wedding in the middle of the jungle, you can very easily find a setting that will suit your budget, requirement and standards. Don’t hesitate to book an agency to help you with all the planning. This is particularly applicable for couples who will be visiting Bali for the first time.

Romantic setting

Source image

Traditional or Contemporary?

With the ceremony nestled against the impressive Bali scenery, you can easily choose whether you want a traditional, full-blown Bali wedding or a more toned down, Westernized approach to the ceremony. If you’re planning on typical local wedding, it’s not a bad idea to speak with some locals or at the very least, hire a local wedding planner who will be able to introduce you to the traditional festivities. While it is prohibited to have a traditional Bali temple wedding if you belong to a different faith, you can certainly replicate some of the main elements into your own wedding.

For example, weddings in Bali tend to be more extravagant as far as clothes are concerned: instead of a white dress and black tuxedo, the bride and groom often don colorful outfits with heavy costume or gold jewelry. In some cases, both the bride and groom sit in heavily decorated seats that are carried by close friends and families.

Bali wedding

Source image

Food and Decoration

As far as the decoration is concerned, remember that when it comes to Balinese weddings, more is always best. Be sure to lay heavy emphasis on an array of exotic colors like golds, blues, greens, reds, fuchsias and silver. If you can find a local flower shop, you can also line up the aisle with these flowers for a more romantic touch. Similarly, don’t hesitate to use natural or LED candles, especially if you’re having the wedding at a resort or on the beach at sunset. Some couple even choose to have their wedding on a catamaran boat in the middle of the Balinese sea.

Don’t hesitate to go for local delicacies as well. In some regions of Bali, people normally eat on green banana leaves instead of the usual plates so this might be another exotic touch that you can add to your Balinese wedding.


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Wedding gifts etiquette

Gifts form an integral part of weddings. From the gift registry to the favors, presents circulate quite freely on wedding days, which is why it’s extremely important to remain courteous and establish a few rules of etiquette. Indeed, merely accepting a wedding gift with a quick “thank you” is not at all enough. There are certainly a few rules of the thumb to follow both during and after the wedding reception.

Wedding reception

For example, it’s an all too common occurrence to stack the gifts in a corner of the wedding reception hall. However, while this certainly adds an air of festivity to your special day, a blatant display of presents might be embarrassing for any guest who got you a smallish parcel. Most importantly, as alluring as gifts are, a wedding should be so much more than just presents. So, be sure to assign someone who will either stack the presents in a different room or place them in a car, ready to be driven to your place after the reception.

Stacks of wedding gift

Of course, we all know that a thank you note is in order after the wedding. Unfortunately, after the high merriment of the ceremony followed by a peaceful and relaxing honeymoon, most couples blissfully forget about thanking the people who took the time and funds to buy them a wedding present. Bear in mind that you don’t have to send thank you notes right away: your guests will certainly understand that the first few days are the wedding are going to be quite hectic will a lot of readjustment from your part. But, a month later, after the honeymoon and after you’ve settled into your new life, it’s really crucial for you to address a note to each guest. Phone calls are obviously too time consuming and texts are too impersonal. Emails are acceptable but, honestly, most people would rather receive an actual handwritten card which will look and feel much more personal.

Small thank you gifts to your guests

During the reception, it’s not a bad idea to give your bridal party and guests a few inexpensive tokens as a thank you for their gifts and presence.  Of course, you already have the wedding favors on hand but a cheap albeit tasteful memento of the wedding is always an appreciated touch. Think simple items like gourmet recipes of every food at your reception, homemade soap or sachets of potpourri. You can also attach a handwritten note to each thank you gift which reads something along the lines of “Thank you for thinking of us.”

Couple and bridal party


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Traditional wedding rituals with a twist

Circular seating arrangement

Wedding traditions form part of the entire charm of the ceremony. From the rice shower to tossing the bouquet or even sharing a first dance with your new spouse, weddings are certainly brimming with the sort of traditions and rituals that add to the overall romance. Still, with the emergence of new trends and contemporary lifestyles, it’s not a bad idea to add some innovative twists to your traditional wedding rituals. More and more couples are tweaking with classic rituals, with some of them even going for circular seat arrangements instead of the classic side by side ones.

Wedding doughnut cake

The wedding cake, for example, is another easy element which you can use to add a refreshing twist to your special day. Indeed, forget about the boring sponge cake and don’t hesitate to let your imagination run wild as you find some handy substitutes. While the Croquembouche is certainly different from the classic cakes, it is increasingly growing in popularity and therefore lack that particular original touch. On the other hand, something unique like a pancake or doughnut wedding cake will not only bring a twist to an age-old wedding ritual, but it’ll also impress your guests who were undoubtedly expecting boring slices of sponge cake! Don’t be afraid to explore new boundaries as well: for example, if you’re having a summer wedding on a really hot day, there’s no reason why you can’t create a giant ice cream sundae and, instead of slicing into the cake, you reach for a scoop of ice cream.

Toasting the guests instead of the couple

Another innovative twist is through the wedding toast: while the parents and the in-laws normally toast to the happy couple, it would be quite a nice touch to direct the toast to the guests or to the bridal party instead. After all, bridal parties provide an extremely firm support on your special day, which is why it’s important to thank them through a surprise toast. The toast can be followed by an energetic first dance– a wonderful twist on the traditionally slow dance. In fact, couples can even take some salsa, cha-cha, step or even Charleston dance lessons prior to the big day and wow their guests with some rapid moves on the reception night.

Energetic first dance

The ritual of tossing the bouquet has been present for ages. It is commonly thought that whichever single woman catches the bride’s bouquet will be the next to walk down the aisle, but does it seem fair that only one-out of so many- female wedding guest gets to grab the bouquet? In fact, to tweak this ritual and give more than one lady a chance, why don’t you toss several bouquet or a multitude of flowers over your shoulder instead of limiting yourself to just one single bouquet? Indeed, this fresh idea is bound to impress your guests while bringing a deep touch of fun and merriment to your wedding day.

Throwing several flower


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Overnight wedding receptions: Taking care of the guests

If you’re having a destination wedding or if you’re getting married in a hotel, there’s a huge chance that your guests might stay over. Whilst this is certainly a case of ‘the more the merrier’, couples should make a few arrangements to ensure the well-being of their guests for overnight wedding receptions. In all fairness, they did make quite a trip to share this special day with you, so, it’s your duty as the newly-weds to ensure their comfort. Overnight wedding receptions can be draining, so before you retire, be sure that your guests have everything they need.

Destination wedding

For example, if you’re having a farmhouse wedding, the very first thing that you should do is make sure that every guest or couple has their own individual rooms. Everyone will be tired after all the drinking and partying and the last thing that they’ll want is share a cramped room with Great Uncle Alfie and his incessant snoring! If the farmhouse, inn or lodge of your choice doesn’t have enough rooms available, try to cut back on the guest list until you manage to get everyone a room. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to pre-book the rooms at least three months in advance to guarantee that your guests will each have a comfortable place to stay.

Farmhouse wedding

Comfortable inn or hotel room

Of course, comfort is the order of the day when it comes to catering to overnight wedding receptions. A few personal touches can go a long way, so, don’t hesitate to take some extra steps to make friends and relatives feel ultra-welcome. For example, if you’re throwing your reception in a hotel backyard, be sure to ask the management if they can decorate the place in fairy lights and Chinese Lanterns for a magical feel. A more considerate touch, however, would be to buy a good stock of individual chocolate squares and ask the inn concierge to place each one on your guests’ pillows as a special surprise.

Wedding reception in hotel backyard

Chocolate on pillow

Couples who are not on a limited budget can also invest in some personalized gifts, other than the wedding favors of course. Imagine your guests’ reactions as they walk into their room to find monogramed towels, throws or blankets which they can take home with them. To make the wedding even more memorable, why don’t you print your names and wedding date on the towel? To give the parents some alone time together, you may even ask the hotel to provide a suite just for the children and hire a babysitter to look after them.

Monogramed towel or throw


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A 50’s style wedding for the adventurous couple

The 1950’s were all about fun, dancing and being different. So, it should really come as no surprise that more and more couples are trying to incorporate a 50’s theme on their special day. If you’re one of them, the good news is that it’s a much easier task than you think. Indeed, the 50’s is actually one of the easiest themes to pull off. Grace Kelly to Shirley Temple or even Robert Kennedy were lucky enough to have tied the knot back in the real 50’s, hence setting the stage for the millions of couples to follow.

50's style wedding

A 50’s bride, for example, doesn’t have to be conventional and stick to a particular tradition. Don’t forget that the 50’s was all about embracing your wilder side and taking risks that others never dared to take so if you want to get married in that white miniskirt, then by all means, go ahead! In fact, very few wedding dresses were floor-length back in the 50’s.

Collage of 50's brides

Quite on the opposite, 50’s wedding dresses were all about flared tea length or even knee-length cuts. If you do want to go for long dresses, though, avoid contemporary figure-hugging mermaid-style dresses in favour of straight gowns that will emphasize an hourglass shape. Stick to vintage fabrics like lace or satin for a more pronounced 50’s look.

50's wedding dress

50’s style colors were just as daring and adventurous as the dress: forget about whites, ecru and pastels. Instead, be bold and embrace darker hues like red, magenta, blue, lime green or vivid pink. Don’t fuss over coordinating colors as well because this era was quite artistic in the sense that it never hesitated to mix and matched various hues to create a beautifully contrasting effect. The one thing that you shouldn’t leave out, however, is the polka dot.

50's style colors

The symbol of the 50’s by excellence, polka dots will instantly bring your theme to the forefront, even if you don’t indulge in any vintage outfits or decorations. Brides who are not bold enough to don a polka dot wedding gown might even go for a colourful polka dot cake. Again, be sure to pay particular attention to the colors and don’t even think about going for washed out white or yellow cakes. Bright pink with white and turquoise polka dots are the types of combinations that you should focus upon. Of course, you can always ask your bridesmaids or flower girl to slip into flared polka dot dresses for a more pronounced effect.

Polka dot wedding cake


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Sweet gifts for your flower girls

Who doesn’t go ‘aawww’ at the sight of a sweet little flower girl walking cheerily down the aisle in her gauzy dress and flower basket? Indeed, as the miniature stars of the show, flower girls certainly deserve to be applauded for their efforts. After all, it’s not easy for a child to face such a huge crowd with what they deem to be the serious task of sprinkling rose petals down the aisle. These days, the new emerging trend is to reward these adorable little girls with a gift, not unlike the customary bridesmaid present.

Personalised shirt

The good news is that it’s extremely easy to find a couple of sweet gifts for your flower girls. Kids are extremely easy to please and they’re probably going to be happy with whatever you choose to gift wrap. Still, as the adult and- more importantly- the bride, it’s your duty to present them with a memorable token that they will be able to take out in years to come and remember your special day with fondness. A piece of jewellery, for example, is exactly the sort of token that can last for decades to come.


Fortunately, the wedding market is practically brimming with jewellery options for flower girls. Whether you’re looking for a child’s ring, a locket, pendant or even a bracelet, be sure to get it engraved with your wedding date. Or, failing that, you can purchase a special ‘Flower Girl’ box from a gift shop to pack your gift. Popular options include flower girl pendants or personalized bracelets. Otherwise, why don’t you buy a collection of small, inexpensive gifts like dolls, teddies, puzzles and candies? To really wow your flower girl, don’t hesitate to put all the gifts in a single basket for a more dramatic impact.

Personalised bracelet

Alternatively, consider giving your flower girl a brightly painted treasure chest with the wedding date engraved on it. Girls love treasure chests and since these can also double as jewellery boxes, you might even consider giving one to each of your bridesmaids as well! If you can afford it, however, an absolutely fabulous option would be to simply purchase flower girl dress for the little one. This will not only help her parents cut back on a few expenses, but it will also be an extremely generous gesture from your part. Couples who are trying to stick to a limited budget may gift the flower girl a pair of shoes for the wedding, instead of the dress.

Flower girl dress

Treasure box


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Cruise ship weddings: Insane or Ingenious?

Increasingly growing in popularity, cruise ship weddings certainly are unique in terms of setting and location. Nothing beats the exquisitely picturesque backdrop of a glistening turquoise ocean and the sun setting just behind the horizon as you say ‘I do’. However, while these weddings are undoubtedly appealing, there are quite a few drawbacks that you should think about before roping your guests on a ship with you.

Idyllic setting

Of course, you’ve certainly got an idyllic setting, but, couples should also consider whether their guests will appreciate being gently rocked on the waves during the ceremony and reception. Indeed, some guests might get sea sick and it’s quite important for you to make sure that everyone is at ease. For starters, with cruise weddings, it’s always best to keep the bridal party to a strict minimum. This will radically minimize the risk of any guest getting sick during the wedding. Alternatively, why don’t you hire an usher to hand out mints or sea-sickness pills along with chilled bottles of mineral water to every guest who steps onboard? It’s also a good idea to always keep a cabin prepared for anyone who falls sick and needs to lie down during the cruise ship reception.

Cruise ship wedding reception

If you do believe that a cruise ship wedding is an ingenious idea, however, be sure to add some touches that will add some extra flair and charm to your big day. A marine-themed cruise ship wedding cake is quite a lovely touch if you want to draw attention to the theme of the day. Arrange for a meeting with the captain to talk about the various decorations that you will- or will not- be allowed to have on board. Strings of flickering fairy lights will most undoubtedly enhance the magical feel of the evening.

Cruise ship wedding cake

All in all, newly wed couples are certainly going to have the time of their lives on a cruise ship if they take the proper precautions and make sure that every single guest is comfortable. Is the idea insane or ingenious? It ultimately depends on you and your guests. Your budget and the length of your ceremony are other factors that should influence your decision. Smaller ships do offer you the possibility of renting the boat for an entire day or even the night, but, there are some companies that will rent it for just a few hours and at a much cheaper rate. If you’re on a tight budget, try to look into catamarans because these tend to be much cheaper, albeit smaller than cruise ships.

Newly wed couple on cruise ship

Outside Aft Deck


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