Wedding Napkin Ideas
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Wedding Napkin Ideas

A wedding is never complete without an after-vow celebration. It’s in the celebration where the couple could interact with their families and friends who have witnessed their undying love for each other. It’s the time of heartfelt conversations over a delicious meal, the non-stop dancing and the clinking of wine glasses. While you’re at it, don’t let your guests overlook your wedding details, even if it’s just simple as wedding napkins. Hey, you could actually do a lot with them. Here are some.

with Flowers
Plain and Simple
If you’re not convinced by fancy things, then you could always remain sophisticated and elegant. Same with the table napkins. Textured details and inventive presentations can do the trick. If you’re having a white cloth for your napkin, then you could at least choose the hemstitched ones. Slip the napkin into silver braided rings and viola, it’s gracefully styled.

Plain and Simple
Fun and Playful
Having a retro wedding party? Then match your table napkins by picking out textiles with polka dots. Choose a color such that it would complement your entire wedding motif. While you’re at it, you could think of additional ways on how to style it. Transform it into a cute little bow, perhaps? Or tuck in some fresh flowers in its pockets?

Fun and Playful
Napkins with Notes
Everyone would be certainly present at the reception and would be partaking the food that you and your groom has prepared. Take the opportunity to thank everyone for their efforts in making it to your wedding party. Attach a genuine thank you note on your napkins to commend everyone of their presence. It would surely be seen by everybody before they place those napkins on their laps.

With Thank You Note
Personalized Wedding Napkins
Paper napkins are convenient for parties. At your own wedding why not provide paper napkins with a twist? Personalize them. Choose an unconventional color for a napkin – black, pink, green, etc. A color which matches your motif would be a plus. Then, have the napkins printed with your names, dates and some notes or sayings. To start you, you could have “Eat, drink and be married”. Another smart move is to put trivia into the napkins. You could have fun facts about you and your groom printed on them. It’ll surely tickle their senses and it should entertain them while they are waiting for food to be served.

Personalized Napkins


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