Wedding Hats
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Wedding Hats

Add some glorious spice into your wedding couture by donning bridal hats suited for your own type of wedding. Accessories need to be worked out and not just worn on. The season, location, color and theme of the wedding calls for different kind of wedding hats. To start dishing out for yours, read on for some wedding hat advice.

Tiny wedding hats
Tiny Wedding Hats
These tiny wedding hats go by different names – cocktail hats, minis, etc. If the look that you want to achieve is dainty, sassy and feisty, then these little hats are perfect for you. They may be made of feathers, flowers and other tiny trinkets. They may double as headdresses and thus, can be worn inside the church during the ceremony without distraction. Their color scheme should match your bridal entourage. You don’t want something on your head that will feel a little out of place.

oversized wedding hats
Oversized Hats
Oversized hats are posh additions into your entire bridal outfit as long as the texture, material and color accords the bridal dress. Oversized hats may just be used outside of the ceremony area to respect the solemnity of the wedding and the sanctity of the location, for example a church. These hats may be worn pre-entourage or during post-ceremonial activities. These accessories would also look lovely in your wedding day photo shoot.

Ecelectic Hats
Eclectic Hats
Recall the royal wedding pictures that have gone viral online. Surely, you’ll remember those eclectic hats worn by the royal cousins. These hats have a name. They’re called fascinators for a reason. However, on your wedding, you have the right to use such hair accessories, but don’t abuse this power as this may nudge sophistication into the crudeness scale.

1920s wedding hats
1920s Wedding Hats
Having a vintage themed wedding? Alas, you have the excuse to dress like Daisy of Gatsby. Exude the jazz kind of charm with 1920s wedding hats – feather thrown across your head and beads dangling gracefully on your forehead. This is the type of wedding wherein glitz and glamour could mix and never be an hyperbole. Because it’s jazz age, darling. Anything which sparkles is in.

Winter Bridal Hats
Winter Hats
Those furry hats are stylish and functional at the same time. Having a winter wedding is exciting and so fairytale-ish, so you might as well bring it on to the next level by donning fleecy hair fittings. Pose on a snowy area in your spotless white gown with your groom in a snowy area and if your photographer is that great, your shot will be like a page from a bridal magazine.


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