Wedding Gowns to Die For
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Wedding Gowns to Die For

There are wedding dresses that you cannot help but blurt out silly words when you see them, there are also those that will make you say nothing at all because it captures everything that you would expect from such but there are bridal gowns where you could affirm that they are the best that you will ever see in your entire life and they are nothing short of an art piece that is made by the hands of the superior being himself. These are the wedding gowns TO DIE FOR!


Lace is always a beauty in every design but in this wedding gown it becomes celestial not because of the fabric alone but of the design, the craftsmanship and the magic it creates when rolled as one.


The grandiose of ruffles and the majesty of the pickups can be present at any gown but in these pieces, the flare, brilliance and viciousness of art and passion combined made them stand on the apex of grace and glamour.



The masterpieces done with meticulous details and the mission to arrive at something that a designer visualizes is what stirs the hands and the heart to create divinity like these.


Surely you have seen designs that are somewhat similar to these pieces before but you have never seen one appear this way. You have definitely never have seen anything that have made your eyes grow that wide the very first time you had a glimpse of it. Surely you have never seen a dress like these that you would be ready to die for.



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2 thoughts on “Wedding Gowns to Die For

  1. Olivia


    Your Dec 22 post under wedding dresses to die for.. I am dying to know where to look for it.
    Please? The lace one where her arms are up hands behind her head.

    Kindest regards,