On Wedding Flowers: Helpful pointers
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On Wedding Flowers: Helpful pointers

A wedding isn’t complete without the sweet aroma filling the air, the graceful colors brightening up the room and the breathtaking arrangement that will win some aahs and oohs from the guests. Flowers, of course. They are essential in every wedding. Book your florist before the best ones are already taken. Make sure the blooms are in their prettiest on your wedding day. Here are steps on how to do it.

Recycle Flowers
Build up a concept first
Just like all the framework, the entire thing should be anchored on a theme. In choosing which flowers to use and how to arrange them, you need to have a clear vision of the reception and the aisle first. Will it be held on the beach? Will the flowers eat up the majority of the room space? Will the flowers solidify the theme more? Talk to your florist or to your friend-turned-creative-director first and work on it before ordering flowers online.

Fixing the flowers
Play up with the colors
Matching your bridesmaids’ dress with the flowers may seem like a bad idea. It would look so monotonous on the pictures – unless it’s the look that you’re aiming for. Holding a violet bouquet against a violet dress would be close to like making the flowers fo invisible. Don’t be afraid to play up with the colors. Use accents and stick to your theme hues. In the contrary, don’t go overboard with putting more than 8 flower varieties in one bouquet. Too much is not good either.

Accent with the dress
Throw some DIYs too
If you’re on a budget and wouldn’t want to hire a florist, you could still have that awesome flower power. Besides, DIYs are popular nowadays. Sometimes, a cut bunch of flowers tied by a simple ribbon spells out undying beauty of simplicity. It’s still chic especially if you’re having a rustic wedding. Place the flowers in colored plastics or place them in mason jars. You could even recycle your flowers in a good way. Gather the aisle flowers and use them as center table pieces. Or, spread their petals on your reception entrance.

DIY Wedding Flowers
Preserve the blooms
No matter what flowers you have chosen, you’ll still have that grand garden effect. That is, if your flowers maintain their freshness all throughout the event. Choose flowers that can last for a couple of hours. Otherwise, you’ll have wilting flowers by the time you exchanged your vows and it’ll spoil the entire look. You can do several things to preserve the life of your flowers. Don’t spray water on the petals. Place them inside the fridge the night before. Don’t place them in areas where they can receive the strong sunlight. Don’t place fruits near them because both release ethylene and this can cause mutual poisoning.

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