Wedding Flower Feature: Tulips
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Wedding Flower Feature: Tulips

In Persia, it is believe that tulips, specifically the red and yellow ones are given as a declaration of love. The black center of the flower represents a heart burning with passion. Tulips have also been used as symbols in the poets and literature. On your wedding day, let this passionate love come alive with the celebrated tulips as your wedding flowers.

As bridal bouquets
Tulips can stand alone, plain and simple as bridal bouquets. As a bunch, they already speak elegance per se. No need of additional flowers for added accents. For the minimalist, a simple white silk ribbon tied around the flowers is enough. It’s organic, perfect for rustic or white weddings.

White Tulip Bouquet

As aisle flowers
The aisle art deco on weddings with tulips as flowers is effortless. Get a bunch of tulips, place them inside a stainless container and hang them on a chair. Viola. You got yourself a shabby, but chic wedding aisle presentation. Nothing too fancy or you’ll ruin the crude classiness embodied by these bulbs.

Aisle Flowers

As table centerpieces
Reception tables should also be donned with tulips. For a countryside effect, you can put a bunch inside a water pail. To pull up a modish look, you can place colorful tulips inside glass vases that are as tall or even taller as the bunch. You could squeeze in many stalks and create a full effect or you could go towards the minimalist panache.

Tulips Centerpieces

As flower chandeliers
Tulips come in different colors and species. You could pick out from the fringed tulips family or the sorbet tulip mixture. Gather them, arrange them in Styrofoam flower blocks and hang them upside down. Make sure the stems are long for the tulips to appear limpy when hung upside down. You could make them as wedding flower chandeliers and hung them on the reception areas.

Tulip Chandelier

As boutonnieres
Tulips also make statement boutonnieres. Again, they can stand alone, even if it’s just a tiny tulip, alone by its bulb on a man’s suit pocket. It’ll still exude a sophisticated a charming aura. If it’s a little too bare for you, then you can add a leaf maybe or a tiny ribbon with it. Nothing too fancy should do.
There are lots of tulips colors and types to experiment with. You can even have a multi-colored bouquet for your bridesmaids. One with the violet tulip bouquets, the other with the yellow and you with the white ones.


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