Wedding Flower Feature: Baby's Breath
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Wedding Flower Feature: Baby’s Breath

Have you ever been to a wedding without flowers? Of course not! Flowers do play a major role in the wedding venue and mood. As much as it contributes much to the overall impression of the wedding, it also eats up a large portion of the budget, especially if you want to have fresh and vibrant flowers on your wedding day. Here’s a secret. If you want to have that elegant, stylish flowery wedding touch without having going overboard with the expenses, then go with Baby’s Breath.

Baby's Breath Styles 1

Gypsophilas (Baby’s Breath) are usually used as bouquet fillers or accents, but they make really graceful and charming wedding flower. Their hidden allure is revealed when they are designed creatively. Baby’s breath are also long-lasting and at the same time, inexpensive. Here are several ways on how you can utilize Gypsophilas on your wedding day.

Baby's Breath Styles 2

Putting together a freshly cut bundle of Baby’s Breath do wonders. Tie it with a flowy white lace for a dainty touch or make a slim rope bundle from the bouquet’s neck until near the stem bottom for a rustic feel. Or, you could make balls out of the flowers and attach a ribbon handle for the flower girls.

Baby's Breath in mason jars

Centertables and Pom-poms
Depending on your theme wedding, there is an appropriate style on how to use Baby’s Breath as center table pieces or pom-poms or hung chandeliers. When used as a center table accent, you can choose the quantity and stem length of the flowers. You could also choose the type of container it’ll have. Will it be tin cans, long-necked bottles or just plant styrofoams? You could also make balls of Gypsophila and hung them around the venue. If you’re feeling fancy, you can put them in mason jars and hung them on strategic places.

Baby's Breath Bouquet + centerpiece

Headdresses and Boutonniere
Match your bridal entourage’s bouquets with headdresses for the women and girls and little boutonnieres for the men and the little big boys. You can have a slim or thick headdress. You could also just use handful of baby’s breath to serve as a braided hair accent. For the boutonniere, you can experiment with other crafts that you can integrate with the baby’s breath. A tiny twine tying around the little boutonniere, perhaps?

Baby's Breath Boutonniere

Typography and Frame Boarders
Have the baby’s breath shaped into your and your partner’s initials. Display it on the venue entrance or even on top of the tables. You can always get other flowers as accents. Experiment with colors and outlining. You could also have a rectangle frame be filled with these Gypsophila. Then, use the frame for photo ops that your guests could enjoy. Just put a handle at the back for an easy grip.


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