Wedding Entertainment Ideas
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Wedding Entertainment Ideas

You and your groom are all giddy, excited, emotional, extra cheesy and all good vibes on your wedding day. Every moment seem to be more memorable than the previous one – but not for all. Let’s face it. Not every guest is into that gooey stuff. Yes, they love you as a couple, but others just can’t stand the long ceremonies and dragging reception program. So, to keep everyone on their toes, you need to exert extra effort to keep everyone pleased even when you two are the most important people on your wedding day. Keeping everybody happy will make the event even more memorable.

Put effort on wedding games and activities
The lack of activities for the guests will keep them uninterested. Make your guests part of the celebration by giving them something to do. Have a photobooth on the side with hilarious props. Have a placard on which they can write a message for you. They could held this up during one of their shots. Make them think. For example, make them write one word which describe you as a couple.

Have a mini-concert
Hire a professional band (which majority of your audience can relate to) and have your guests suggest and even sing a song which they think describes the couple. It maybe, “When (groom’s name) is trying to make peace with the angry wife (groom’s name), this song is probably I’m-sorry-I-screwed-up-song.” Then, the band will play the song. Your guests could have tons of fun with this one. You could do this during dinner.

Celebratory Drinks
Keep the celebratory drinks flowing
Of course, a celebration is not a celebration without a bottle of great wine and bottles of beer. Load up on the alcohol and cocktails. Guests always love free beer. Hire a bartender who could put up a show. Oh, be easy on the minors though. They can have a sip as long as their mommy’s approve.

Hire artists
Artists make the world a better place and they could also do the same for your wedding. If you’re having a beach wedding, hire a professional fire dancer which would cap the night. Fireworks are already a cliché. Have Mr. Chef do his thing out on the open while your guests are lining up for buffet.

Don’t go all romantic on the playlist
Sure, wedding is all for love. It is a must to include mushy lovesongs in your wedding playlist, but please don’t make it an all-acoustic one. Remember the dancing part and throw in some latest club music. You, your family and friends would surely want to dance the night away. Okay, you and your husband can escape to the hotel room after a couple of songs.


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Posted in Wedding Planning on Nov 25th,2013