Wedding Drink Ideas for Your Big Day
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Wedding Drink Ideas for Your Big Day

It’s your wedding day, so keep those celebratory wedding drinks flowing for you and your guests. The drinks can tone down nervousness and can serve as conversation starts for your guests who don’t really know each other. It can also give way to a night of partying and dancing, so never underestimate the power of wedding drinks.

Dark Cocktails
To keep your wedding fun and alive, here are a few tips on how you can put up that impeccable wedding bar.

Individual Wedding Drinks

The Season and Venue Matters
Before buying out your favorite wine to serve for the party, think of the totality of your wedding first. Will it be on the hotel on a winter night? Will it be held on the beach front on a summer day? These factors would surely affect your drink choice and preparation.
For summer weddings, it’s best to go with light and sparkly champagnes. You can throw in some fruit slices into the drinks too or maybe put a local flower on top of the drink. Keep the white wines light red wines for summer weddings too. Now, if your wedding will take place on snowy nights, then you might go for the sophisticated burgundy types.

Wedding Drink Dispensers

Show Off the Local Best with Your Drinks
Now, if you’re having a destination wedding, you could make use of the local treats in your wedding drinks. For a Caribbean wedding, you might want to go with cocktails involving dark rum, pineapple juice and guava nectar. You can add mango slices in the drinks too. On the other hand, watermelon juice with Bourbon-soaked sugar cubes and alcohol are great for the Southern US weddings. Add mint leaves and peach slices and you’re good to go.

Glitter and Glam Wedding Details

Take Your Pick: Carafes, Jugs or Glasses

After you have decided with what type of cocktails you’re going to serve, you are now confronted with what wedding drink dispenser to go with. Glass jugs and carafes are cute vessels for serving wedding cocktails. It is a fun way of showing off the drinks’ colors and fruit components. You can also have laced glasses ready on the sides. You could provide stirrers with stars on it or striped straws. Mason jars are amusing choices too. Just make sure that the design is cohesive and not too overdone.

Wines with Appetizers

Make Way for Mocktails
Children are ever present on weddings and they might demand their parents for some “cocktails” too. Make a Mocktail (Cocktail without alcohols) Station for the non-alcoholic savvy guests like kids and some young ladies. Let them feel that they can party with drinks on their hands too.


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