Wedding Dress Backs
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Wedding Dress Backs

The importance of the neckline continues to the back of the dress, particularly if you consider that it is the view that the wedding party will spend most time contemplating as you are conducted through the service.. The back of the dress can give dramatic effect in the combination of dress, train and veil, which must be taken into account when you come to deciding upon the details.

V-BACK: Deep or shallow, the V-back cuts below the shoulder blade to the waist, or as low as you dare. Meeting at or above the waist, there may be a further button or laced detail below the point. Usually paired with halter-neck and strappy styles cut wide on the shoulder , deep V-backs are good for showing off well toned shoulders and back, and accentuate a slender waist. For the pear shaped, a shallow V can still enhance the slimming effects of a cinched or bound waist and will work with most styles.

X-Back: Basically a V-back with additional straps that cross at the center back for support. These can vary from very fine spaghetti straps to delicately support a swatches bias-cut back, to wide, flat lace-lace ribbon styles. Multiple straps can be woven together as they intersect for interesting effects. Best with column, A-line and mermaid styles.

Draped: Like the cowl style neck, a low-draped back can be a dramatic counterpoint to a high or modest front style. The softening effect of the drape can also add contrast to other decorative touches like diamante lacing. Best with column and A-line styles.

Lace Insert: The illusion of a cut-away back can be given using lace or sheer fabric, either for striking details , or to give additional support. This flattering style is also good for camouflaging problem areas, Works well  with trompe I’oeil strapless and sweetheart styles where the lace continues to a higher neckline.


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