Wedding Cupcake Ideas
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Wedding Cupcake Ideas

A wedding isn’t a wedding without the cakes. What if you decide to skip on the dessert table just because you want to keep everything “well within” the budget? Nope, that wouldn’t do. You ought to have some sweet cakes on your big day. Here’s an alternative to having those expensive fondant cakes – wedding cupcakes! Wedding cupcakes have the potential to level up with those wedding cakes. Here are ideas on how you can style your wedding cupcakes to meet or even surpass the wedding cake level.


Plant in some love notes
Aside from making each cupcake the cutest with all those laces and colorful ribbons, a witty thing that you can do is to plant some notes in your cupcakes. You can have a bunch of “I Do’s” for the wedding cake cupcakes and a bunch of Thank You cupcake notes on the ones that you will be distributing to your guests.

layer cupcakes

Layer those cuppies
As they say, large things start with small beginnings. Same is true with wedding cupcakes. You can get a cupcake stand and place all your cupcakes in there. It’ll be like a towering cake made up of little cupcakes. You could hire a caterer to do this for you.

cupcake patterns

Create a whole picture from your mini cakes
Another thing that you can do with cupcakes that you can’t do on wedding cakes is creating a large picture out of the little cupcakes. You can arrange the cupcakes on a square tray and you could create a huge design through the mini cupcakes. The design would be greatly appreciated when viewed from the top. You could spell out your names or you could put a phrase, “Just married!” on top.

rustic cupcakes

Experiment the cupcakes with your theme
An alternative to cupcake trays are tree barks positioned on top of each other. Of course, you have to clean out the circular barks first and make sure that they’re presentable enough to land the honor of holding your mini cupcakes. This type of design would be appropriate for a rustic wedding.

Pick out an unlikely cupcake topper
Lastly, just to thrill your guests and deviate from the norms, you could pick out a cupcake topper that is unique. If you’re having a whimsical garden wedding, then you could put a rosebud on top of the cupcake. Or, you could use those edible flowers.


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