Wedding Chair Signage: Fun and Handy
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Wedding Chair Signage: Fun and Handy

Months before the wedding, you had already planned out your wedding guest list and the wedding seat plan. You would want all your guests to enjoy the day so you, together with your groom, delicately psychoanalyzed if your guests would enjoy their table companies. Of course, you have memorized the seat plan by heart. But, how would you direct each of your guests to their respective seats?

Mrs. Always Right and Mr. Right

Don’t burden your wedding planner by flashing her pictures of your relatives’ and friends’ faces with corresponding names. Besides, their faces might be different on the pictures of them that you have. You know, make up, change of hairstyle, weight difference? Yeah, so to guide your guests in finding their seats in a non-awkward manner, make the reception seat search fun with wedding chair labels!

Silver Alloy Bell Place Card Holder with Dangled Heart

For guests, have their names written, painted, embossed on a piece of chalkboard, wooden plank, picture frame or dangling papers. The choice is yours. Place these labels on the back of the chairs. Tie them with a ribbon or a thin rope. Add flowers or whatever trinket that would match your theme. You could even leave it hanging it on the sides for a casual effect.


You could also do the same for the entire bridal entourage. Have their roles and/or names displayed on the back of their assigned chairs. You could use “Maid of Honor”, “Father of the Groom” or “Mother of the Bride” as alternate labels. Be creative. Have fun.

Guest Name Label

During the eating part of your ceremony, have two empty chairs placed in front of you and your husband. Place the signs, “Stop By” and “Say Hi!”. Tip a friend or two to be the first ones to sit on them and have a little chat with you. Your other guests will know what to do. This is a bright idea that you can do on your wedding day so you could have chance of chit-chatting with all of your guests on your wedding day. Actually, this is already a tradition on some countries, but it is a great one to adapt on your own wedding day too.


Of course, everyone can have their own signs including the both of you! Everybody knows where the guests of honor(that’s the both of you) will sit, but placing labels on your own chairs can also add some wedding fun. You can opt to go with the usual “Mr.” and “Mrs.”, but there are always other cute ways on how to do it. Trigger a little laugh with “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Always Right”. You could even use the ampersand sign – sweet and simple. If words don’t appeal to you, you can use silhouettes on frames instead – sassy and chic.


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