Wedding Cake Trend: Go Ombre
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Wedding Cake Trend: Go Ombre

It seems that the fuss over ombre has just gotten even more viral – it has come across the bridal knots. Now, not only the hair, shorts, pants and dresses can be styled ombre. Even wedding cakes can go ombre too! Not only do these cakes make pretty and dainty table toppers, they could instigate a chorus of ooohs and aahs from the wedding crowd, especially amongst your girlfriends.

Terracotta Ombre Cake
In going ombre, this Terracotta Ombre cake has made different directional textures integral part of its style. It almost mimic a bark of a tree, giving an atmosphere of a rustic wedding. The white daisy on top made the final touch so chic too.

Pink Ombre Cake and Bridesmaid Dress
Flowers make great finishing touches on ombre cakes, but why don’t you try decorating the entire cake in ombre petals? Of course, they aren’t real petals, they’re icing petals, carefully designed from dark pink to pale pink. The ruffled look screams elegance and thus, no more additional detail should be added into the cake. However, you can add other non-cake ombre touches like the bridesmaids’ dresses perhaps? It’ll be fun having the ombre theme extend all the way to your bridal entourage. Ombre gowns spell mystical modishness.

Grey Ombre Cake
For smooth-textured fondant cakes, a great way to style them is by having patterned icings dyed on different levels of one shade. This white and grey cake ombre cake for instance made use of little circle icings in different shades of grey. Then from the darkest, they were carefully arranged from bottom to top. You can try different colors or a combination of colors on heart-shaped icing cut outs too.

Midnight Blue to White Ombre Cake
The next ombre cake makes use of a classy combination of decors and plain, white fondant smoothness. Midnight blue flowers were lining the bottom edges of the cake while similar flowers pile up all the way to the top, decreasing in the blue hue as the height increases. The ombre cake showcases how it can be both classy simple and regal at the same time.

Ombre Cakes
If you’re now planning to go ombre with your wedding cake, there are gazillion ways on how to do it. You can even have the inside layers of the cake go ombre too for an added panache. Find wedding paraphernalia that would complement your ombre cake like striped straws on milk. You can have a smooth or textured ombre cake, just tell the baker not to overdo it. Your wedding ombre cake can showcase your wedding theme palette so make it splendid.


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