Vintage Style Thicken Pure Cotton Slim Cheongsam for Winter
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Vintage Style Thicken Pure Cotton Slim Cheongsam for Winter

Vintage is all the rage when it allows you to get the image you want to have, one that is uniquely you. Some retro elements are added and applied for modern design, so does the cheongsam nowadays.

For Chinese, cheongsam boasts special meanings with long history, which can be originated from Qing Dynasty, and modern style appeared in Shanghai in the 1920s, that is similar to what we saw today, slender and fitting with high cut. Modern women who are looking for designs with traditional edge love cheongsam. It is the best fusion of Chinese tradition and modern styles.

Original Chinese Formal Dresses

Every woman deserves one. Whoever saw cheongsam will know why I said like this, they will figure out what looks perfectly on a woman and will be amazed by how beautiful and charming a dress can make you look once being put on.

Mandarin collar is Chinese traditional collar and has been used largely in cheongsam. It looks simple and elegant with lines of buttons, and shows off beautiful neck. If you are a retro forward, plain distressed color with plain flowers and yellowed leaves sounds great. Many fabrics are used for cheongsam, such as wool, satin, silk, cotton, etc. I like cotton best which breathes and has comfortable touch. As winter is coming, thicken pure cotton is great choice, unlike silk which is too thin to keep warm, and wool which is too thick to move.

As representative of China, Cheongsam has been around for thousands of years. Now it is not only a fashion, but also the reflection of attitude for life, returning to the original and revealing peace and quiet heart bring us.


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