Vineyard weddings: Keeping your guests comfortable
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Vineyard weddings: Keeping your guests comfortable

There’s something about the great outdoors that never fail to make people hungry. Maybe it’s the fresh air, the feel of the sunrays seeping into the skin or the tantalizing scent of grapes. But, whichever the reason, guests do tend to feel hungrier during outdoors gathering.

Bride and groom in vineyard

So, if you’re having a Vineyard Wedding, it’s your duty as the host to provide them with satisfying dishes. This is not the time for delicate scotch salmon fillets. Instead, go for heartier meals that include potatoes, meats, chicken and fish. Of course, it goes without saying that you should tend to favor wine as the beverage of choice if you want to stick to the overall theme of the day. In fact, it’s not such a bad idea to make a wedding toast with wine instead of champagne.

Comfortable flooring in gazebo for dancing

Bear in mind that you also have to assure the comfort of your guests during winter as well. In this case, you can even have ushers pass out some warm mulled wine or cider during the ceremony. This will not only help them feel snug and warm, but they’ll also appreciate the personal gesture. Winter or not, it’s always recommended to go for a tent or, at the very least, a gazebo to protect your guests against the sun and potential winds.

Gazebo to protect guests from sun and wind

Don’t forget that a vineyard means quite a bit of mud and grass and most of your female guests will probably be in high heels. If you don’t want to see them struggle with every step, make prior arrangements to place a carpet or some kind of comfortable flooring which will make things easier for them. This definitely applies to the dancing area as well. A homely touch would be to invest in some vineyard-related decorations. Bunches of grapes scattered over the buffet table and garland of vine leaves and fairy lights are all special touches that will enthrall everybody. If the vineyard is equipped with a barn, it would really be better to host the pre-wedding party inside for the convenience of your guests.

Mulled wine to keep guests comfortable during vineyard wedding

Parking spaces can also be quite an issue with vineyard weddings. The last thing you need are frustrated and harassed guests who don’t have the faintest idea where to place their vehicles, so, contact the vineyard owner to arrange for parking facilities. Couples who are not on a restricted budget can even hire valet services to take this extra burden off your guests’ shoulders!

Hearty dishes for vineyard wedding


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