Victorian Themed Weddings
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Victorian Themed Weddings

If you want a wedding that is full of class and a great sense of panache, go for a Victorian themed wedding. Victorian themed weddings are all about romantic things – pink and white rosebuds, lots and lots of lace, dainty little floral teacups, and fine chinaware.

For your location, pick out a rose garden with sprawling manicured lawns. Make sure there’s a fountain somewhere with a statue. You know, all those things you see in a Victorian movie. Or pick out a place where big trees like willow trees and large oak trees abound. For indoor weddings, look for an old art mansion for rent or a Victorian inspired hotel. Go for Victorian color palettes: pink, burgundy, copper, royal blue, copper, greens and gold.Use old vases with rose blooms. Antique lace must always be present.

Victorian Themed Wedding Reception Ideas

It should definitely be a white wedding gown for a Victorian themed wedding. Think lacy lace, petticoats, and corsets. Think of an over elaborate wedding gown with a profuse amount of ruffles and lace. Don’t forget your corsets – Victorian dresses are synonymous to full skirts with petticoats and hoops, tiny waists, and fitted bodices. And oh, don’t forget those leather gloves, embroidered hankies, a pair of flats or heels. Let the men wear waistcoats or frockcoats. And of course, don’t forget your top hat.

Victorian Themed Wedding Dress

Make sure your invitations are Victorian themed as well. Go for ivory paper, calligraphed envelopes, Victorian lettering. For the flowers, it’s definitely roses and lots of them. But tulips and pansies and tulips, and hyacinths are welcome too.

Victorian Themed Wedding Invitation

Make sure your meals come in a fanciful food fete, with fresh jams and berries, roast beef, plum puddings and mince pies and chocolate-covered strawberries. Serve champagne and wine and of course all kinds of teas for drinks.  Choose fruitcake as your wedding cake and frost it up with white icing. Add some orange blooms to perk it up. For wedding favors, give out lace hankies, or lucky horseshoes.

Victorian Themed Wedding MealVictorian Themed Wedding Cake


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