The various types of dresses for a mysterious Goth Wedding
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The various types of dresses for a mysterious Goth Wedding

A Goth-theme wedding can be an extremely beautiful and mysterious affair if done properly. While this type of wedding is certainly gaining in popularity, a lot of people are simply throwing themselves in a dark, morbid-like setting that borders on tacky. Indeed, plenty of Goth brides just slip into the first dark-colored dress that they find- and many of them end up regretting it later!

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This is exactly why you should be extremely careful when it comes to your type of dress, especially if you want to throw a mysterious aura around your Goth wedding. Black, of course, is the color of choice for most Goth brides. Sensual, mysterious and highly elegant, black also has the advantage of being extremely flattering on every type of figure. If you’re on the curvaceous side, for example, don’t hesitate to slip into a black, Empire-waist dress with long lacey bell sleeves. More slender ladies can go for a figure-hugging black satin dress for a more flattering look. Whatever type of dress you decide to go for, make sure to select the type of accessories and jewelry that will provide a contrasting effect with your dress.

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For instance, if you choose to go for a black dress, you can select bright red earrings and even a black and red headpiece to enhance your gothic dress. However, bear in mind that Goth weddings do not only mean black dresses. Red and deep purple are other extremely popular choices for Goth brides. A red full-skirted, Princess-like dress is another fabulous choice for these types of weddings. In this case, you can dress up your bridesmaids in dark purple frocks for a more pronounced Goth look. Also, remember that red wedding dresses look best if they’re flared: after all, a straight strapless dress can look like just about any cocktail dress and you do want to look different on your wedding day!

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If you absolutely want your white wedding dress, don’t hesitate to go for an all-white one with black trims. Another option would be to wear a black leather corset and a mermaid-style black leather skirt with a dress tail. In this case, a tiara studded with black stones will definitely enhance your overall look and bring a deep touch of sophistication. Don’t forget that your shoes have to match with your overall attire. Spiky stiletto boots are going to look absolutely gorgeous with just about any type of Gothic wedding dress. But, if you’re not much of a heel person, don’t hesitate to go for flats as well. After all, the essential thing is that you should feel comfortable and at ease in whatever footwear you choose to don. Make sure to pay attention to your makeup as well: scarlet red lipstick, purple eye shadow and a white base foundation will certainly transform you into a deliciously alluring Goth bride.

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