Unique Whimsical Indoor Weddings
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Unique Whimsical Indoor Weddings

When getting married, brides often bury themselves in preparation of a whimsical, dreamy wedding that will mark their wedding as unforgettable. Going with a whimsical theme for a wedding, the future husband and wife are in for an engaging and wistful ride.

Unique Whimsical Wedding Theme Centerpieces
Since it will be indoors, there are a lot of ideas you can come up with that will give that warm, fun feeling. A masquerade ball is perfect for indoor weddings, along with guests wearing masks during the reception. A made up forest inside a giant tent can also be perfect, think of “Tuck Everlasting” and the magical spring of youth.

Unique Whimsical Wedding Theme with Tent
For invitations, choose stationery that really speaks for the chosen theme. Usually, when we are talking about whimsical styles, we can choose from a variety of quaint effects like bird feathers, open windows, unique floral paired with a not so heavy or glossy paper – an invitation that tells your guest, “Hey, you’re in for something fun!”.

Unique Whimsical Wedding Theme Masks
You can go all out with your wedding dress, depending on the theme you have chosen. You can opt for something for a ball with a ballooning effect on the gown, or you can opt for something elegant like a Snow Queen with a few crystals on it, or to stand out, choose bursting colors for your choice of belt, head ribbon or shoes. Add in extra accessories like an interesting hat, a not so ordinary bouquet of flowers or a colorful array of bracelet.

Unique Whimsical Wedding Theme Feathery Bouquet
The cake should be the center of attention – think unique and never forgotten. Instead of a normal cake, come up with a design that will blow your guests. Use bright colors instead of the normal white and black for the cake to achieve a fun effect.

 Wedding Theme Cake and Food


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