Unique Wedding Theme Ideas: Green Weddings
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Unique Wedding Theme Ideas: Green Weddings

If you are looking for a unique wedding this year why not choose a color that is not necessary the first one that springs to mind, I’m thinking green!

Green Wedding Theme Ideas

As we all know green is normally the color associated with envy and yes there will be envy at you wedding when your family and friends see just how gorgeous this color can look. If you wish you can easily team pale green with traditional white and you will instantly have a beautiful garden wedding look.

A Garden Green Wedding Decor

Take inspiration from nature and your wedding will naturally be gorgeous. You will have no problem finding a cake in green as many decorators now really go the extra mile to try and keep their couples happy, after all you will be most likely spending a small fortune on the cake so why should you settle for less.

Some Green Elements in Weddings

It could be suggested that how much green you incorporate into your wedding will really make the difference to how your day will look, it’s quite popular to have mainly white with a splash of bright apple green to give the feel of a green wedding theme without it becoming overbearing.

Creative Green Wedding Gifts

Another popular choice is to have a pale green but use much more of it so your guests can really feel the color. Some really beautiful weddings that have used the green color theme are outside or marquee weddings with fresh daisy flowers and delicate green leaves scattered across the dining tables as grand table displays.

Green Wedding Decors for Christmas

One things for sure when your wedding party see how spectacular this looks they will soon want to follow in your footsteps to try to recreate the idea, it is just a fresh natural take on the sometimes over commercialized side of weddings, the green color theme wedding brings everything back to nature and the fact that you love each other and nothing is more natural than that!


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