Unique Wedding Ceremony Seat Ideas
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Unique Wedding Ceremony Seat Ideas

Gone are the days of typical and monotone wedding arrangements. New and extraordinary ways are now on hand to make your wedding unique. Creative seating decors and arrangements are one of the details that make a wedding event one of a kind. Fantastic and beautiful seating decors and arrangements on the wedding ceremony venue add pleasure to the eyes.

Personalize the most endearing event with various range of seating arrangements to leave an overwhelming impression on the guests. The following are few of the exceptional wedding seat ideas to help you pick the best setting that will fit your wedding theme.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Hay Bales

Hay bales – a unique wedding seat idea perfect for farm theme, ranch style or outdoor weddings. Turn out those bales of hay into an outlandish bench for wedding guests. Just tie a table cloth or lace cloth on its edges and a small bunch of flowers or ribbon on its side to put a little accent on it. Groups of arranged hay bales create a conventional wedding ambiance.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Pastel Seats

Wedding pastel seats – a comfy yet bizarre type of seat for weddings especially on exclusive weddings where guests are few like very important persons only. The visitors may feel special treatment on this kind of wedding seats because of the comfortable sense.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Wooden Seats

Wooden seats – bringing back the old fashion at this generation creates a new and fresh type of wedding seats. To diversify and make it more unique put some trappings or backdrop to coin a little adornment such as tied curtains on its back. Uniform wooden seats with perfect sitting arrangement on the wedding place build an overwhelming mood to the visitors. Wooden seats are ideal for almost any type of wedding setting like garden wedding, beach weddings, church weddings and more.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Flower Seat Drapery

Flower drapery seat – carries out an elegant and grandeur looking type of wedding seat. This type is ideal on very special weddings like weddings held on five star hotels. The flower drapery style designed at the back of the chair bears a stylish outlook. The flowery decor gives out an enchanting and welcoming overall elegance.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Comfy Seat Cushions

Cushion seats – are extraordinary type of seat for weddings. Cushion seats are best for summer beach weddings or garden weddings where guests can sit back and relax while witnessing the exchange of vows. The relaxing and soothing setting removes the tense and nervy feeling of the couples and the family of both parties.


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