Unique Wedding Aisle Ideas
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Unique Wedding Aisle Ideas

Weddings are one of the special events that happen in one’s life. Ever wonder why weddings sometimes take almost a year to prepare? This is because the couple wants every detail to be straightened out before the big day. They simply want it to be picture-perfect as it will be the most memorable time that they will reminisce when they grow old. No matter how many times they renew their vows, their wedding day still remains the most momentous occasion of all.

Unique Wedding Aisle Hanging Garden Wheels
Wedding planning does not start and end with the outfit, the color motif, the ceremony or the food. The wedding aisle has the biggest part of the event and it should be prepared dramatically as well. Whether the event is happening indoors or outdoors, there are unique styles of making the center aisle special like no other.

Unique Wedding Aisle Patterned Petals Adorn the aisle with do-it-yourself baby’s breath or lavender flowers in tin cans if the event is outdoors. This is a unique style of freshening up the venue especially if it’s a garden or backyard wedding. Just one tin can the size of a pail in each row of seats can make the venue lively and full of zest. Single-colored flowers give a touch of elegance in this laid-back theme while colorful blooms add up joy and giggles to the event.

Unique Wedding Aisle Statement Ramp
Outdoor weddings are best admired if there is something unique in it. Not the typical seats and bouquets or banquet and officiating table. For style and funkiness, the couple can hang up colored rim of bicycle wheels on the side lines. They can use it as decoration or flower holder. Hanging them in different lengths add up some style. Also use flower variations for a hanging garden effect.

Unique Wedding Aisle Blooms on Pails
Some wedding aisle details are admirable when used indoors or outdoors. The trend of couples today is wearing statement shirts why not use it on the wedding runway? Instead of rolling down the heavy red carpet, roll down personalized tarpaulin with a statement. They can have their names with “Mr. and Mrs.” and the wedding date printed on it. Or they can adorn the walkway with patterned petals that will be totally swept apart once the bride and the entourage come to march. The wedding train will be leaving trails of petals behind creating a mellow touch to the aisle.

Unique Wedding Aisle Vintage Lanterns
The use of wedding lanterns is also upbeat. What can make it unique? Use it in a night wedding and literally use it as a lantern. Put these lighted lanterns along the aisle to light the bride. And what can be more heavenly than seeing the bride, all dress in white and with a bouquet in hand, walking down the dark aisle lit only by lanterns. Let some soft lighting effect put spotlight on her and there you go, the bride going towards her groom.


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