Unique Travel Weddings
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Unique Travel Weddings

A well-travelled couple could definitely consider having a travel-inspired wedding theme. It would be easier for them to think about the decorations of the venue since they for sure have so many souvenirs from every travel they have made. They can hang these souvenirs all over the place or maybe put some of it on the table as center pieces. They can decorate the place with cruise ships, airplanes, pictures of the different tourist’s spots they visited, basically everything that they have done together in all travels they made.

Unique Travel Wedding Decoration Ideas
The couple may want to consider showing a video clip of pictures taken from their travels and show this in a timeline. This could set a romantic feel during the wedding. The couple can look back on the travels they have together as well as somehow bring their guests with them in these travels.

Unique Travel Wedding Flower Decoration
For the invitations, small pictures of the different places they have been to can be incorporated and place little cut out airplanes or cruise ships outside the invitation. Or they can create passport-like wedding invitations or even plane ticket invitations.

Unique Travel Wedding Invitation
For the wedding cake, go for a fondant icing of a small replica of the most favorite spot they have visited, something that is very sentimental for them. They can share to the guests the story behind it and exchange sweet words before the slicing of the cake. If the places are just too many to mention, then prefer a three-tiered suitcase wedding cake instead.

Unique Travel Wedding Cake
For the wedding tokens, they can give out souvenirs taken from the different places they have been to. They can have these souvenirs copied and packaged perfectly to be given out on the wedding day. They can attach a small picture of the place where it came from and personalize it by placing a small thank you card with the couple’s names.

Unique Travel Wedding Favor
Travel weddings are fun since the couple is to share their travel experiences with the guests. It will surely be a memorable one.


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