Unique Rock n' Roll Weddings
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Unique Rock n’ Roll Weddings

Music is a great part of everyone’s life; it tells what we feel without saying the exact words, it makes a good atmosphere and could refresh or revitalize our mind. Whether you’re a music performer or just a music lover, choosing a music theme for your wedding could be entertaining and fun for you and your guests. You might into rock n’ roll music or your soon-to-be wife or husband may be a member of a rock band, and so choosing a rock themed wedding is a great idea to be considered. You could make the reception become more alive with music inspired decors, music, and even the guests’ attire.

Unique Rock n' Roll Wedding Couple on Motorcycle
If you choose on a rock themed wedding, you could plan your wedding around certain bands. Riding on a big motorbike as wedding couple and requiring the guests to wear color black dress and suit will be fit in this themed wedding.

Unique Rock n' Roll Wedding Guests in Black
The rock themed wedding is really diverse, providing a range of different styles. You will have to choose what rock songs you would like to be played during the wedding. Remember that should keep a combination of music forms in your playlist.

Unique Rock n' Roll Wedding Decorations
Your reception could be decorated as if you’re in a rock band concert venue, or you could add some instruments as your main decorations. Centrepieces can be placed around music sheets on stands bounded with flowers – or a set an electric guitar instead. Rather than the typical numbers, the tables for the guests could be named after song names. The cake can be shaped into musical notes. The dance floor could be emphasized by different colors of lights and fog.

Unique Rock n' Roll Wedding Cake
For wedding giveaways, why don’t you give your guests a custom-made music CD with the playlist of the songs that are played during your wedding or you and your bride or groom’s favorite rock songs? The choices are yours!

Unique Rock n' Roll Wedding Attire
The ideas for planning a rock music inspired wedding are boundless; all you need to do is to be creative since it’s a non-traditional and a very unique theme for a wedding.


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