Unique Red Wedding Dresses
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Unique Red Wedding Dresses

Do you want to be a stand out bride? Are you an idealist who feels uncomfortable if she conforms with society? Do you want your individuality to shine through especially at your own wedding? Then do something bold only the few can pull off – enough with the white and raise the red flag. Say yes to a red wedding dress. Here are some inspiration to start you off with your own.

Close up of a Red bride

A princess cut red dress with a fitting top is a fine choice for red wedding dresses. With this cut, you can show off your elegant shoulder blades. A volumized skirt would make you look slim and curvy on top. The top can be made from a lacey textile or if you want, you can have beads incorporated into it. Accent it with matching red choker necklace and you’re one fiery bride in red.

Red Taffeta Wedding Dress

Since you’re wearing red, play with the color on your face too. Put on a vibrant red lipstick. However, be gentle and simple on the eye makeup to balance the look. Only emphasize the lips to match the dress. Avoid overblown hairdos too. A simple bun would complete the look. Chandelier earrings would also be overly dramatic. Stick with drop earrings in white or silver.

Red Gothic Wedding Dress

As if red isn’t dramatic enough, create a gown from full velvet. The rich crimson shine would allure everyone who crosses your way. Make the skirt of the gown appear thick and full for regal sophistication. If you’re a lover of contemporary but classic looks, you would love a laced-pattern on top of a skin tone fabric. It’ll be breathtaking.
A simple white veil might mess up with your majestic red dress so going for a black French nest veil would be a smarter choice. Maintain the sophistication of the dress by accenting it with black and not white.

Red Mermaid Bridal Dress

As for the flowers, you might want to stay away from having a pure red bouquet, it’ll be blending with your dress if you carry it in front of you. You can include light-colored flowers in your bouquet. If you want a dark-schemed one, then choose a color that would contrast with your red wedding dress.

Sweetheart Dress with Red Elements

If you want to keep your look sweet while donning a red dress, then go for a knee-length tutu dress with a simple tube top. You’ll look darling with a flair of naivety.


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