Unique Polka Dots Weddings
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Unique Polka Dots Weddings

Everybody loves retro style. Who could ever forget about polka dots, rock and roll, and hair spray? Retro is definitely not long gone, in fact, you can even use this as a theme for your wedding. Retro polka dots style is very classy and unique.
Every couple would want their wedding to be original. Polka dots wedding is perfect both indoors and outdoors. You can have vintage decorations all over the venue and have your guests be in their most charming retro style outfit. The wedding will definitely be like living in the 80’s.

Unique Polka Dots Wedding Flower Girl Dress
For your entourage, you can have the girls wear polka dots inspired outfits with matching unique vintage headpieces. Don’t be afraid to let your bridesmaids wear polka dots dresses with red shoes for a real drama. All together they can come in to the beat of a retro music.

Unique Polka Dots Wedding Bridesmaids Dresses
Your invitations will definitely be fabulous having a retro polka dots themed wedding. You can incorporate retro colors and perhaps you can use memory lane inspired designs or just go for the plain black and white colors. You can be creative by placing the invitations in old cassette tapes or print it on paper with old designs.

Polka Dots Wedding Invitation
For your wedding dress, you can still wear that traditional white dress and make sure that it is a bit lacy to make it more vintage and wear your hair in a bun just like the one in hair spray. If you want your wedding gown to be simple, just put more emphasis on your accessories. You can wear a nice big necklace and a pair of retro earrings as well. You will definitely look elegant without compromising your motif.

Unique Polka Dots Wedding Idea Photo
Choose a multi-tiered wedding cake with cherry polka dots. This will definitely be something everyone would be talking about. Also, make sure that the DJ is playing all that in style retro tunes. Putting this all together would definitely make one memorable party.

Unique Polka Dots Wedding Cake
Polka dots theme is something really new for a wedding, but with the right arrangements, every time and effort exerted will be all worth it.


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