Unique Pirate Weddings
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Unique Pirate Wedding Theme Ideas

Pirates have been notoriously famous since they began existing years and years ago, too famous even that some weddings are themed after them. It’s surely a fun and creative way to give guests a run for their money.

Unique Pirate Wedding Ceremony

Get the invitations out on a black or grey stationary with an “X” mark or a black flag, or whatever symbols pirates use these days. Invite them to your wedding Pirate style, complete with the “Hey mate, we’re tying the knot. Join us and our stolen treasures on the dock by half past one this Saturday afternoon”.

Unique Pirate Wedding Invitation

Since it is a pirate wedding, receptions would be best on a bar, boat, or a yacht or somewhere near a dock, or sea. Indulge in a gown that’s a little off white, or highlight your accessories with pearl (a pirate’s beloved treasure). You can make the setting more real by adding a couple of unlit candles then and there, some empty barrels of beer and a few treasure chests lying amuck in some places of the reception hall.

Unique Pirate Wedding Centerpiece

During the walk down the aisle, aside from chosen flowers, put fake swords there as well to imitate a pirate’s most important tool. Add in more details to the pirate themed wedding, instead of putting your rings on a pillow, put them in a mini wooden bucket, stuffs pirates use on their boat. Put your party favors inside a big chest too, so as they would feel like searching for a lost treasure.

Unique Pirate Wedding Decorations

When talking about food, maybe we can have more percentage of heavy meat, or finger foods as what pirates are accustomed to. Pies, cakes and cupcakes shaped in black flags, treasure chests, or skulls can be accentuated with a table setting that’s not too crowded, or probably a handkerchief with a label “You’ve been captured”.

Unique Pirate Wedding Cake


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