Unique picnic wedding
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Unique Picnic Wedding Theme Ideas

Planning a wedding can be very demanding. Choosing the best theme and venue for your wedding and thinking about all the preparations that have to be made, all these can be very tough for couples who are planning to finally tie the knot. If you are one of those who want something differently out-of-the-ordinary you definitely have to consider tying the knot in a very unique picnic wedding. It is very simple but not the typical wedding for any one.

Unique Picnic Wedding Introductory Photo
Picnics are made to have fun, to bond with family and friends, and to enjoy. If you come to think of it, these are also some of the reasons why people get married. It’s about red and white checkered picnic blankets, mom’s mouth-watering apple pie, drinks in a barrel and loads of grass and flowers.

Unique Picnic Wedding Invitation
In picnic weddings, make it lively and vibrant by decorating the venue with flowers of different colors. Use decorations that would make the ambience look and feel bright or stick on the old school picnic what-have. You can use pastel colors for the cloth or you can use the typical red and white ones.

Unique Picnic Wedding DecorationsFor your wedding dress, if you want to wear the traditional white dress you may do so with additional bright touches like a flowery headband or maybe put some designs on your dress most appropriate for a picnic wedding. If you want it simple, you can always use that perfect elegant sun dress of yours and just feel comfortable on your wedding day. Food-to-go in paper boxes are perfect wedding favors. You can add your own little trinkets inside like a “Thank You” card on a tiny picnic basket. You can also incorporate in your invitations picnic inspired designs such as veggies, fruits and picnic blankets.

Unique Picnic Wedding Dress Down Attire
Picnic weddings can be the best cool wedding you are dreaming about. There is so much you can love about it, from the simplicity to the colors and most importantly the happiness it can give to you and your family.


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