Unique Ideas on Flower Girl Baskets
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Unique Ideas on Flower Girl Baskets

A wedding isn’t complete without those cute little cherubs throwing flowers along the bride’s way. The ooohs and aaahs from the overseers of the bridal entourage is usually cresting when those little angels walk towards the altar in tiny little steps. It is believed that they symbolize the innocence that the bride once possess when she was also a child. The flowers they scatter were said to beckon fertility to the couple to be wed.

Flower-adorned basket

Flower girls always have their little baskets full of flowers with them. It would be nice to adorn the little ones with baskets that actually match their outfit, the wedding them and venue. Here are flower girl basket ideas that you can adapt on your own wedding.

Ivory Satin Flower Girl Basket with Red Rosettes

This simple woven basket is best for rustic, country kind of weddings. Often, simplicity translates to effortless sophistication. Let your girls wear floral headdress that match the basket’s decorations. These baskets are also easy to carry, just perfect for girls at tender ages.

Ivory Satin Flower Basket with Ruffled Lace Hem and Bow

If you’re having a Medieval wedding, then these golden buckets with oversized ribbons on each side would make a lovely touch. The flowers that would look enchanting on these pails are a multitude of tiny flowers like baby’s breath, stephanotis or Queen Anne’s Lace. Those miniscule myriads which can easily be thought of just being bouquet fillers can actually make dainty stand-alone posies.

Ivory Satin Square Flower Basket with Pearled Handle

Garden weddings or even Halloween-themed weddings (yes, there are these types) can make use of crafty Pumpkin flower girl baskets. The bucolic feel is just simply intriguing and poignant along with the circled wreath of dried stems. Add flowers on the rim for a jovial knack. Also, it doesn’t matter if the DIY basket came out a little bleak – that’s the whole point of the basket.

Ivory Satin Flower Basket with Bowknot and Pearls

If you want to take the flower girl’s basket a little literal, nobody is stopping you to do so. Actually, it will look very modish as long as you use the right type of plastic flowers to fill the basket. Tiny, dark flowers would be the perfect choice for this. But, why don’t you try fresh flowers instead? Just do the necessary preps to keep them looking fresh. Preserve the flower by placing it in aspirin water. You could also try refrigerating the flowers the night before the wedding.

Black and Red Satin Flower Girl Basket with Rhinestone

Another carefree but chic way of preparing your wedding baskets is by finding a nicely naturally designed shell and adding a lace strap into it. Just make sure the shell’s color is not dull and that its body is still intact and not yet brittle. This flower girl basket is oh-so-perfect for beach weddings.


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