Unique Greek Weddings
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Unique Greek Weddings

A Greek wedding is famous for its traditions and therefore, most Greek weddings may have some things in common. That is why, when wanting a unique way to get married in Greek, we need to have a little more ideas.

Unique Greek Wedding Flowers

Unique Greek Wedding Welcome Kit
Choose a venue where everyone can dance the night away. Since it is all about tradition, we can fill out the tables with miniature cakes showing off what has been done to be able to marry at that point – meet the parents, receive dowries if there are any, the long engagement, the blessings of the ring. It’ll be nice to see this on tables as they represent the struggles of the couple so that they can marry.

Unique Greek Wedding Tables and Chairs Ideas
When it’s time to walk out the church and head off to reception, tradition almost always require candied almonds to be given out once the couple has just marched out of church. Instead of putting the almonds on a cloth, put in a mini glass capped with a colorful top and add some captions, like “This is so Greek” or “Candied Almonds from a Greek Wedding”.

Unique Greek Wedding Reception Idea
Don’t hold off on the wedding gown, as Greek brides are famous for their big gowns. Top it off with a favorite flower, or even a braided hair do with some angel’s breath on it. Add in a tiara to finish the princess look, with big earrings and necklaces that brides from Greece have been known to wear.

When it’s time to chow down, amaze the guests with a not so ordinary wedding cake. Add in mini cake versions of the bride and groom, but for a twist, put the parents in on the background too, symbolizing Greek big families and how Greek traditions in weddings has been known all over the world. Adorn the tables with cards that have the names of the couple, and add in a few important parts of the couple’s courtship, for example on one table: “I met Gerry on a bus stop on June 5, 2004. She was also on her way to a wedding.”

Unique Greek Wedding Table Toppers
End the night with dancing with the famous band/ group in town, for what is a Greek wedding if it is not big.


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