Unique Black and White Weddings
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Unique Black and White Weddings

Having a black and white wedding is classy and elegant. Even though this theme is considered to be a classic that doesn’t mean that you can’t get it to fit your unique style.

Unique Black and White Wedding Cake with Pink Accent
Having a themed wedding starts with the stationary, you need to choose your invitations and have them printed in black and white. You then need to choose a color to use as an accent color. This color will be used throughout your theme. A good way to use this color on your invitations is to have your names printed with it. Make sure to add in your invitations that your guests have to wear black or white. Using great invitations would be a lovely start to a lovely theme.

Unique Black and White Wedding Invitation with Pink Accent
Choosing the right decorations for your wedding and reception can be a good way to show off your creative side. Make sure to do all your decorations in black and white and add just a little bit of your accent color here and there to make it all stand out. You can set your tablecloths up white on the bottom and black on top; your napkins can be done in your accent color. Don’t do anything elaborate with your centerpieces, keep it simple. Try using white flowers in a black vase and add just one or two flowers of your accent color. Another idea for your centerpiece could be to fill a clear bowl with water and add floating candles in your accent color.

Unique Black and White Wedding Ceremony Decoration
One way to make yourself stand out at your wedding is to add your accent color to your dress, also add a little bit of color to your veil. You could line your veil with colored satin. You want to keep your bridesmaid dresses simple.  Have them in classic white with simple lines.

Unique Black and White Wedding Attire
Wedding favors are fun to make and can add just a little bit of fun to your wedding. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making favors. One thing you could do is get black and white M&M’s with your initials printed on them, wrap them in white tulle and tie them with a black bow.

Unique Black and White Wedding Centerpiece
This wedding theme has an unlimited amount of possibilities. You can look into the black and white era to find those finishing touches that will add character to your wedding. Following these simple ideas will help make your wedding unforgettably unique.


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