Backyard Themed Weddings
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Unique Backyard Themed Weddings

Backyard themed weddings are becomingly famous now a day. Having your wedding ceremony and reception right from your backyard is awesomely cool. By simply planning the details ahead from your wedding day, you can have a unique wedding in an inexpensive way. Backyard, as your wedding venue can wrap your guest with relaxing ambiance of nature.

Backyard Wedding Theme Table Toppers
The planning should start earlier before the wedding day. The availability to accommodate from minimal to large number of guests depends on the backyard’s range. If you’re planning to invite vast numbers of guests, then bigger backyard is required.

Backyard Wedding Theme Decoration
It is important to study the whole house exterior for better planning. If the backyard seems so plain for a wedding venue, consider planting ornamental flowering plants. It is best to calculate the blooming days of your flowering plants to be exactly on your wedding day. If the wedding is approaching, trim the plants, trees, and lawn according to your taste of design. Also, pay attention to the facilities in need of repair or replacement, fences for example.

Wedding Theme with Tents
For backyard themed wedding under the sun, you can simply decorate the arbor to cover the sun light. Putting tents is also an option. Night backyard themed wedding is quite gorgeous. Putting lanterns around the dark sides of the backyard will make the venue wonderful.

Backyard Wedding Theme Tree Decoration
Don’t dismiss in mind to decorate the significant areas such as restroom and portal. The trees around the backyard can also be so much useful as it adds serenity in the ceremony. Put some stuffs like chaplet, garden grapple, and flower pots from the trees around. This will count a lot to make the venue more brilliant.

Backyard Wedding Theme at Night
Experience a solemn wedding with sun or stars and moon witnessing your vows and unity. Backyard themed weddings can be from simple wedding to extravagant.


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