Underwater Wedding Ideas
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Underwater Wedding Ideas

Most ladies often daydream about frilly dresses and shimmering glitter for their wedding day. But some ladies get wild and crazy ideas about their big day. Perhaps you’re one of those who want to depart from the traditional wedding ceremony and walk (or dive) on the wild side while tying the knot. A crazy but brilliant idea would be an underwater wedding ceremony.

Underwater Wedding Entourage on the Boat
Well, that’s if you both love the water. And if you don’t mind wearing an unwieldy wet suit with a cumbersome tank attached to your back in lieu of a pretty white wedding dress with a long train. And that is if you also don’t mind getting your wedding kiss with a mask and regulator on. But there’s a way to work on that.

Underwater Wedding in a Tank
So let’s get going if you’re all geared up for an amazing underwater wedding experience. First thing you need to do is rent a big boat. Bring along your family and friends as you take the plunge. (Metaphor intended). Of course, not everyone can dive so set up a video on the boat so they can watch the ceremony on real time. You’ll need an officiant with a diver’s license. Otherwise, technology will allow him to officiate the wedding on the boat while you are underwater.

Underwater Wedding Honeymoon Suite
You don’t have to worry about the wedding decor because you’ve got multi-colored corals and fishes in all shapes, sizes and colors. And once the wedding vows are shared, you get back on the boat and let the celebration begin.

Underwater Wedding Reception
Your wedding can be very personal and intimate, as a boat can’t really hold too many people. Look for a diving company to take care of everything for you – from the food, drinks, and all the other sweet things about love and life.Underwater Wedding Cake on Top of a Fish Tank

Still can’t get enough of the underwater adventure? Find a hotel with an underwater suite for your honeymoon night.


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