Tropical Wedding Ideas
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Tropical Wedding Ideas

Loving the beach too much that it became an integral part of your lovestory? Better yet, have you fallen in love with each other one sunset-filled afternoon on the shore? Speak your vows to one another on top of the ocean hushes. Have a tropical wedding and let the sun, sky, sea and sand be your witnesses.

Pick Out A Beach
After you and your better half have cozied up on the idea of having a tropical beach wedding, you would want to pick out probable places where you could hold the wedding and reception. It could be your usual beach hangout where you, your friends and family can easily go to. It could be your dream tropical beach wedding destination. It all lies on your hands. Keep in mind the budget and the efforts that you’re willing to put into this tropical wedding.

Flower up
Since it’s all tropical, you might want to tap up your local florist. Tropical equates to bright, happy colors. The sunset. The happy blooms. Decide on your flower portfolio. Of course, you should choose the flowers that would be in season with your wedding date so you wouldn’t have a hard time gathering them up. Have everything covered – the center tables, the aisles, the bouquets, the photo booth.

Tropical Wedding Cake
Inject Some Cake Fun
Play up a little and fancy up your cake. Make sure that your cake give out that tropical vibe. Have little cake toppers in bikinis. Cue up your baker on your tropical cake ideas. Icing up some coconut leaves. Stick with the green and white food coloring. Dot some fake red icing flowers. Or, place some real fresh orchids on your cake.

Tropical Wedding Set up
Keep it Cool
As for your wedding reception, keep it cool and casual. A beach wedding may entail a windy breeze, so make sure to not put up heavy breakable wedding decors. It’ll also be hot so make sure that the area is shady to keep your guests comfortable. Candles and lights are romantic, but remember that the wind may not be your ally that day. You could opt to go with artificial lightings instead.

Tropical Wedding Decors
Tropical Details
Don’t take for granted the little details as they may be the ones who could have the greatest impact onto your setting. Having Hosta leaves as coasters for your drinks is a cute idea. Tropical drinks served by Hawaiian-dressed waiters are also a fun welcoming sight. Sea shells can be used as table napkin or table label holders. Your boutonnieres could also be little palm leaves with brightly colored flowers.


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