Traditional wedding rituals with a twist
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Traditional wedding rituals with a twist

Circular seating arrangement

Wedding traditions form part of the entire charm of the ceremony. From the rice shower to tossing the bouquet or even sharing a first dance with your new spouse, weddings are certainly brimming with the sort of traditions and rituals that add to the overall romance. Still, with the emergence of new trends and contemporary lifestyles, it’s not a bad idea to add some innovative twists to your traditional wedding rituals. More and more couples are tweaking with classic rituals, with some of them even going for circular seat arrangements instead of the classic side by side ones.

Wedding doughnut cake

The wedding cake, for example, is another easy element which you can use to add a refreshing twist to your special day. Indeed, forget about the boring sponge cake and don’t hesitate to let your imagination run wild as you find some handy substitutes. While the Croquembouche is certainly different from the classic cakes, it is increasingly growing in popularity and therefore lack that particular original touch. On the other hand, something unique like a pancake or doughnut wedding cake will not only bring a twist to an age-old wedding ritual, but it’ll also impress your guests who were undoubtedly expecting boring slices of sponge cake! Don’t be afraid to explore new boundaries as well: for example, if you’re having a summer wedding on a really hot day, there’s no reason why you can’t create a giant ice cream sundae and, instead of slicing into the cake, you reach for a scoop of ice cream.

Toasting the guests instead of the couple

Another innovative twist is through the wedding toast: while the parents and the in-laws normally toast to the happy couple, it would be quite a nice touch to direct the toast to the guests or to the bridal party instead. After all, bridal parties provide an extremely firm support on your special day, which is why it’s important to thank them through a surprise toast. The toast can be followed by an energetic first dance– a wonderful twist on the traditionally slow dance. In fact, couples can even take some salsa, cha-cha, step or even Charleston dance lessons prior to the big day and wow their guests with some rapid moves on the reception night.

Energetic first dance

The ritual of tossing the bouquet has been present for ages. It is commonly thought that whichever single woman catches the bride’s bouquet will be the next to walk down the aisle, but does it seem fair that only one-out of so many- female wedding guest gets to grab the bouquet? In fact, to tweak this ritual and give more than one lady a chance, why don’t you toss several bouquet or a multitude of flowers over your shoulder instead of limiting yourself to just one single bouquet? Indeed, this fresh idea is bound to impress your guests while bringing a deep touch of fun and merriment to your wedding day.

Throwing several flower


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