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Romantic Bali Wedding

Pulling off a destination wedding can provide you with memories to last a lifetime. Indeed, there’s nothing more romantic than starting off your nuptials in an exotic and tranquil location which can also serve as the perfect destination for your honeymoon. If you’re looking for a place that provides magnificent scenery couple with a pronounced air of romanticism, you really can’t go wrong with Bali. One of the most popular destinations for weddings, Bali also has the advantage of being quite affordable.

Resort wedding

Source image

Romantic setting

Think lush greenery or the crash of the sea against the beach as you take your vows. The best thing about tying the knot in Bali is that you really are spoiled when it comes to your choice of scenery. Indeed, whether you want to go for a beach wedding or a traditional Bali wedding in the middle of the jungle, you can very easily find a setting that will suit your budget, requirement and standards. Don’t hesitate to book an agency to help you with all the planning. This is particularly applicable for couples who will be visiting Bali for the first time.

Romantic setting

Source image

Traditional or Contemporary?

With the ceremony nestled against the impressive Bali scenery, you can easily choose whether you want a traditional, full-blown Bali wedding or a more toned down, Westernized approach to the ceremony. If you’re planning on typical local wedding, it’s not a bad idea to speak with some locals or at the very least, hire a local wedding planner who will be able to introduce you to the traditional festivities. While it is prohibited to have a traditional Bali temple wedding if you belong to a different faith, you can certainly replicate some of the main elements into your own wedding.

For example, weddings in Bali tend to be more extravagant as far as clothes are concerned: instead of a white dress and black tuxedo, the bride and groom often don colorful outfits with heavy costume or gold jewelry. In some cases, both the bride and groom sit in heavily decorated seats that are carried by close friends and families.

Bali wedding

Source image

Food and Decoration

As far as the decoration is concerned, remember that when it comes to Balinese weddings, more is always best. Be sure to lay heavy emphasis on an array of exotic colors like golds, blues, greens, reds, fuchsias and silver. If you can find a local flower shop, you can also line up the aisle with these flowers for a more romantic touch. Similarly, don’t hesitate to use natural or LED candles, especially if you’re having the wedding at a resort or on the beach at sunset. Some couple even choose to have their wedding on a catamaran boat in the middle of the Balinese sea.

Don’t hesitate to go for local delicacies as well. In some regions of Bali, people normally eat on green banana leaves instead of the usual plates so this might be another exotic touch that you can add to your Balinese wedding.


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Top wedding tips for the pregnant bride

Nowadays, more and more brides choose to celebrate both their pregnancy and wedding on the same occasion. Indeed, gone are the days when pregnant ladies used to have a hush-hush and rapid wedding in the dead of the night to keep the unexpected pregnancy a hidden affair from everyone. Instead, pregnant brides now indulge in extravagant affairs- and rightfully so. Expectant mothers usually have a very appealing glow around them so don’t hesitate to use this to your advantage as you transform yourself into an exquisitely elegant and classy bride.

Groom and pregnant bride

However, there are a few things to take into consideration if you’re pregnant. For examples, while brides normally slip into the highest pair of heels they may find to walk down the aisle, this may not exactly be your best option if you’re pregnant. Being fashionable is an important part of the ceremony but then again, you do not want to indulge in any hazards or put your baby at risk. So, it’s best to stick to very low heels or even flats. Fortunately, the bridal industry is brimming with various flat-shoes options which come in a variety of colors, texture and materials. White diamante sandals will look absolutely wonderful poking out from under your dress. Alternatively, you may even slip into a pair of beaded turquoise ballerina shoes to add a special touch of “something blue” to your special day.

Flat bridal shoes

The fact that you’re pregnant shouldn’t stop you from wearing the dress of your dreams. You’ve always dreamt of walking down the aisle in a mermaid dress? Go for it! Bear in mind that your big day should be exactly what you want it to be, no matter what other people think or say. However, it is recommended to have your dress customized because your baby bump might do a bit of growing while you wait for the special day. A custom made frock can very easily be adjusted over your belly and be perfect for the wedding.

Clingy dress to draw attention to the pregnancy bump

Your choice of dress also depends on your mood: some brides would rather be discreet and conceal their bumps. If you’re one of them, remember that billowy gowns are the perfect ways to discern a rounded belly. If your bump is on the bigger size, it’s best to favor Princess-cut ball gowns because they allow quite a lot of movement whilst masking the bump. But, if you’re the sort of bride who isn’t afraid to flaunt her changing body, then by all means go for a straight, long and clingy dress that will show off your baby bump in all its glory.

Billowy dress


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Top Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

Bride and wedding planner

Very often, hiring a wedding planner might seem like an over-indulgence that’s only portrayed in romantic comedies. The truth, however, is that hiring a wedding planner might be much more advantageous than you realize. Technically, a wedding planner is supposed to do exactly what his or her title suggests: help the happy couple plan the most perfect, most inspiring and romantic wedding. In reality, though, a wedding planner does so much more than this. A bride and her wedding planner usually share a special bond, which makes yields for a perfectly decorated wedding.

Perfectly decorated wedding

Indeed, what many people ignore is that the role of a wedding planner is not merely to orient you towards the perfect wedding. In fact, this is a trained and often highly experienced professional who will allow you to enjoy every single hour leading to the wedding, with none of the stress, frenzy and hair-pulling that accompanies couples who chose to do everything by themselves. There are various items to plan for a wedding and in the end, it’s rather unrealistic to imagine that you can do it all yourself.

Various items to plan for wedding

Bear in mind that in the years- or decades- to come, you want to look back on your wedding planning days with a fond smile, which is not exactly a feasible task if you’re constantly stressing about the flowers, dress, seating arrangements and other such trivial items. Most importantly, stressing and fussing over the wedding arrangements have been shown to lead to arguments between the couple, which can be the worst thing to happen in the weeks before the big day.

Wedding planner to advise on the best flowers

Another top reason why you should hire a wedding planner is because of the amazing deals this service can offer. We all know that looking for the right wedding dress is not an easy, and often expensive task. The good thing about wedding planners is that they have an extensive list of contact and can therefore get you some fabulous discounts and deals on dresses. In fact, some highly experienced trainers can very often get their clients a discount of around 25% or maybe more on the wedding frock of their choice. The same goes for flowers and the wedding cake: not only will you benefit from great deals to save up for other expenses, but the wedding planner will also help you make the perfect choice in accordance with your overall outfit.

Wedding planner to find best deals on dresses


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Top ideas for your wedding cupcakes

Gone are the days where guests and couples would gather around the main table to cut into the two to three tiered, Royal-iced wedding cake. Instead, these days more contemporary couples are embracing different albeit equally delicious alternatives to the traditional wedding cake. From wedding Croquembouche to pizzas or even crepes, a plethora of delicacies are tossing the bridal sponges to the side. Another extremely popular option is to replace the classic cake with a bunch of artfully arranged wedding cupcakes.

Wedding cupcakes as favors

A really romantic touch would be to ask your baker to make red and white cupcakes and arrange a red sugared heart on top of each. Alternatively, if you don’t mind going the extra mile, you may even go for heart-shaped cupcakes instead. Sprinkle some chocolate vermicelli on the icing or maybe engrave the couple’s initials and date on each cupcake for a more lasting impression. The good thing about wedding cupcakes is that you can give them away as favours or in goody bags. If you can afford it, a top idea for your wedding cupcakes would be to pack them in satin-lined glittery boxes in the shape of a heart or rose.

Wedding cupcake with sugar hearts arrangement

Another creative twist on the wedding cupcake would be to make each one of them as symbolic as you can. For instance, if the couple has a special fondness for billiards, they may ask their baker to make cupcake in the shape of pool balls. Similarly, if you met your spouse at a pizzeria, the baker can shape your wedding cupcakes in the shape of pizzas and use glace cherries, icing and sprinkles as toppings. This is your opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try new innovative creations. Bear in mind that if couples can slice into pizzas instead of wedding cakes, there’s no reason why you can’t customize your cupcakes to your liking.

Elegant cupcake arrangement

Creative twist on wedding cupcake

A very popular trend nowadays is to go for both a small cake and a series of cupcakes arranged around it. Alternatively, you can place the small wedding cake on the top tier of a cake stand and place the cupcake in a circle it. Don’t hesitate to adopt the same step even if you’re having a Croquembouche or any other substitute to the classic cake. Also, when thinking of wedding cupcakes, couples often limit themselves to plain sponges with butter icing on top. However, don’t forget that a cupcake is only a miniature adaptation, which means that you can certainly play around with several flavours and recipe. A cheese brownie cupcake or a red velvet one topped with cream cheese frosting will undoubtedly wow your guests!

Cupcake arrangement with bows and ribbons



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Tips for a successful reception party

We all look forward to the reception party. Indeed, this is the time when everyone can finally relax after the stressful planning that have led up to this event. It’s no wonder that reception parties often tend to be the wildest and most-anticipated moment after the wedding. To throw a highly successful reception, however, there are a few things that the bride and groom should absolutely take into consideration.

Bride at reception

Contrary to what most of us believe, holding a reception is not necessarily easier than the wedding. Sure, the mood’s much more relax and your guests will probably not stand on protocol, but, it’s still to show them a wonderful time. Therefore, the very first thing that you should consider is the music. In fact, one of the most common mistakes at receptions is to go for slow, romantic tubes that will enhance the sentimental mood of the day. However, while this can be quite a lovely touch at the start of your party, slow songs do tend to get boring after a while. Hence, be sure to ask the band or DJ to play some upbeat and rhythmic songs, especially during the last two hours of the reception.

Dancing to upbeat songs

Don’t forget that your wedding reception is typically a place where everyone can unwind and let their hair down. So, it would be fair if parents could get a break from their kids as well. If you can afford it, never hesitate to plan a special entertainment corner for the kids. Hire a clown, magician or even a couple of babysitters to keep the kids entertained, safe and parent-free all night long. Best of all, this will contain all the mess in one corner, hence allowing both the kids and the parents to relax and have fun in their own individual way.

Entertainment corner for the kids

Also, be sure to provide enough napkins for each and every guest: it may seem quite trivial but several couples often ignore such tiny details, hence resulting in quite a bit of discomfort for the guests. Don’t neglect the importance of accents and accessories as well. A perfectly decorated hall, for example, can play wonders in setting the proper mood and feel. Small centerpieces for each table, a small fountain in the corner, streamers, ribbons and balloons are definitely going to set a festive mood. Candles are other great decorating options for receptions, but, since you’ll be entertaining a crowd, it would be much safer to go for LED candles instead.

Enough napkins for everybody

Centerpiece for table


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Top Makeup Tips for a Radiant Bride

Yes, we all know the age-old saying that simplicity is beauty. But let’s face it: there’s nothing like a flick of properly applied lip gloss, a brush of mascara and a sweep of blush to make any girl feel ultra-special. While the new trend is to follow Kate Middleton’s footstep and try to achieve a very discreet and barely existent bridal makeup, the truth of the matter is that artfully applied makeup will certainly enhance your features and bone structure while hiding any imperfections.

Indeed, if properly or professionally applied, a perfect makeup palette can turn you from a regular girl in a white dress into a radiant bride. Still, remember that too much can completely swamp your features, so keep your makeup noticeable but classy. The whole point is to put just enough makeup to take it a step up from your average look. For example, brides who usually wear eyeliner as part of their daily look may indulge in some professionally-applied smoky eye makeup.

Smokey eyes makeup

The good thing about this type of makeup is that, not only will it widen your eyes and make you appear even more radiant, but smoky eyes go stunningly well with various skin tones and colors. Superbly versatile, smoky eyes are traditionally painted using varying shades of grey, white and black, but you may also indulge in some bright colors such as gold, vermillion, green and mocha brown. If you do decide to go for colored smoky eyes, however, try to tone it down on the lips. Remember that the first rule of makeup is to either be extravagant on the lids or the lips- never both.

Red lipstick

Brides who would rather lay emphasis on their lips instead of eyes may even go for several slicks of bright red lipstick. A definite fashion statement, this particular shade of lipstick was widely popularized by the iconic Marilyn Monroe who taught women that it was okay to go heavy with the lip brush, provided that you play it simple on other areas of the face. Red lipstick goes extremely well with an artful face contouring done up in bronze or dark brown. Other than complementing your highlighted areas, face contouring is also a fabulous way to sculpt the cheekbones and give you a catwalk look. This is also a popular bridal makeup technique to hide double chins and narrow the nose.

Face contouring

Bear in mind that this will be an extremely emotional day for you, so, if you’re the sentimental type, always make sure that your makeup is waterproof. After all, having a raccoon-like look with black mascara dribbling down your cheek is not exactly the epitome of a radiant bride. Hence, pay attention to the brand of makeup that you’re going for and if possible, try to seek professional advice.

Simple bridal makeup


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Top wedding options for the nature loving couple

While some couples prefer an ultra-urban, ultra-contemporary ceremony, several would-be brides and grooms decide to bring a deeply natural feel to their wedding day. Perfect for bohemians, wiccans or simply nature lovers, such weddings most certainly rotate around everything’s that fresh, green and natural. In fact, natural settings are quite cheaper than glamorous ones, which is yet another reason for you to adopt this approach.

Bride in natural setting

For example, nature-loving couples can begin by checking out some of the natural locations in their surroundings. Of course, you may always rent an indoor space and decorate it with plenty of plants and flowers, but let’s face it: nothing compares to the real deal! Our good old earth is full of natural wonders that you can very easily use as the perfect backdrop to your special day. The woods or even a smallish forest is a highly romantic place for any type of wedding. To go the extra mile, try to see if you can rent a lush area of green space right next to the waterfall. Indeed, very few moments will be able to compare to you saying your vows with the softly crashing hum of a waterfall in the background.

Getting married next to waterfall

However, if you live in the city, it can be quite hard for you to find a natural green area. In such cases, don’t hesitate to rent a regular hall and decorate it to your liking. If you can afford it, you may even go for some extra-elaborate flower arrangements to place around the reception area.Couples who are going for a church wedding can, with the church’s permission, decorate the aisle with some birch trees and garlands of flowers. A natural-looking arch might definitely boost the overall decor and bring a deeply pronounced natural feel to the grand day. Think twisted vines, red roses or even some dried flowers intricately woven into the arch.

Elaborate natural arrangement for reception

Another wonderful option would be to match your overall attire to the decor. Brides who don’t stand by tradition might even slip into a dark green gown to blend with the natural feel. However, if you would prefer your traditional white dress, you may even glam it up by adding a crown or garland of flowers. Ditch the artificial bouquets in favor of simple, albeit well-arranged bouquets that are brimming with fresh flowers. Not only will they look exquisite against the natural background but the glorious scents will most definitely carry off the natural theme. Be sure to add some natural and exotic twists to the buffet as well: serving beverages out of coconut shells, for example, is bound to impress your guests!

Getting married in forestServing drinks out of coconut shells


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Top gifts for your groomsmen

Groomsmen are by the groom, or even two steps ahead of the groom during those tedious weeks that preceed the wedding. They’re the ones who usually face the tedious task of trudging to the shops with you to help you find the perfect tux and make sure that everything runs smoothly on the big day. Indeed, very few grooms will be able to withstand the stress and pressure of a wedding without some of their best buddies by their side.


This is why it’s crucial to follow the age-old tradition of giving the groomsmen a gift a few days before the wedding. This will help them understand how grateful you are for all their support. The good news is, there are quite a few present options for men out there, and you won’t have to deflate your budget either. Some imagination, a few shopping trips and a basic knowledge about what your groomsmen like and don’t like are more than enough for you to find the perfect gift. The one thing that you should keep in mind is that there’s absolutely no need for you to give the same present to everyone: it’s perfectly fine to give each groomsman a different gift, provided that the value of the present remains the same.

Coffee set gift for groomsmen

The one gift that most groomsmen will absolutely love, however, is a full coffee set, complete with instant coffee or coffee beans, travel mug, creamer or maybe even a thermal bag to keep the mug hot. This is a particularly interesting option if you’re having a destination wedding: there’s nothing your groomsmen will love more than waking up to a steaming mug of fresh coffee before exploring a new place for breakfast. And of course, to bring out their macho side, why not gift them a set of whiskey and cigars that you can all enjoy together.

Cigar and whiskey gift set

It is a fact universally acknowledged that men love to eat. Hence, you can be sure that a food gift basket will always be received with joy and excitement. Think beyond the usual peanuts and chocolates baskets, however. Gourmet shops, for example, provide special gift baskets with pumpkin or banana bread, olives, liqueurs, chocolate-covered pretzels, pickled jalapenos and other such edible treats. Alternatively, a tie gift box is also quite a good idea because they can easily wear it for the wedding. Some sets even come with a tie clipper and engraved or monogrammed cufflinks.

Food gift basketsTie gift box


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Weddings usually require months- if not a year- of careful planning and preparation. Every tiny detail must be planned such as the cake, the guest list, the seating arrangement down to the bridal march music, among others. In fact, the bride herself can take up to five months before finding the perfect dress, shoes, veils and other accessories to match. Indeed, holding a wedding is no petty thing and definitely not suited for the faint-hearted!

Civil ceremony

There have been instances, however, where the couple jointly agreed on an ultra-short engagement followed by the ceremony. Or, maybe neither one of you expected to fall in love so soon and now you’re both roaring to get married. Do you wait a year to plan the perfect wedding of your dreams or do you throw caution to the wind and plan a last minute wedding?

Small wedding reception

The answer is: there’s absolutely no reason why couples can’t go for a last minute ceremony. In fact, if you don’t stand on tradition and if you don’t mind making just a few concessions, planning a last minute wedding can actually be a fun thing to do. Not only is easier than you think but it’ll definitely save you months and months of constant stressing and worrying. For starters, it’s recommended to drastically reduce the number of people you were planning on inviting to the ceremony. Fewer guests mean fewer people to entertain which in the end, promises an easy, hassle-free wedding and reception.

Simple wedding buffet

And then of course, there’s the wedding buffet. Most caterers do ask for a few months’ notice, but, if you only stick to your close friends and relatives, you won’t have so many people to feed, which means that family members can get together and easily whip up a few delicacies for a delicious albeit simple wedding buffet. In this case, be sure to cover the costs for the ingredients and either pay or hand each person a gift to show your appreciation.

Casual wedding dress

As far as the dress goes, don’t hesitate to save one or two full days of constant dress-shopping. This is not only help you save up on precious time but, you’ll also be able to cram more wedding planning into fewer days. Alternatively, consider donning a casual dress for your last-minute wedding. A pretty white or ivory frock that you already have might just do the trick, especially if you aren’t fussy about the entire wedding dress thing.

Vegas wedding cake

As far as the ceremony go, you have three choices: Go for a traditional ceremony, complete with priest, groomsmen and bridesmaids, fly to Las Vegas or simply have a civil wedding with a more lavish reception afterwards.


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Top Wedding questions you should ask

Amidst the excitement and stress of planning the wedding and reception, it’s much too easy to ignore smaller details, which ends up resulting in a few tiny, albeit consequent, niggles that can dampen your big day. If you’re hiring a wedding planner, you can be sure that he or she will help you with the most important elements. However, there certainly are some minor details which you should absolutely take into consideration prior to the big day.

Wedding ceremonyWhile several couples fuss over the seating arrangement for the reception, it’s also important to decide beforehand where you want your guests to sit during the actual ceremony. Some may decide to separate the aisles into His and Hers side, but, a new, emerging trend is to allow both sides of the family to mingle and sit with each other.

Guests seating arrangementThe wedding veil, for instance, is another top wedding question that you should ask, preferably to women who have been previously married before. Several brides don’t even bother asking what to do about the veil until they find themselves become all hot and itchy after the ceremony. Fact is, the veil can get into your face during the first dance. This is why it’s important to establish in advance whether you want to remove the veil right after the ceremony or right before the reception. For convenience’s sake, some brides take the veil off after the ceremony and put it back on to take pictures.

Bride keeping veil on for picturesAnother question that many brides neglect to ask is whether they should remove their engagement rings before walking down the aisle. You will be having another ring on the same finger in a mere few minutes. So, should you remove your diamond or keep it on? It is, after all, tradition to for your most important ring to be lower down your finger. Hence, you may either hand your engagement ring to the bridesmaids for safekeeping until after the ceremony, or, if you don’t care about symbolism, you may even wear your wedding ring right above the diamond.

Exchanging ringsYou should also decide how you want to greet the guests at the reception. It’s quite important to decide this point beforehand because everyone at the reception will want to talk to you, which can get quite overwhelming. Thus, the bride and groom can either walk around tables to mingle with guests or choose to host a receiving line.

Mingling with guests at reception


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