Top wedding planning tips
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Top wedding planning tips

Planning a wedding is never an easy feat. There’s always something to remember or something to shop for. In the end, most couples find themselves completely and utterly exhausted on their special day, which prevents them from properly enjoying the ceremony and reception.
But, if you’re about to get married, fret not: The good news is that there are a few wedding planning tips which you can adopt to make things much easier for you. Here are a few hints that will help you speed up the planning and preparations.

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Always take friends or family with you to choose your wedding dress
It’s never a good idea to try on your wedding dress alone. Seconds opinion matter more than you think. After weeks and weeks of pounding the pavement to find the perfect wedding frock, everything will start looking the same to you and somewhere in your weary, stressed-out, overly hyper brain, you might end up picking the one dress that’s absolutely wrong for you.

Trying out wedding dress

Don’t stress out too much about seating arrangements
Too many couples waste quite a lot of time in trying to draft the perfect seating arrangements for their friends and relatives. But, the truth is, most of them will hardly spend anytime in their actual seats. Receptions are, after all, an occasion to move around and mingle with the other guests before dancing the night away- which basically means that all your immaculate seating arrangements will go to waste.

Bridal hair and makeup tryout

In fact, to gain time, why don’t you just skip the entire seating arrangement process and let everyone decide where they’d like to be seated? Be sure, however, to select a space, room or hall that’s large enough for all your guests. Not only should the room be able to accommodate your friends and relatives, but, it should be spacy enough for them to bustle around. It’s always a good idea to keep the dance floor as far away as the buffet.
Also, if you can afford it, don’t hesitate to create a special kids corner where children will be able to mingle and have some fun of their own while giving their parents a night off to breathe and relax with other adults.

Setting for wedding reception

Always keep a checklist
A wedding planning diary is another handy tool that will definitely lessen the stress while helping you keep track of everything that has been done and still needs to be done. Make sure to include a checklist and tick them off every time you do something on your list.

Wedding planning diary

The wedding planning diary will also help you schedule dress fittings, as well as hair and makeup tryouts. Don’t forget that you should imperatively test several types of hairstyles and makeup prior to the special day in order to find the perfect look.


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