Top Trendy Styles for Wedding Veils
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Top Trendy Styles for Wedding Veils

The time that a woman really feels like a bride is the moment when she puts on her wedding veil. Married women can definitely attest to that. So if you have been so busy about the knickknacks of your wedding and have totally forgotten about this little piece of cloth on top of your head, well it’s time that you consider making it up and choose the perfect veil for you.

Ivory Elbow Length 2 Tiers Ruffled Lace Edged Wedding Veil with Comb

Veils are important part of the wedding. It symbolizes many things according to different cultures and traditions. Matter of fact is, it is still a part of the bride’s final look before and after going through the aisle.

White 2 Tiers Brusher Length Voile Flower Girl Veil with Floral Hoop

Brides with classic attire should find a matching classic veil to complete her outfit. The best example and is one of the most patterned of today’s wedding veils is that of Duchess Catherine’s. Kate Middleton’s veil has style that is timeless and with much elegance. It can be chosen with various lengths and embellishments.

White Two Tiers Embroidered Voile Comb Wedding Veil

The 1 tier voile with pearls look very delicate as it covers the face of the bride. The pencil cut edge and the pearls are added for a sophisticated look. The edges are neither laced with ribbon nor does it have scallop design. It is just plain in order for the pearls to get noticed. Others use rhinestones thrown all over the fabric. They can also opt for beads along the edges for an elegant touch.

Ivory One Tier Embroidered Voile Wedding Veil in Cathedral Length

Some brides use their grandmother’s veil or their mother’s veil. During their time it is common and virginal to use mantilla cathedral length wedding veil with embroidered fabric. It still in fact, one of the best choices today especially if the wedding gown has simple style and traditional fabric.

White Three Tiered Voile Comb Wedding Veil with Pearls

The modern bride may work a little more on her veil and don a birdcage veil attached to a rhinestone studded comb. The comb holds the veil steady on top of the head. This veil is short (just enough to cover a part of the face), chic and very modern.

White 1 Tier Voile Wedding Veil with Appliqued Edge

Angel-cut wedding veils are ethereal and encourage solemnity. It has white lace ribbon sewn on the edges for a soft and gentle look. This is perfect with balcony or square-cut necklines. The hair should be firm on a bun in order to contain the weight of the hip-length fabric.

Ivory Cathedral Length 1 Tier Voile Bridal Veil with Lace Edge

One favorite of the classic bride is the long single-layer veil made of fine tulle. It gives a royal princess drama to the total wedding outfit. It can be adorned with a satin bow, tiara or rhinestone comb as hair clamp.


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