Top Trendy Styles for Wedding Flowers
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Top Trendy Styles for Wedding Flowers

Weddings are most romantic with bombastic floral treats during the ceremony and at the reception. Throw up a bunch of colors along the aisle using fresh flowers. And remember, centerpieces at the reception should also be served up with some glam.

Top Trendy Styles Orchids Wedding Flowers

Pick up a theme and hover through the bundles of bouquet that will bring a super-luxe look at the wedding.

Spruce up the entrance of the wedding ceremony venue or the wedding reception venue with personalized initials of the bride and groom using adorable flowers. It simply gives a twist to the way people look at flowers as mere centerpieces and bouquets. White daisies with a bunch of green hydrangeas may do the trick. Or mix and match flowers straight from the backyard and see how it can create drama to the initials.

Top Trendy Styles Initials Wedding Flowers

Country style weddings can make use of birch branches spruced up with chic country flowers gathered up in tall vase. The blooms will look like an inverted chandelier right at the center of round reception tables. Add further bucolic touch with wheat grass and dahlias. An archway made of red dogwood branches can also enliven the country style theme.

Candy hues of bright colors can make the reception utterly full of life. Use yellow and orange bouquets set on top of a lemon mound for a lively citrus theme. It can definitely spell summer or spring. Guests will be looking around with awe and the newly wedded couple will surely receive more praises for being stylish. Lemons and oranges can also be placed inside clear vases while holding the bouquet in place.

Top Trendy Styles Lemon Wedding Flowers

Complete a Bohemian style wedding with a floral headpiece. Pick up some white or baby pink or baby blue peonies for a vintage finish. Or you can go for yellow roses with some garden greens for a finale. Peonies are one of the favorites too during weddings so might as well join the bandwagon. They come perfect in peach, white and pink.

Top Trendy Styles Ranunculus Wedding Flowers

White ranunculus flowers can line up the aisle. Bundle it up in balls and let stand in short pillars from the entrance to the altar. For a summer feel, pick up the orange and red hues. Lilies are also pleasant to the eyes and can even end up into the bride’s hands as absolute show-stopping wedding bouquet.

Top Trendy Styles Bohemian Wedding Flowers

Tulips and cymbidium orchids are truly exotic choices. They are best in garden weddings. The distinct colors of lavender, purple, white and blue are perfect combination for chic foliage of wedding blooms. Cymbidium orchids of orange and green colors can lavishly adorn the bride herself.


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