Top Trendy Styles for Cheongsam Wedding Dresses
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Top Trendy Styles for Cheongsam Wedding Dresses

Chinese weddings come in big lavish packages. Naturally, the Chinese bride must look ravishing on her cheongsam wedding dress for her big day. Here’s how to look hot and stylish without defying tradition.

The Color Red
More often than not, the characteristic color for a cheongsam wedding dress is red. The color red is auspicious. It’s believed to bring luck, joy and happiness – all the stuff that make for great weddings and marriages. Sometimes, the cheongsam wedding gown highlights an embroidered phoenix, perhaps to throw in more luck.

Top Trendy Style Wedding Veil for Cheongsam Dress

Color Enhancer and Color Departure
Some Chinese brides wear a long ornamental jacket over their dress – usually they use a different color palette like gold or white or blue and black needlework to enhance the color red.

Pink Satin Mini Sheath Cheongsam with Side Slits
A gold cheongsam wedding dress will give a feeling of luxury. Gold is a symbol of fortune and wealth for the couple. Don’t want to use gold as your main color? Use this gorgeous hue for touches of gold embellishment.

Floral Sequined Tulle over Satin Mini Sheath Cheongsam
Daring to go a bit more stylish? Go for a silver cheongsam wedding dress instead. This will make a lustrous and chic wedding. Aside from the sparkle a silver color brings, silver indicates fulfillment and purity. Plus a silver cheongsam wedding dress is a sure ringing stunner.

Rosy pink is more fun and playful than the classical red color. Pink still has the touch of red – luck will still be on your side plus it brings more romance and love.

 Straight Neck Phoenix Patterned Red Satin Mermaid Cheongsam

Go for Elaborate Royalty
The Chinese bride can wear a crown-like veil to accessorize the cheongsam dress. Decorate it with pearls and feathers to represent the phoenix. You can choose to wear this only for posterity and show.

 White Cotton Sheath Cheongsam with Plum Blossom Pattern

Go for Figure-Hugging Knockout Dress
Svelte Chinese brides will look knock out gorgeous in a long form-fitting cheongsam or Qipao wedding gown. You can opt for a mermaid Chinese dress that blends coolly with a crochet lace fabric. This is perfect for an evening wedding. The silhouette will enhance the bride’s slim figure. It highlights a mandarin collar, a cutout at the back of the dress and a traditional Chinese hand-made knot button.

 White Sleeveless Mandarin Lace over Satin Ankle Length Sheath Cheongsam

Go for Sweet-styled Wedding Dresses
Some hip Chinese brides do away with the Mandarin collar. Modern Cheongsam wedding dresses are stylishly designed like red sweetheart or sleeveless brocade, others are straight-neck – the color red and the Chinese design woven in metallic threads will pay homage to Chinese tradition.

Two Toned Floral Sequined Lace over Satin Mermaid Cheongsam


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