Top sentimental touches for your wedding
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Top sentimental touches for your wedding

While weddings are always extremely emotional, there are some easy steps which you can adopt to make it even more sentimental. From the always-popular digital dioramas to a poetic exchange of the vows, couples can certainly make the most out of a few inexpensive albeit imaginative ideas that will bring tears to the eyes of even the most hardened guest.

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An exquisitely sentimental touch, for example, would be to play a slow and meaningful tune to serenade the bride as she walks down the aisle, instead of the usual “Here comes the Bride” music. Popular choices include “Thousand Years”, “Heaven” and “Chasing Cars” among others. Don’t forget that the tune of your choice can either be with or without lyrics. Sometimes just the music is fine so whether you’re looking for a piano, cello, flute or violin track, make sure to find the piece of music that reflects your relationship.

sentimental song while bride walks down the aisle

Another highly sentimental touch would be to place framed photos of the happy couple around the reception. If you’re holding an outdoors reception, you can even string miniature photo frames to tree branches. Hanging them to fairy lights will also leave quite an impression on your guests.

Photo frames of couple

Yet another sentimental wedding touch which would undoubtedly mean a lot to the bride is to have both parents walk her down the aisle. Indeed, the sad truth is that mothers are much too often neglected during weddings. So, it’s not a bad idea to create a wide enough aisle for both parents to accompany you. In fact, to make things even more emotional, the groom’s parents can even walk him towards the altar to wait for his bride. The same goes for the famous father-daughter dance: try to divide the dance between both your mother and father or, better yet, the three of you could share the dance together.

Both parents walking bride down the aisle

One sentimental moment that will definitely tug at anyone’s heartstrings is that very first look between the bride and the groom. This tradition is growing in popularity and it basically involves the yet-to-be-married couple as they share a private moment away from the guests to look at each other before the ceremony. Indeed, the first look moment can be a highly emotional one and most couple choose to share this moment in private. After all, this is the first time that he’ll see her all decked up as his bride to-be, something which reduces most grooms to tears.

Bride and groom exchange private first look moment


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