Top reasons for a small wedding
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Top reasons for a small wedding

Nowadays, wedding are becoming more and more extravagant, often with several hundreds of guests flocking to the venue. While a big extravagant wedding will look good in pictures and will most certainly be the talk of the town for quite a while, smaller weddings can actually end up being more cozy, wholesome and budget-friendly.

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In fact, the sad truth is that several couples go out of their way to strain their wallets and throw a big wedding just to impress their friends and relatives and in retrospect, they end up with more stress and preparations than they’d originally called for! There are, therefore, countless reasons for throwing a smaller wedding, three of which are listed below.

Small wedding reception

It certainly goes without saying that a smaller wedding is easier on the wallet. There are less guests to take care off, hence less tables, food, chairs and favors. Besides, if you save up on these factors, you will be able to splurge on others. For instance, by keeping a tight rein on your budget, couples will be able to afford things that really matter to them such as a stunning designer wedding gown, a lavish gourmet dinner or even a five-piece band for the reception.

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A more flexible venue
Not every venue can easily accommodate hundreds of guests, especially if you’re planning a destination wedding. Therefore, a smaller wedding will allow you to be much more flexible about your location: in fact, since you won’t have several guests to fly out, why don’t you check out an exotic Caribbean island for your special day?
Romantic couples can even get married in tiny chapels by the sea because they won’t have to arrange for hundreds of seating options for all their guests.

Wedding with just a few guests

Plenty of love and intimacy
A few years ago, a renowned wedding magazine showed the story of a couple, whom, at the reception, wouldn’t walk around the reception to go and meet all the guests because there were so many of them. A major breach in wedding etiquette, this story certainly highlights the major disadvantage of inviting every single one of your distant extended relatives to your wedding. At the end of the day, you will find yourself running in circles, trying to meet every single guest to thank them for coming instead of sitting down and enjoying your reception.

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Hence, a small wedding will certainly ensure that you manage to spend enough time with each and every one of your friends and relatives, without giving up a fun, relaxed time filled with plenty of love and intimacy.


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