Top ideas for a retro wedding
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Top ideas for a retro wedding

The 50’s were all about fun, rockabilly and everything’s that was cool and flirty. This is exactly what makes retro weddings such a joy for both the guests and the happy couple. Indeed, in stark contrast to other overly-formal and rather stuffy ceremonies, retro weddings are all about loosening up and enjoying every single moment. Not unlike Boho weddings, retro ceremonies do not take the usual norms and traditions of regular weddings into consideration even if the couple can, of course, incorporate their own rules.

Retro bridal party

For example, a really fun way to bring a retro touch to your wedding is by selecting 50’s-like gift box or wrapping paper for your wedding favors. Bright and pink boxes, polka-dot paper and lots of colorful ribbon will automatically put everyone in a retro mood. Don’t forget to include the wedding theme in the invitation as well. This way, all the guests will be prepared and can deck up in their favorite and most extravagant retro outfits.

Retro wedding favors

As far as your bridal party is concerned, it’s not a bad idea to ask your bridesmaids to dress in retro outfits as well. Bear in mind that this does not include short dresses. Instead, knee-length colorful frocks with a wide swing skirt were all in the rage during the 1950’s. For an added touch of retro, be sure to choose funky prints such as floral, polka dots or even zebra and leopard prints. Don’t forget: with retro, it’s always the wilder, the better!

Retro bridesmaid dresses

Don’t neglect your shoes as well: Retro shoes are all about bows, flowers and highly extravagant and bold prints. Bear in mind that retro shoes are more about the prints and less about the heels, so, if you want, go ahead and wear flats if you want to, as long as the prints are more or less retro. The same applies to your dress: you may wear a traditional white dress or else improvise with a brightly colored one. Some couples even like to throw a retro jacket over their traditional wedding attires.

Retro wedding shoes

Since there’s no set code for the retro wedding buffet, it might be a good idea to go for fusion cuisine in order to stay within the overall theme of the day. Since retro is all about being different and exotic, never be afraid to mix and match. French pastries, Russian Blinis and American turkeys will definitely enhance the retro mood. The same applies for your music and decor. Wild and upbeat music coupled with some disco lights will undoubtedly have your guests dancing the night away.

Retro bride and groom


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