Top Guide to Spanish Wedding Theme
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Top Guide to Spanish Wedding Theme

American and Spanish weddings are totally different from each other and it’s usually more challenging to follow a foreign theme because of the different beliefs and traditions that should be observed throughout the event. The good thing about Spanish themed weddings is that there’ll a whole lot of vintage going on and the reception or the party after the ceremony is usually very festive. Here’s a simple guide to make your Spanish wedding a success!
The Setting
If you can’t afford an authentic Spanish wedding (in Spain!) don’t worry because you can still find thousands of places that give off a certain Spanish Hacienda feel. Keep your eyes open for venues that are full of vintage stuff and look like it was built in another era. Add some quirky touches of candelabras, brass furniture, old portraits, and whatnots to make the place look more authentic. Instead of the usual cushioned chairs for your guests, you can use long wooden benches with brass linings to keep up with the theme. Old Churches and Villas are perfect to celebrate this type of wedding!

Top Guide to Spanish Wedding Theme Cathedral Ceremony
The Couple
You want to know the real kicker in a Spanish themed wedding? Instead of the usual white or cream wedding gowns, the traditional Spanish bride wears a silk black gown and veil! The bride is also expected to embroider the groom’s inner shirt to wear during the wedding ceremony. However, you can still choose whatever you want to wear to your wedding. Wedding rings are a must, as it symbolizes a never ending union.

Top Guide to Spanish Wedding Theme Cake and Cookies with Almonds
The Ceremony
Spanish weddings usually follow old traditions closely. If you want to pull off a realistic Spanish themed wedding, you also have to practice some of their traditions such as including orange blossoms in the bride’s bouquet or the floral arrangements, the groom’s presentation of thirteen coins to the bride, the bride’s father escorting her down the aisle, among others. The ceremony usually takes place in the early evening instead of the usual morning to afternoon celebrations. It’s up to you if you’re going to follow this, of course. You can still celebrate a Spanish themed wedding without actually going through all these nitty-gritty and technical stuff.

Top Guide to Spanish Wedding Theme Paella
The Menu
Now, for the best part! Planning a Spanish menu is pretty easy—most of their food and delicacies are really special, even their most ordinary dish can be a memorable one for your guests! You can hire a catering service that specializes in Spanish cuisine if you want the perfect menu for your theme. A complete seafood meal and their native paella dish are usually present at Spanish wedding receptions. Wedding cookies with almonds and seasoned with different spices are also a must. For beverages, sangria and wines are preferred but you can also serve Tequila if you’re up for a night of partying. The traditional Spanish wedding cake has to be filled with almonds and chunks of different fruits.

Top Guide to Spanish Wedding Theme Sangria
The Festivities
As promised, there would be a long night of festivities—this is what Spanish weddings are known for! Spanish wedding receptions are filled with lots of fun activities for everyone—kids and elders alike. There’s the ever present band or lively Spanish music which people can dance to. Yes, dancing is a must—even the most bashful of your guests will not be able to resist dancing to the engaging music and lively crowd. A traditional dance called Sequidillas Manchegas is also performed during a Spanish wedding reception. This is also the time when the bride tosses her bouquet and also give out small pins to all her unmarried lady friends—it’s a belief that the one who loses the pin during the reception will be the next to get married.


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