Top Guide to Georgian Wedding Theme
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Top Guide to Georgian Wedding Theme

Do you drink tea from a dainty teacup with your pinky extended? Do you love the sound of the English language with the stiff upper lip accent? Do you dream of being Mrs. Darcy someday? Then a Georgian themed wedding is right up your alley.

Top Guide to Georgian Wedding Theme Venues
Begin with picking out a grand romantic venue. For what good is a Georgian themed wedding when the venue does not have the elegance and sophistication of the Georgian era. The Georgian period extends from the 1700s to the mid 1800s. The period featured classical structural designs with identical proportions and précised ratios producing a perfect harmony. Georgian houses are perfect for wonderful and dreamy wedding photo ops. Its large French windows and honey-colored bricks speak of the opulence of the Regency era. Find a venue with authentic interior design too – luxurious chandeliers, striking staircases, impressive fireplaces, patrician works of art, delicate walnut and mahogany furniture. Or why not choose a church with a Georgian-inspired architecture? Nothing can definitely beat this romantic and pleasant setting for a perfect Georgian wedding.

Top Guide to Georgian Wedding Theme Carriage
Some venues allow you to hold wedding celebrations inside their spectacular and historic grounds. Look for venues that you can rent out for the whole weekend so you and your guests can enjoy the splendor and glam of this bygone era even after the wedding celebration and feast is over.

Top Guide to Georgian Wedding Theme Attire
Thank the heavens for popular classic films like Pride and Prejudice. The Georgian wedding gown is back in style. Choose a romantic and classic Georgian-inspired wedding dress with wonderful fabrics and distinct ornaments. A lace parasol and lacy white gloves will go perfectly great with a Georgian themed wedding gown. And oh, don’t forget the horse-drawn carriage. Choose ivory or oyster or burgundy or alabaster for your wedding color scheme. Enjoy dressing up your flower girls and wedding entourage.

Top Guide to Georgian Wedding Theme Invitation
Create invitations that look like the Georgian era. Of course, throw in some Georgian wedding hymns and music. Make sure you and your guests enjoy all the dancing you can get.

Top Guide to Georgian Wedding Theme Elegant Banquet
For the food – prepare ridiculous amounts of food on the wedding table. Roll out the buckets of caviar and the cucumber roses and those good bottles of wine. Eat really good food, drink wine, listen to speeches and dance the night away. Cap the wedding dance with an accordion and strings on a balalaika broke. Keep the revelry going as the Georgian era was distinctly famous hosts and drinkers.


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