Top Black and White Wedding Flower Ideas
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Top Black and White Wedding Flower Ideas

White is the classic bridal gown. It symbolizes purity and virtuousness of the bride. However, if you are that daring chick, going all white is a boring move. If you want to be extra modish, why don’t you add some black accents into it? Only a few would go for a black and white wedding motif because only a few know how to make it work. If you are planning to go black and white for your wedding, here are some black and white wedding flower ideas that would rock the wedding.

Wedding Bouquet
For your wedding bouquet, you can choose a lot of white flowers – peonies, tulips, chamomiles, hydrangea, roses and a lot more. To make it inimitable, you can integrate long black feathers into your bouquet. Tie Calla Lilies, white peonies along with black flower accessories (it can be plastic) along with the feathers and viola – you just got yourself a sophisticated bridal black and white bouquet.

Black and White Wedding Bouquet

Mimicry at its best
If your location and pockets wouldn’t permit for fresh flowers to invade the scene, then why not go plastic with your bouquets? A black and white plastic bouquet would still look stylish if you know which accessory to put together. Use studded, polka-dot flowers with glittered black leaves that stand as the heavens. Wrap the stem up with a silky black lace and enhance with studded embellishments.

Black and White Plastic Flower Bouquet

Aisle Flowers
It has already been part of the tradition that you put flowers along the aisle where you and your entire bridal entourage will walk. Pin up a bundle of white flowers along the side chairs. You can go with fluffy white flowers like roses and peonies to do the trick. Add a lenthy lace of silky black ribbon and you’re good to go.

Black and White Aisle Flowers

For the table centerpieces, you can put in a mix of white flowers – orchids, peonies, lilies and roses. Vary the heights of the flowers to promote style. For the black accents, you can wrap the base of the flowers with a black cloth and throw in a black table runner.
black and white wedding flower centerpieces

Don’t forget the cake
Of course, you must not let the cake look out of place. Dress it in black and white too. You can just have the classic white fondant cake and have black accents go along the sides of its base. Add a two or more varieties of white flowers, fondant-like or even real.

Black and White Wedding Flowers on Cake


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